It looks like the (s)election of the candidates is starting early.

How in the world, in this day and age of advanced electronic computing, can they possibly have so many obvious and stupid errors in these machines? There are tens of thousands of reported errors with electronic vote machines. I’d be out of business if I had these kinds of problems. And we’re supposed to believe that this is all accidental?

I have another take on all this electronic vote-rigging. Besides being used to dupe the people into believing that George was actually elected, the snafu’s that are cropping up with alarming frequency from all over the country are probably another Hegellian Dialect meant to be solved with a “better” solution, but first, we’ve got to have problems! Lot’s and lot’s of problems!

What fixes electronic voting problems? Clearly it’s not “touch screens”. Or even “hanging chads”. No, we need something better… Something foolproof. Something available to everyone, something that can eliminate all the problems we’ve had with voting before.

Why microchip implants, of course!

You can verify the voter as being both registered and authorized to vote, including address verification, thereby avoiding claims of disenfranchisement. You can also track exactly who actually voted – and who did not. You could even allow the tagged and tracked voter to “cast” his or her ballot with the utmost security and avoid claims of fraud.

No more touch screens. No more long lines. No more crowded and stuffed ballot boxes. You could even allow voting over the Internet!

Instant real poll results, second by second. Instant verification of voters. Instant election results. No more hand-recounts and recounts-of-recounts. No more election-result challenges. No more paper ballots, lost ballots, faked ballots, missed ballots and absentee ballots.

You vote – you get chipped. It’s not rocket science. The micro-level control now being “tested” on a gulliable public with “black box voting” will go one step better. Just wait and see.


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