Vendetta – Trump, Terrorism and Fascism

My apologies to everyone. I’ve been too busy and in too much pain to write here. I’m also totally disgusted at the ridiculous antics of the President, then horrified by the Puerto Rico disaster and then the Las Vegas mass casualty event.

A few words are in order:

Americans are accustomed to personal freedom of expression and opinion. However, under Trump, this is being denied more and more. No American is required to be patriotic. No American is required to “respect the flag” (whatever that means). No American is required to stand by law for the national anthem, although there is probably some uniform code of military justice that may have some kind of requirement for those in uniform, but this is irrelevant anyway to civilians or the NFL players. No American is required to support the military. But virtually all of these claims are specious at best, and inaccurate.

Protests can take many forms and despite the claims of ‘disrespect to the flag’ and ‘disrespect to the military’, those claims are simply wrong. The reality is those who disrespect the individual freedoms, guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, are the real fascists and unpatriotic to the true meaning of this country. The flag is but a symbol, but how we exercise our freedoms and put them into actual practice is not a symbol at all – it is the truest expression of a free people.

If we are not free to refuse to stand, or if we are not free to not respect others, then we are coerced and have no real freedom of expression. Real freedom, ie., what is true liberty – is to be free to do what you want without coercion and without any harm to another. Not one person is being harmed by not standing or the alleged “disrespect” to flag (not true). However, being coerced to stand because that idiot in the White House demands it is not freedom – but it is a big step towards American fascism. Trump has absolutely no right whatsoever, not even as President, to demand anything of anybody like this. What he is doing is acting like a dictator.

We should be celebrating the opposite – if we would but recognize what is really happening. Those that protests are exhibiting the highest form of freedom that there is, and that is their inherent right to protest. By so doing, they are exemplifying what real American freedom actually is. Everybody else is simply wrong about wanting to take away those rights. What they are really doing is demanding a dismantling of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights while wrongly claiming they are “all about freedom”. They’re not. They are falling in lockstep with the fascist activities of history.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that anyone who defies Trump is being targetted. There have been a number of cases like this one, what is now becoming a clear pattern for the Trump Administration. Trump in particular, will single someone out for his hatred and vitriol, like the mayor Puerto Rico.

Trump is fast on his way towards being a fascist dictator, choosing on a whim who he targets next. There is no law that says anybody has to like or support this man or his asinine policies, which are getting worse by the day. Once again, Desdemona has another article on the Clean Power Plan that Trump has targeted for elimination. But this is just another in a long, long list of dismantling efforts by Trump to ensure that he’s done everything humanely possible to wreck the country and destroy any hope for a habitable future.

He’s even targeting animals now. The man is a monster and a curse upon this country. There are paid shills now filling up the forums and comments online who claim to “support Trump”, but frankly, I do not know of a single person that actually does. I’m sure some do, choosing to ignore his excesses, lies and omissions and burying their heads in the sand, but that’s not something I’ve ever advocated here.

It’s going to be a loooong four years… and there are those who think it will be eight. I certainly hope not. But he’s what we’ve got and we have to find a way to endure this madman.

Meanwhile, more censorship news, this time from Eco Business who is lying about the future we’re all going to magically embrace. They won’t publish my comments (as most won’t), falling into lockstep with the rest of the StupidNet practices of making sure you get to read only what they approve. So here are my comments to their ridiculous article – Victory Against Climate Change Is Within Reach:

“Victory against climate change is within reach”. I cannot think of a more disingenuous title then this.

Victory? Seriously? Perhaps we should start discussing all the missing ice and the disrupted jet stream. Or maybe the increase in methane being released. Or the permafrost melting. Or even just the glaciers melting (that provide water to hundreds of millions). Or the extreme weather events. Or the collapsing food chain.

These are not topics to anyone can declare as “victory against climate change”. They are however, topics that will be with us for a very long time (thousands of years) should we survive that long. Moreover, a “energy transformation” will not bring back the missing ice, or lower the ocean temperatures, or fix the jet stream, or cool down the melting permafrost. All of these things and many more will continue to grow worse since positive feedbacks are now in motion.

The hopium and dishonesty expressed in this article is pretty typical these days of the gross dishonesty that passes for “eco journalism”. Can’t upset the investors and advertisers with a little truth!

