Typhoid Truckers & American Faketriots Converge on Washington DC

The cowardly clown show of American “patriotism” continues today as typhoid truckers and American truck drivers along with flag-waving American faketriots misappropriate symbols of American pride and integrity for themselves in a misguided “protest” against vaccinations and mask mandates.

This display of selfish “American” pride hides the rampant ignorance and foolish claims behind the anti-vax movement, who have repeatedly claimed that “millions will die” (by now) from COVID-19 vaccinations. As usual when dealing with connedspiracy nonsense, the exact opposite is actually true with over 6 million officially dead with unofficial numbers at twice to triple that figure.

I have never seen such an ignorant display of American stupidity and cowardly behavior, but I’ve experienced it right here on this blog, deliberately running off those that have embraced the rabid lies of the anti-vaccine movement. None of my responses to the anti-vaccination adherents has been addressed when actual evidence has been presented. Instead, they either go silent or engage in more connedspiracy nonsense. I’m now unwilling to even attempt to educate the idiots (so don’t even bother). Their lies are self-evident, but only getting worse and more extreme by the week.

Now, they’re claiming that “bio-weapons” labs in Ukraine are being attacked by Russia to “prevent the next pandemic” by Dr. Fauci. Since NONE of their claims ever came true, they’re having to constantly shift their goal posts and fabricate new connedspiracy and hope you don’t notice their miserable track record of incessant lies.

The cowardly, craven attitudes of these Americans is downright embarrassing for the entire country of real Americans.

One tiny Ukrainian girl armed with a rock has more courage, more bravery, more understanding and more meaning of what true freedom means then an entire convoy of deluded truckers and their fawning fans of flag-waving Americans.

What is so sad is real freedom and real lives are being lost in real wars against freedom – and these clowns are driving around whining like babies because they were asked to wear a mask. This is so pathetic that it boggles the mind, but it is typical of what a large segment of America has become today.

I am deeply ashamed of these people, their selfish arrogant attitudes about their phony “freedoms” (freedumbs) and their stated willingness to perpetuate a deadly pandemic has cost countless American lives that embraced their incessant lies.

Wasting enormous quantities in fuel, money, police work and time, these truckers have driven across the country to “protest mandates” and finally realizing that most of these mandates don’t even exist anymore, they’ve tried to morph their protests to “freedom” claims of infringement. Apparently none of these truckers have an inkling what real freedom actually means.

This is coming from the same crowd of people that tried to overtake the 2020 Election certification in Washington DC.  And yes, this is the same crowd that supports President Trump and his fascist ideas for America. America has a real problem with these fools. The scary thing is, these are the same people who think they could run things better while acting only in their own self-interest.

This isn’t American. Putting the needs of yourself ahead of everyone else who might actually die from your selfishness is shameful. Nobody’s freedoms have been infringed by wearing a mask when in public, or getting a free vaccine. This claim is entirely made-up and false. The refusal to do so by millions of “anti-vaxxers” perpetuated the pandemic far longer then necessary, killing who knows how many more. Thousands of “anti’s” died from catching COVID-19 unnecessarily, screaming on their deathbeds that they “didn’t have COVID”. They succumbed in silence, having passed out from a lack of oxygen, silencing their rabid stupidity forever.

I do not feel sorry for these fools who suicided themselves in a misguided and pointless protest. But there are still many left alive today, driving trucks and waving flags, pretending that the pandemic was “faked” and “freedom is suppressed”. Both are complete lies and real Americans know this fact.

America has a major moron problem that isn’t getting any better.  Most can’t even think for themselves, they’re just another parrot. They don’t even understand what they write. Most of these “protesters” are just faketriots, appropriating symbols and words for their own ignorant agenda (rampant stupidity) and fear-mongering foolishness.

Real Americans HELPED their fellow Americans and got vaccinated. We wore masks. We did our part to end the pandemic. These typhoid truckers did not. They acted with selfishness, stupidity, arrogance, phony pride and false claims, embracing rabid stupidity and asinine connedspiracy. Nobody is impressed by their ignorance and denial except fools.

This blog needs a new category – faketriot, fools, connedspiracies and fabrications. These are so rampant here now that I could spend 24/7 just writing about that.

Filed under “Tyranny” because that’s what this stupid protest is really all about. The tyrannical selfish behavior of fools.


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  • March 6, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    LOVE THIS! TRUTHS! If you read the comments on some of the videos lots of Americans think this protest is a complete joke!

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