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I spent a little time reading some really outlandish websites today.  The advice that these ‘sources’ are given is essentially this:

a) it’s time to bug out.  If you’ve got a bug-out plan, they suggest you implement this, immediately.

b) the end of times is “here”.  Happening right now in fact.  Get your ticket now.

c) millions are going to die (Americans, this summer).

d) this is “it” — whatever “it” was to them or you, this is “it”. err, IT.

e) grab your gear and go.  Some self-appointed “luminaries” have basically blown their wad — shot their reputations full of holes with this one hoping their post-coital bliss will carry them through until the Second Coming.

Ok then.  That’s the gist of what I read.  No links will be provided.  I do not like promoting anything I consider ridiculous, outrageous or unethical.

Or bad advice.

The reasons given for all of the above were many, with the Gulf disaster taking center stage.  Conspiracy theories ranged all over the map, including martial law, solar storms, earthquakes, methane explosions and alien encounters.  Oh, and the return of Christ, almost forgot that one…

There are specific reasons why I do not subscribe to any of these fears, except those that have a credible basis in actual fact.

Unbeknown to all of you — I have been running a little experiment.  I didn’t tell anyone, and now I’ll let you in on it.

This blog was reopened on May 7th, mostly in response to the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20th, 2010.

Early on, this disaster struck me as “major”.  Screwing up a deepwater well in 5,000 feet of water was definitely going to be one for the record books, and it seemed as if these guys were going to have some real trouble putting a lid on this thing.

So far, all that has proven to be true.  Since May, 89 blog posts were published. The majority of these have been in response to the growing Gulf disaster.  I have now read and digested hundreds of articles on what is happening.

During May, the level of anxiety detected (through phone calls, emails, website sales and blog activity) was significantly higher then in June.

However, in June, the blogsphere was far, far more active with doomsday scenarios as the scale and scope became better known.  Yet despite this apparent effort, and the keyboard commandos feverishly pounding away on their keyboards (authors and commentators alike), the public apparently isn’t buying it.

Nightline had an episode on tonight just minutes after I published this on underground bunkers being hawked by developers, which at $750,000 are obviously only going to be affordable to the very rich.  But I’m not seeing any evidence of this at all — and suspect that a lot of this is just hype.

Good grief, I’m obviously not charging anywhere near enough for the food I sell — just one of these guys could make me a rich man.

This is evidenced by my totally unscientific approach — emails, phone calls, website sales.  June sales are the worst I’ve seen in many years (true at all the canneries).  However, there is no doubt that the fever pitch many would-be luminaries are screaming into their microphones is an incitement to panic — bail out, NOW!

But it is not happening anywhere that I can see.  And in my unqualified opinion, a good thing too.  Refugees never do fare very well, anywhere in the world.

This is the “resignation” that I mentioned there (link).  I said that the anger, rage, frustration, desperation and a whole lot of fear was “superficial”. In other words, not entirely real — not real enough for people to take action.  For those who have not actually had their lives already uprooted (like those on the Gulf coast), reacting in fear makes no sense at all and most of you didn’t.

In that innocuous post, I dangled a little tidbit, where I suggested that readers write in and let me know how they feel.  Only seven of you did.  Those that did expressed awareness, concern and determination.

But not fear.

Which is exactly the opposite of what some in the blogsphere are trying to foster.

So it isn’t working.  Most of you are not falling for this.  And I think that this is a good thing.  And this is one area where I digress from “my peers” in this genre.  Don’t panic.

Panic does not serve anyone very well unless your life is in immediate danger. Collapse preparations and implementation requires a methodical approach whenever possible.  Awareness, preparations and planning can oftentimes avoid entirely the need for panic.

If you’re a “follower” of those sites that are enlisting you to panic — stop reading now.  Don’t come back here.  Nothing else I can write will help you, which is what I have been trying to do for years and years now.

If you have not yet learned to think for yourself, assess the facts, examine the evidence and take an active, personal interest in your well-being and your life, then you are a leaf blowing in the wind, subject to every whim and whinny, uncertain and with no foundation.

You have absolutely no idea what to do.

Which makes you the perfect candidate (target).  Please empty your wallets before proceeding through the Exit. Bullhorns and microphones are your beacons. Behind the door to your left is your personal “shelter”, full deposit (non-refundable) required in advance.

It should be evident to everyone — if we are going to get through this “thing”, whatever is your personal trigger point, then it needs to be thought through very carefully.  You’re not running from a tidal wave yet, or evading one of those mythical roadblocks.  Don’t go screaming for the exit and ruin your life.

You may wonder why I even bother to write these things.

Because I’ve seen this before, time and time again.  All of the so-called predictions and fear-mongering of the past have ALL proven to be absolutely false.  We do NOT know what will happen in the Gulf, but that does not mean it is panic time because someone told you to.