The glossed-over carbon capture technologies and energy required, cost required, manpower required, etc., etc., should also be noted by astute readers. These vapor-ware wishful solutions do not exist to scale anywhere in the world. Outside of a few labs and experiments, it’s just more hopium for the time being.

But hey! Let’s create more energy and perpetuate the same paradigm that caused the problem in the first place (civilization)! We’ll call it a “clean energy revolution” by redefining the meaning of the words – nobody will catch on! Now watch the dollars flow while we continue to destroy the livable biosphere!

No mention of over-consumption, overpopulation, energy creation, or the heat engine that civilization actually is. According to this article, the “cheap” devices will magically solve all of that and much, much more while permitting humanity to go on doing what it always has.

This isn’t a solution – it’s fantasy. And dishonest. It does not even remotely being to address the real issues or the massive energy imbalance that has caused climate chaos.

It’s not despair to speak the truth, but to publish deception and misinformation along with gross in-admissions is simply dishonest and distracts from the real facts and issues that we are really facing.

Part of the weirdness that has taken hold of America is buried within the various branches and outlets of the media. There are those that have endorsed Trump and his lies and those that haven’t, but they’re all practicing a form of censorship as far as I can tell, as does nearly every other website out there. The frustrating part about this is not that you can’t be heard, but you can’t hear from other people and what they really think, so you cannot get a sense of what other people really feel.

Facebook has turned over a ton of information regarding Russian advertisements and the (s)Election. They’re also actively censoring their site and the commentary being shared, as does YouTube now. As far as I know, it’s now being done everywhere under the auspicious claim that it’s necessary. It’s simply censorship and it’s actually related to the NFL protests in more ways then you might think.

Ensuring that Americans remain in lockstep with the status quo – and especially with whatever the Trump Administration is currently demanding (a specious activity) is a fascist activity and practice. That so many millions of websites and news sources are doing this is very, very dangerous because it all leads to the very next step, which is going after the dissenters.

Remember that a free people are only free if they can live without coercion. They are also only free if they can freely express themselves while doing no harm to anyone else. Suppressing that freedom, and demanding their obedience is not a sign of a free people at all, it is a signed of a dominated, controlled people who must cower to the forces that rules over them.

It is that kind of activity that will lead to an uprising in this country. What some are calling the “antifa movement” (anti-fascist movement) which is interesting on it’s initial expressing, because it means that the right is admitting to being fascists. That should deeply alarm everyone.

I find the claims about a “antifa movement” bogus to be honest. There is no armed uprising from the left occurring. There is only protests movements growing, which is not the same thing and does not necessarily lead to any kind of armed conflict anyway. But there is a growing claim that there will be a civil war of “right versus left” which seems to be the real agenda of blowhard idiots like Alex Jones and his ilk. I got stuck watching one of his dumbass videos the other day and simply could not believe the utter bullshit this man is still spouting. His claims are manufactured, but probably intentional. He’s trying to start a civil war – and probably needs to be jailed before that happens. I suspect he’s guilty of treason now.

On to Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas… didn’t stay in Vegas. Not this time. People from all over the country were there. The horrific crimes committed by the perpetrator Paddock can simply never be forgiven, no matter “what” his reasons or justifications actually were (we still don’t know). I do not believe that this was a “false flag” event either. Or that there was a second shooter. Those claims were easy to dismiss early on, but the StupidNet cranked up with connedspiracy theory like it always does. That’s always good for readership, advertising revenue and donations. The bigger the yarn, the more of this you can get (something Jones does all of the time).

Law enforcement is generally capable of doing their job of investigating. They now state (as of today) that they are confident there were no other shooters. Checking bullet casings, angles, impacts and sight lines used would go a long ways towards determining if there were other shooters. There is no other credible evidence (at this time) that anyone else was doing the shooting.

It remains to be seen however if he had any help elsewhere, with the planning, setup or logistics. Paddock could have planned it all in just a few weeks, but it definitely appears that he did this over at least a year or so.  As it were, it was pretty sloppy. The “bump fire” stocks are gimmicks for example. No real rifleman would use such a device except to play around. Automatic fire is difficult to control and the use of this type of device probably lowered the casualty rate. Paddock really didn’t know what he was doing – but his motives remain unclear. Night vision, precision optics and a silencer would have dramatically changed the casualty rate.

