Universal National Service Act

Yet another attempt to enslave Americans is being tried.

The Universal National Service Act:

To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.

H.R. 5741 is legalized slavery and indoctrination. They’ve expanded the draft age from past attempts, now up to 42 years old.

You had better oppose this, vehemently. Burn down the ‘frickin house if that’s what it takes.

“Homeland security” is a sick joke in this country, a euphanism for American oppression and tyranny of the citizens, make-believe ‘terrorists’ and no-fly lists for 6-year old’s and Grandma’s.

I’ve long warned that the Government would enact desperate measure to retain control (and funding, as in tax you blind). Now they want your body and your soul, so they can churn out multi-generations of indoctrinated, brainwashed and dumbed down fools totally enslaved to their every whim.

Don’t give in to them.

Americants are going to have to finally develop a backbone (a.k.a spine) and shut this insanity down.  I doubt very much that this will pass — but they keep trying, don’t they? That’s because these scum-sucking bottom feeding politicians think they actually own your ass.  You live to please them.
So send these pricks a message — Hell no, we won’t go.

The very idea that they can dream this shit up and enact it into law should scare the living pants off of you. They want to force you to participate in their plantation slavery pyramid scheme (as if it wasn’t bad enough already through economic oppression).

Screw that.  You hear me?  SCREW THAT!!

The military or “civilian service” is NOT the answer to this nations problems, but they are ONE of the major SOURCES of this nations problems and the reason this country is in such deep shit (and hated around the world, that’s what occupation gives you).

This dick-headed moron that is trying to see this passed into law is yet another would-be tyrant that would have every American “reformed” into the image and likeness of whatever this asinine government would dictate.

Hitler tried this.

Look where it got him and what he did with it.

So did Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Guyana, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Good luck with that.  Don’t count me in.  My life is not for sale, and is not on any political “exchange”, subject to a politician’s (paid prostitute) wet-dream.

Yeah, I’m livid.  You should be too.


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