U.S. Airports Storing Data For Years

Getting in and out of your “own” country (using the term very loosely) is like running the gauntlet.  Homeland security goons and their informants (read “airlines”) are now the most bothersome parts of traveling abroad.

Privacy advocates obtained database records showing that the government routinely records the race of people pulled aside for extra screening as they enter the country, along with cursory answers given to U.S. border inspectors about their purpose in traveling. In one case, the records note Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Gilmore’s choice of reading material, and worry over the number of small flashlights he’d packed for the trip.  U.S. Airport Screeners Are Watching What You Read

Suggest you take to the skies well prepared.  Take along a copy of the Bible, Koran, 101 Things To Do ‘Till The Revolution, The Communist Manifesto, Backyard Bomb Making and How To Start A Revolution.  Tell them you’re looking to expatriate to any country that will have you and brought your library materials with you.

Oh, don’t forget your tracking device implanted under your skin, so we can find you and break you out of prison.

Can anyone spell t.h.o.u.g.h.t.  c.r.i.m.e.s?  Worthy of at least a decade or two in the pokey.


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2 thoughts on “U.S. Airports Storing Data For Years

  • September 24, 2007 at 1:48 pm
    This stuff is not new to me…
    Just watch reruns of Twilight Zone or the movies “The Day the Earth Stood Still” or “Soylent Green” or get the CD set of the old series “The Prisoner”. It’s all in there, little bits and pieces of what was to come in the future for us, except very,very few realized it back then…
    Hell, you just have to watch old Star Trek shows and see where we are going as to Federation Control…

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