I’m telling you all this because the truth is you are not safe. Not anywhere. Not at home, not in public, not at the game, not at a concert, not in a theater. The odds are pretty high, given the extreme stress and anger developing in this country, that another attack will occur and this time, it might come from someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Matthew Bracken wrote a book, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” (if I recall correctly), where a terrorist, firing from over a mile away, literally “lobbed” rifle rounds into a packed stadium.  In the book, it created a mass casualty event, which it would in real life. The point being, any public venue could be used to create terror, using any kind of a weapon, or a car, or a propane tank or just a bunch of rocks dumped from an airplane. Considering all the claims of “terrorists” in our midst we’ve all been hearing for years and years – it is surprising that something like this hasn’t happened already. But what it probably does mean is the terrorists aren’t particularly smart or cunning (so far). But each time this sort of thing happens, it raises the bar higher and higher for the next attack.

There are probably 500 millions guns in this country, far higher then the published estimates. There will be no way to not prevent another attack, bump stocks or not. We will see all kinds of misplaced anger and demands being made to regulate Americans and what they “can and cannot do”, but this won’t work (it never does) because it will completely fail to address the real problem. The real problem is the growing anger and disenfranchisement and marginalization occurring. But even fixing those things (impossible) won’t stop the crazies from doing crazy things. As I said – you are not safe. Therefore, plan and act accordingly.

Situation awareness will absolutely help – but it will not necessarily save your life. However, you should always practice this at all times. Know your surroundings. Understand your escape route. Identify cover and concealment. Pay attention. It was clear from the videos I watched that many people were totally oblivious that they were being fired on. Either indifferent, drunk or paralyzed by fear. But there is no excuse for not paying attention. I realize that this is asking for a lot in this day and age, but if you want to live, it’s going to matter.

After the 9/11 attacks, the Bush Administration told Americans to go out and shop (seriously). They were terrified of the economic consequences of Americans refusing to consume. So they spent millions of dollars trying to prop up the economy in the wake of the attacks. My advice is different – stay home. You don’t need to go shopping or be running around or traveling all over the place. Learn to be happy where you are. Learn to do things at home. Learn to fix things. Learn your local environment even better then you already do. And pay attention to everything going on all around you.

Nothing is going to make you 100% safe, so stop worrying about it. Live your life, but pay attention. And pay particular attention to what kind of garbage you’re being fed between your ears. Once again, the “fake news” has attacked the efforts in Puerto Rico and what is really happening there. Much of what you’ll read online is just pure crap. The problem is too many websites are allowing too much garbage out. They’ve got the standards of a $2 whore. Anybody is welcome to publish anything. Which is what they do.

Although I hate censorship, I also hate disinformation passing itself off as news. The only answer to this is to always try to read the counter viewpoints to find out if there is any truth or just to find a balance to the reporting. And pick your website carefully. Many web sites seem to have the ethics and integrity of mass murders, you can just sort of tell that they’re up to no good because of what they constantly harp on. They’re intent on creating deeper and deeper divisions, passing themselves off as the “bastions of truth and freedom”, but the reality is they’re trying to create more and more divisions. Some go so far as to advocate civil war.

This is insane talk coming from asinine extremists. These morons and fools need to be rejected and banned from your reading lists. Some need to be jailed for incitement of terror. If you’re feeding this kind of garbage into your brain, then you’re living in fear, paranoia and distrust. There is absolutely no reason for any of this. If this country does explode into civil conflict, it will be these website and authors who instigated this crap. They cannot be trusted because they clearly have an agenda that you can easily identify. It’s always the same, they intend to “restore the country” as they see fit, imposing their demands and desires upon everyone else. Everyone else is “their enemy”, so by definition, that means nearly all of you that reads this blog. And they have plans for their enemies too – which is very, very similar to the same plans and attitudes ISIS has towards unbelievers – death.

Does anybody really want these kind of idiots to turn this country into a free fire zone? Can you even imagine what it would be like to have to live under their stolen authority? You do not have to look far to find out examples of this – it has been repeated all over the world before with rivers of blood letting and thousands and thousands, even millions of corpses. The only way to shut down these babbling fools is to stop listening to them. They’re dangerously deluded and you don’t want to be standing near to any of them when and if things go south.

Enough for now, it simply hurts too much to keep sitting here.


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