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While doing a bit of research on 5G networks, I’ve come across this article by The Nation: How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation

Read it carefully. It shows how the cell phone industry has deliberately misled and manipulated public perception about the safety of cell phones.

And the controversy around 5G networks is much worse.

Industry does not care how dangerous a product or a technology might be.

“Doubt is our product,” the memo declared. “It is also the means of establishing a controversy…at the public level.”

Like their tobacco and fossil-fuel brethren, wireless executives have chosen not to publicize what their own scientists have said about the risks of their products. On the contrary, the industry—in America, Europe, and Asia—has spent untold millions of dollars in the past 25 years proclaiming that science is on its side, that the critics are quacks, and that consumers have nothing to fear. This, even as the industry has worked behind the scenes—again like its Big Tobacco counterpart—to deliberately addict its customers. Just as cigarette companies added nicotine to hook smokers, so have wireless companies designed cell phones to deliver a jolt of dopamine with each swipe of the screen.

This Nation investigation reveals that the wireless industry not only made the same moral choices that the tobacco and fossil-fuel industries did; it also borrowed from the same public-relations playbook those industries pioneered. The playbook’s key insight is that an industry doesn’t have to win the scientific argument about safety; it only has to keep the argument going. That amounts to a win for the industry, because the apparent lack of certainty helps to reassure customers, even as it fends off government regulations and lawsuits that might pinch profits.

Please read the entire article. Then watch this video, at least twice (disable any browser blocking to view the Youtube video):


Dr. Martin Pall has also written a research paper on the great risks posed by 5G networks:

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

In addition to the millions of new 5G antennas that will be required encompassing the land masses of the Earth (cities, towns, countryside), there will also be thousands of new satellites launched into orbit to irradiate the entire Earth.

John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine has been around for decades, I remember reading tons of articles by this guy back in the day. He wrote “The Problem With 5G” and a few weeks after publication, he was fired. I looked this up to verify. It’s true. PC Magazine also removed his article. Criticizing the industry wherever your at is bad for your career.

But then again, the electromagnetic smog that is being broadcast over the Earth, through our bodies, and into and around every living thing on the planet is bad for your health.

There are now thousands millions of articles that deal with the dangers of 5G – you can look these up yourself. I’ve already seen enough from credible sources to know that we’ve got another huge problem unfolding right now. And once again, the corporatocracy is steam-rolling its way ahead and ignoring public and scientific concerns.

I don’t buy into the connedspiracy crap that this is a “plot” to depopulate the Earth of humans. This is a connedspiracy without factual basis and is endorsed by the tin-foil hatters and the crowd that tries to profit from endless fear-mongering. What makes more sense is that they simply don’t care what happens to humans as long as the profits continue to flow.

5G won’t kill everyone. But it will affect everyone. The enormous profit potential behind forcing everyone to adopt 5G – and then being able to control everything about human lives is the driving factor.



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One thought on “Update on 5G Networks

  • March 3, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Interesting article and video. I would never have believed that cell phone radiation could be a problem because all you hear in the MSM is that you have to be a tin hat person to believe that stuff. The response I got from other people when I informed them was disbelief followed by everything (and all industries) are bad for you. Not surprising that the cell phone industry co-oped the same playbook that big tobacco and the oil companies used. I would also not be surprised if other industries did the same.
    However, on a scale of risk (for an adult) I think the chemicals we are daily exposed to (that have never been significantly tested)are probably of greater risk than EM radiation from cell phones (and routers, satellites, etc.), not to say the risk is insignificant though. Additionally, most Americans are probably at greater risk from their diet (obesity), smoking, lack of exercise OR when they drive a car.
    All risks in perspective I think this is a problem but will not wipe out civilization or life on this planet as nuclear holocaust or runaway climate change can (and with climate change probably will).

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