Up to Two-Thirds of SoCal Beaches May Disappear by 2100, USGS Predicts

Once again, the predictions you’ll read about here are woefully underestimated. But even at these low estimates, this might raise some consternation (and not much else):

Up to Two-Thirds of SoCal Beaches May Disappear by 2100, USGS Predicts

In a new study released on March 27, 2017, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) predicts that 31 to 67 percent of Southern California’s beaches may be completely eroded away by the year 2100, based on sea level rise of one to two meters. Once the sand is gone, exposed bedrock may be all that’s left.

The one or two meter sea level rise is a huge underestimate. But I doubt that the sand will just disappear – if the terrain permits redepositing sand, which obviously cannot be done on a cliff face and so forth. Apparently their model takes this into account.

It’s not just the underestimate of sea level rise that I find noteworthy here, but the ridiculous concerns about tourism and real estate values. I expect the world to be in full-blown survival mode by 2100 and only if we manage to last that long. Global food production will have been devastated. The number of dead will have reached into the billions.

I’m quite serious. If this was April 1st you might think I’m joking, but I’m not.

Consider what it means if the sea level has risen “one or two meters” (it will be considerably higher in reality). It means no more Arctic summer sea ice (at a minimum), no more temperature gradients creating a normal jet stream, lingering droughts, heatwaves and excessive wet-bulb temperatures on a vast scale (already been predicted by scientist that vast segments of inhabited regions will not be inhabitable any longer), with vast tracts of global farmlands utterly destroyed because of increased heat, droughts, and on the opposite end of this spectrum, excessive precipitation (biblical levels) because of stalled weather patterns and extreme flooding. All that excessive heat that melted all that ice (globally) will increase evaporation and precipitation events (snow, ice, hail, rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, etc.), all taking their extreme tolls upon civilization and infrastructure.

It not just coastlines that will be affected – it is the entire planet. Everyone still alive will be trying to find a way to survive. The global refugee problem by 2100 will be in the billions of displaced and homeless persons, all needing someplace to go, seeking sufficient food, water and shelter and the means to sustain themselves economically. How will they do that? The world has virtually no plans for this unfolding reality at all. This is not speculation – this is all happening right now with the future predictions of these climate events factored in.

I’ve looked and though some researchers are aware of the problem, they have no solutions (part of the LIFE project research I did). They’re not ready in the slightest for what is coming, nor do they have a real grasp on what to do.

I do – which is why the LIFE project was called “preparing for reduced human survival” but I’m being broadly ignored and barely read. I’ll be long dead and gone by then but my words of warning will still linger in the minds of a tiny few who have stumbled across this blog. There is a huge global disruption unfolding now and it is suicidal for the human race to ignore what can already be clearly established.

Scientists and especially journalists tend to think only within their little boxes of “effects”, and as this article and many others show, the concern is economic only. The sand may be gone, but what will it do to real estate values or tourism? When the real issue is going to be how will humans even survive the onslaught of these extreme events? Already mentioned here before was a recent publication on how farming was going to be affected. Even this article doesn’t even begin to go into the real long-term effects of global food production and climate change.

I sometimes wonder if these words are just too much for Americans to comprehend. Do they even know what farming means? Or where food comes from? I’m quite serious when I’ve read comments online about people discussing food shortages contain truly silly arguments like “people just need to to to the store and buy food” when there are food shortages! And here’s one my wife just reminded me of we had both read in the past: “Why do we need farmers? We’ve got grocery stores!“. There is a massive disconnect from basic concepts and how humans make their living and obtain the essential for life in this country.

Sea level rise is another such massive disconnect. I’ve seen this over and over and over again. Rising seas can be stopped with walls, pumps, dikes, diversions to protect real estate and golf courses (and especially their perceived values). Seriously? Do these people have any concepts at all of the power of water? Or what an ocean actually is? Or how many thousands and thousands of years that they would have to maintain this type of an arrangement? Yet that is exactly what is being planned in coastal regions around the world, even right here in my own state. This state has a lot of climate aware people, but they’re still in severe denial about how serious this is going to be.

Going a bit further, the present level of discussion in regards to climate change itself reveals extensive levels of disbelief / disconnect / denial I’ve share so often before. A “few degrees” in temperature increase simply cannot be that bad, when in fact it is terribly serious and yes, that bad and more. It can mean extinction for the human race, once you realize what this means for food production, wet-bulb temperatures, increasing extreme events and lack of water. The current rate of species being forced to migrate should be serving as a clarion call of “disaster dead ahead” for the land based morons that inhabit this planet but it’s not.

Even reports of increasing dead zones, declining oxygen levels, ocean acidification and a collapse of the marine food chain, coral bleaching, permafrost and sea floor methane releases, and so many, many more actual real-live events all taking place right now does not penetrate through to the minds of the media authors and even some scientists. And hey, lets admit it, these people should know better then to keep pretending to another reality that is simply vaporizing forever.

When I say something crass like “this is fucking scary to be surrounded by so many goddamned fools” I really, really mean it. I’m absolutely terrified at the prospect of being surrounded by so many idiots in a world that is collapsing faster and faster. We are going to kill each other in the end from the sheer levels of stupidity we keep embracing. And I mean that too.

People have refused to wake up. They’ve refused to read why there is a global emergency. Everything has been tried to gain their attention, but even Mother Nature herself cannot kill enough humans fast enough to make them wake up to their deteriorating environmental conditions. Not yet at least. It may take millions of dead for that to happen, but of course, it would be much too late then to do anything about it.

I contend that “everything will be tried” to solve these issues of climate change and what it really means for human survival, but I also contend that it will be too little, too late. Even so, try we must, but it’s a hard road ahead, especially when media, science and the public at large remains so unconcerned and disconnected from the intricate dependencies between climate, sea level and human survival. That’s by their choice – I chose to educate myself long ago on the issue and swiftly realized that climate change would wipe out human civilization if left unchecked. And unchecked it definitely remains – there is still ridiculous and useless “debate” going on (distraction and deflection in reality – attempts to dissuade responsibility and culpability to corporations and individual behavior).

Being surrounded by fools means what should be obvious – nothing will change. That’s why you Trumpanzees just got betrayed, again. That’s why the Empire continues on its same path. That’s why even speaking the truth is so derided. The world at large prefers its delusions and fantasies, the lies of comfort and civilization and will do everything within its power to stay that way.


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