Tyranny By The Numbers

I stumbled acrossed this bit of tyranny today, this national talk show host (Ian) was arrested and jailed for having a couch in his yard and refusing a city order to remove it. The video below is the clip of his court proceedings, which you should watch:

Several things worth noting. Besides the obvious fact that the judge was ‘threatened’ by the camera man video taping the proceeding and his orders not being followed (jump when I say jump), do this:

Do a head count of the so-called ‘supporters’ for this sham trial. I get about nine. I also count six gun-packing slugs.

All this over a couch. Unbelievable.

This is why the freedom movement is such a sick, sad joke in this country. Nobody is willing to stand up and be counted, or even show up. They were clearly expecting more, which is why there were so many guns in the room. But almost nobody showed up.

However, the idea that “justice” will be served is also a fallacy. The judge made quick work of that by removing the proceedings into a private room where just(us) will be served.

Ian is out of jail already, you can listen to the broadcast here. There is also the original serving of the couch ticket here, which is amusing:

The swagger that “blue light gang member” slug has is a riot. And his “vote” mantra shows just how unplugged he is to reality.

If anybody thinks I’m being ungenerous here about the freedom movement, this is something I just found from the Free State Project website:

A Dover, New Hampshire demonstration with projected turnout of only five…ends up being a 14-protester event. These folks are demonstrating at the Strafford County jail, against the excessive sentence of Winchester resident Lauren Canario. She was charged with “disorderly conduct” for refusing to empty her pockets at a Fed metal detector.

Wow.  Fourteen!  In the entire free state. This was the same state that couldn’t get a libertarian (s)elected as I recall.

Here’s the video I just found:

You’d think some people (especially these people) would finally realize that protests do not work. This is also the group that still believes that they are going to magically vote their way to freedom in a rigged system that is hopeless broken beyond all possible repair.

One of the real grouches I have against the so-called Freedom Movement is they’re not really trying too hard to gain their freedom.  Why this is utterly obvious to me anyway, it seems to escape their attention.

The Free West Project by the way is kaput for all practical purposes.  Relabeled now as Free State Wyoming where the wind really blows.  More “voting your way to freedom” bullshit.

By the way, I have met with Kenneth Royce and questioned him specifically on his “plans” for Wyoming.  I don’t live there because this notion of a “free state” will not work.  The freedom movement will remain forever marginalized because it refuses to respond to freedom’s encroachment, period.

This seems to be a uniquely American trait.  I mean really, go to Europe or South America or the Middle East and those freedom fighters get down and dirty.  Americans still think we’re all playing the same game as their plantation owners.  On a level playing field.  With the same rules.

I don’t know what more evidence is needed that these assumptions are so unbelievably untrue then what is already being reported in the news each and every day.  But the disconnect to reality in this “movement” (which is not going anywhere) is staggering, and therefore tyranny wins, everyday, stopping at nothing and remaining, unstoppable.

Tyranny by the numbers.  You can definitely count on it.


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