U.S. Bungles Another Coup Attempt In South America

You’d think that they’d get this right, considering all the practice they’ve had, but I guess people retire and fresh blood doesn’t always have the same level of experience.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa was the apparent victim of a coup attempt:

“Without a doubt, the United States was behind the coup in Ecuador,” La Riva asserted

And “the details of the United States’ involvement in the recent coup attempt in Ecuador will come to light with the passing of time,” she added.  ‘US behind coup attempt in Ecuador’

The “why” is easy to answer:

La Riva said that the United States tried to renew the lease for its military base in the city of Manta, but Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa rejected the proposal.

The US wanted to renew the lease for the base to increase its military presence in the Latin American country, she opined.

La Riva said the US is attempting to use its military presence in Latin America to counter ‘rebel’ countries like Venezuela and Cuba, but Correa’s rebuff caused the US to lose some of its influence in Ecuador.

Undermining Ecuador has been an ongoing activity for some time — I’ve covered several of the environmental abuses in Ecuador by U.S. companies, but this is political: “˜CIA Infiltration’ Charges Prompt Shake-Up in Armed Forces

As one reader put it:

“The government has done a wonderful job of keeping people blissfully ignorant, preferring them to think the priority should be routing out the 100 or so Al Queda rebels in the caves of Afghanistan at a cost of $6 trillion, or routing out “terrorist” sympathizers here at home using jury-rigged search warrants and technologies right out of the Jetsons – again at a huge cost.”

I’m convinced now that if it doesn’t affect us directly (and I mean DIRECTLY) we simply don’t care and never will.  Much of the rest of the world is under U.S. sponsored turmoil, but here at home in the “homeland”, we snooze on, blissfully indifferent and as apathetic as usual.

We sigh when we hear of riots in the streets of Europe, or fighting in the jungles of South America or a deluge in Pakistan (or more drone bombings) — and then turn the channel.  We don’t want to hear it — or who is really behind most of it.

It’s pretty clear we live at a very interesting time in human history — where one nation can go about bullying any other nation it pleases, while at the same time that nations people simply don’t give a shit.  We’ve got our own problems, right?

The disconnect is on how the global problems we’re creating are the reason we’ve got problems here.

The U.S. is so busy trying to govern and control the world that it has become absolute deaf and blind to its own citizens.

I do not think anything is going to change this either.  Not in my lifetime or yours.


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