Update On Flu Pandemic

This is the latest flu tracker map, showing cases throughout the United States.  Recombinomics says that we are now at Stage 6, worldwide pandemic levels.  10 deaths so far in the United States.

The concerns remain that further mutation and / or increased virulence could create higher death rates.  In any case, this hasn’t gone away yet.


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One thought on “Update On Flu Pandemic

  • May 21, 2009 at 2:25 pm
    Yep, it could mutate (recombine). Probably will again – obviously already has – several times.

    BUT, more people literally die every FKN day in the US of Morons from falling over while attempting to pull their FKN pants on than have globally died from the current A-H1N1 in total.

    If one wants to be scared by a disease
    consider MRSA and/or MRTB.



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