Warmer and Warmer

There are still an incredible number of people who claim that global warming is a hoax. Many of these people are making absolute fools out of themselves, disrupting meetings, websites and forums with their incessant rants and incoherent statements.

Below is a video example of this behavior:


What follows however, is the facts:

James Hansen:

Given the association of extreme weather and climate events with rising global temperature, the expectation of new record high temperatures in 2012 also suggests that the frequency and magnitude of extreme events could reach a high level in 2012. Extreme events include not only high temperatures, but also indirect effects of a warming atmosphere including the impact of higher temperature on extreme rainfall and droughts. The greater water vapor content of a warmer atmosphere allows larger rainfall anomalies and provides the fuel for stronger storms driven by latent heat.

NASA’s Hansen: Would recent extreme events have occurred if atmospheric carbon dioxide had remained at its pre-industrial level of 280 ppm? The appropriate answer is almost certainly not.

From An illustrated guide to the latest climate science:

  • Many of the predicted impacts of human-caused climate change are occurring much faster than anybody expected ” particularly ice melt, everywhere you look on the planet.
  • If we stay anywhere near our current emissions path, we are facing incalculable catastrophes by century’s end, including rapid sea level rise, massive wildfires, widespread Dust-Bowlification, large oceanic dead zones, and 9°F warming ” much of which could be all but irreversible for centuries. And that’s not the worst-case scenario!
  • The consequences for human health and well being would be extreme.

How “extreme”?

And the plausible worst-case scenario is even worse than this grim business as usual emissions case:

Here is an “extreme” that just happened: North Carolina’s Second 500-Year Rainfall in 11 Years

While the denialists are getting more and more vocal, the pseudo-science claims and disbelief are getting on the verge of “absolutely crazy” (just like the disrespectful fools shouting). The term “climate zombies” has some real meaning — you’d have to be among the walking dead to not be aware of what is really going on.

Real Climate has a Warmer and Warmer entry on just how warm the planet actually is getting, based upon scientific data measured all over the world. This “hoax” has impacts too — catastrophic rainfall, flooding, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and drought — a “hoax” that is happening all over the world.

Somehow, the “hoax” has even reached the oceans, which are “faking” their overheated status and bleaching coral to death throughout the world too.

Word of the global “hoax” must have also gotten to Pakistan too, who must surely be guilty somehow of flooding their own countryside with historic levels of rainfall, killing thousands.

Even the walruses are in on it, ignoring the faked “disappearing sea ice” and crowding themselves on the beach.

Low-lying islanders are in league with this “conspiracy” too — and are even willing to relocate their entire populations to keep up this “fraud”.

But I can’t explain the disappearing glaciers, which aren’t sentient, and cannot fathom how they could be convinced to evaporate and melt as part of this “hoax”.

What is really staggering however, is how incredibly coordinated this giant conspiracy really is. Everything from sea life and sea levels to disappearing aquifers and wildlife are working in league together — as are quite a few humans (tens of millions now) and many entire countries!

The near-perfect harmony of commitment to this grand hoax boggles the mind: dried up lakes and riverbeds, disappearing islands, forests turning into savannas, the changing migrating birds, fish and wildlife, displaced climate refugees by the millions, flooded lands, hurricanes, storms and cyclones, even massive fires and droughts — all working in perfect harmony to “fool” the world’s allegedly best and brightest scientists and to pull the wool over your eyes!

In fact, this is darn-near biblical in scale and scope and must be divinely orchestrated to be so vast and complete!

It’s a good thing we can all rest easy and not be concerned about any of this, we’ve nothing to worry about, the deniers have this all well in hand.

The only proof you need is what I just showed you — look how well they’ve got this all under control and so incredibly orchestrated! The evidence is right there! Even the weather and the very water is obeying their every command!

If that is not divine providence at work, I don’t know what is.


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