Decide for yourself what your own level of risk and exposure is where you liveFor 90% of the population, the Gulf disaster does not pose an immediate life-threatening threat.  There is however, a mid-to-long term threat to many, many coastal residents and even many inland residents.  Yes, millions will be affected, but endurance is called for here, not panic.

You may need to relocate if you live in the Gulf, but if you’re in Arkansas, what exactly is it you’re afraid of?  Calm down, or better yet, simply turn off the shortwave, delete the bookmarks that got you so excited and move on.

Take some time to understand the connections between all these issues: oil production, oil pollution, transportation, food production on land and in the sea, climate change and atmospheric gas effects, and the economic ramifications of all of this. There is no one single “threat” here, there are literally dozens of threats and effects that will be experienced by most of us, probably ALL of us.

I’m going to leave out martial law, aliens, North Korean missiles and even Iran. No need to muddy up the waters here, they’re oily enough.

The Gulf disaster is a gigantic wake-up call for America, and indeed the world.  We really did screw the pooch here, birthing a gloppy abomination by our own hand.  Humans believe that they can’t mess up that badly — but this isn’t true.  It happened.  It’s here, and it’s not going away.  Now we deal with it.

This is a perfect time to do something about your own exposure.  Your dependency upon the business-as-usual model of life and living that has (nearly) every single person in this country 100% dependent upon everything functioning perfectly.

I have slammed this theme down again and again, doing my damnedest to demand that people wake up.  Business-as-usual is going to KILL YOU.  Sooner or later, a big bad disaster happens, or we screw up the environment so much that we can no longer inhabit the planet.  There are thousands of posts right here on this blog that have documented this outcome.

Breaking the business-as-usual paradigm begins with you.  YOU have to change.  This change includes this: STOP BEING A SHEEP.  STOP LISTENING TO THESE LYING, THIEVING SHEPARD’S WHO ARE FLEECING YOU BLIND.

And stop listening to their “promises” — they LIE because frankly, that’s all most of them know.  They even believe the lies, but that doesn’t make any of it true.

I don’t care if it is a radio talkshow host, a bullhorn bully or a pedophile preacher, get this crap out of your lives and get real, get practical, demand honesty, demand truth, facts, evidence and reject everything that doesn’t pass the “smell-test”.  If it smells fishy — it probably IS.

We are our own worst enemies and we LET THAT HAPPEN because we remain and even demand that we be manipulated.

There are many, many forces at work that gladly perform this function, and many of them we actively support.

Now would be a good time to read the “old” blog closure notice I wrote a year ago, now retitled “Beating My Head Against The Wall“.

It seems as if we will NEVER learn.  Even when a huge stinking gooey oily disaster strikes.

This is why DETERMINATION — that stage the transcends resignation is so bloody important.

It is time to dig in and dig deep and get REAL about what our chance are and what we are going to do about it.  This is not the time to give up or panic.

Do NOT give in to the fear these hucksters are promoting.  This is why you will not find me up on their websites.  I don’t advertise there, I don’t share my articles with them, I don’t get on their radio shows, and I don’t promote their crap.  Why should you?

I have long known that the only people who actually stand a chance are those that have both feet firmly planted on the ground.  The rest are cannon fodder.  They will be manipulated into doing something very stupid.  They will fight among themselves, or fight with you.  They will embrace whatever lie that promises them a false sense of security and safety while brandishing a sword in one hand and a club in the other.

This is their fate (by their own hand), rejecting common sense, practical advice, ignoring facts, evidence and even history.  They will bring on themselves their own downfall.  And they will take many, many bystanders down with them.  Many of them will gnash their teeth and literally wail when their expectations are never realized.

And then they will die.

But don’t assume that the world will be rid of fools and idiots, that’s totally unrealistic.  This world will see one group after another assume righteous indignation and claim preeminence over every other living thing (including you). This is where endurance is called for.  You’re going to have to outlast them, if you can.

We are just at the beginning of the severe human-troubles.  It has taken a while for the planet itself to react to our impacts, but it’s speeding up now.  America has been somewhat immune for a while, but that’s not true elsewhere (or here anymore).

Elsewhere, there are some really HUGE environmental impacts threatening millions of people right now.  Drought, flooding, poisoned water, lack of water, lack of food, severe weather, rising seas — you name it, it’s all happening.  And the panic is growing there, but the MSM in this country is keeping a pretty tight lid on how bad it’s already gotten (read Desdemona DAILY).

For many people, a dual “unreality” is taking place.  It’s business-as-usual for much of the developed world and even where you live, while personal collapse is hitting home.  Remember endurance, and practical preparations, unplugging yourself from dependencies, and reject the fear-mongering if you hope to keep your sanity and wits about you.

I’m going to try and shut up now.  Another break-time away from this box is needed.

Good LUCK to all of you — if your time truly has “come”, then do what you have to do.


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