US Attempts Another Venezuela Coup

Sitting back and watching what happens next, but I’m in agreement with opposition writers and analyst with the U.S. backed coup attempt (again) in Venezuela.

US lame-stream media attempts to portray this effort as morally justifiable, but it’s illegal and it was caused by the United States. President Maduro may be a real prick, but he’s also happens to be the only lawfully elected President of Venezuela. Yet Venezuela has two Presidents at the moment, one elected, and one who self-appointed himself with US help.

If that’s not a coup – I don’t know what is.

I’m not sure how this is going to go down. The United States is now being run by our own President of Incompetence and Ineptitude, so how the U.S. proceeds to overthrow Venezuela may not go according to plan (nothing does under Trump if you happen to have noticed).

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You don’t have to look far to find opposition to the intentions of the United States to overthrow Venezuela. With the world’s richest oil reserves, the country has been in the target sites of the United States for a long, long time. I’ve warned about this before – if you’re country has resources critical to the global empire, expect to be destabilized and eventually attacked.

Before they launch missiles, they launch narratives. Before they drop bombs, they drop talking points. Before they implement crushing starvation sanctions, they demonize and condemn. Before they invade, they propagandize. Before the killing starts, manipulation paves the way.

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The United States doesn’t give a rats ass about ‘democracy’ or even the people in ‘foreign’ countries, but US leaders and their corporate handlers care very much about global resources. And to that end, they will focus their efforts, how to gain favorable control over Venezuelan oil under the pretext of ‘humanitarian intervention’. Yes, there are significant problems in Venezuela (many directly caused by the United States), but this isn’t the way to go about resolving them. You don’t illegally overthrow a government and expect these crimes to go unpunished.

Expect the rhetoric and violence in Venezuela to escalate, dramatically. What happens will have world-wide impacts.


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