Vlogging the Climate Disaster

Two videos to watch, first one was spotted over on Desdemona:

I don’t have “permission” (very odd) to hotlink this important Vimeo video here, but you can watch Professor Waddell and his comments about the ongonig climate disaster here (thanks to Gina for sending me the link).

You should watch it — because it reveals the politicization of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and how muzzled scientists have been and how incredibly long it takes to get the watered-down “results” published for the public to read.

In other words, what the IPCC is sharing, is considerably out-of-date, repressed and water-down on the REAL facts and how utterly serious our climate catastrophe really is.

I’ve caught this myself several times, finding the IPCC reports woefully out of date on what they’re claiming will happen and what already IS happening.

There are quite a lot of videos anybody online can watch, some on television if you still watch that thing, and even books, DVD’s and documentaries available to view at home.  Plenty of factual evidence for anyone with even a passing interest to absorb.

What they all indicate is a “climate code red” condition.  Humanity is in serious, serious trouble and it’s still getting worse.

I’m doing all that I can — or all that I think I can, but I’m keenly aware that this will not be “enough”.  The truth is quite painful: whatever each of us “do” — will be too little, too late. Changing a few light bulbs isn’t going to help. Changing millions of light bulbs isn’t going to help. The only “help” that there could possibly be is for a total global response, led by ALL of the developed advanced nations (which continue to make the highest levels of contribution to greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere).  That’s clearly not happening and even more sobering, unlikely to happen.

So I’m doing what I can at home, but not under any “illusions” that this is going to make a difference on the scale of things headed our way, because it won’t. It only makes my own survival and that of my family a little bit better.

The greenhouse is finally built. I’ll share some pictures later on.  During the summer, I went on to other major projects, which are also all now done.  All major construction projects I had planned here are now complete (and I can barely move).  All that remains is all the little projects that will only take a day or two (for each one) to complete.  I’m not willing to go into any details, just trying to share that personal preparations are all anyone can really “do” now.  It is your own best line of defense against increasing climate disaster.

There are also other “disasters” to consider — such as our accelerated police state. And the dismal condition of our economy. Being self-sufficient is your only “ticket” — there is none other. Remaining dependent upon failing systems is a bad idea all-around.  You are the only person that can make this change. If you want any help — you’re going to have to do this yourself.

I’ve got an idea for another video that I’ve been simmering on for a while now, if I find the time this winter I might produce it. Vlogging our demise isn’t “fun”, but it may be necessary. Humanity is in peril and has yet to effectively respond. It’s as if the gas pedal is stuck to the floor and we’re all still accelerating. The curve up ahead is not navigable or even survivable at this speed.  Some of us are in the back seat, screaming at the top of our lungs to slow down, but the driver(s) aren’t listening, they’re still hell-bent on pushing even faster and faster.

This aptly describes our current condition.  So open the door — and jump out.  You and I are NOT going to stop this runaway freight train.  Try to land on your feet. Do EVERYTHING you can to help protect you and your family.  This you will never regret, but you will regret doing nothing.


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