Turning It Off

Try an experiment with me. It’s simple, but it will require a bit of discipline on your part. Here it is:

Give up your favorite website. Don’t log in, don’t check it, don’t visit. Got it?

I just did that. And it’s a bit… odd. I’m finding myself with a lot more free time to do other stuff, think about other things. I’m not one of those people addicted to social media, I absolutely hate Facebook (with a purple passion), Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and what have you. Never go there, don’t have an account either. But I do have websites that I check on a daily basis. And now I won’t.

My mind is already turning over with other ideas, thoughts and considerations. Try it – see what this does for you. You might even get a part of your life back and some independent thought.

The time we all spend online – we will NEVER get back. And almost everything being published today is absolutely worthless shit. I’m serious. It’s pretty bad. And it has no relevancy to me and my life and never really will. And the level of propaganda and mind control I’m reading is phenomenal. Believe me – you may thank me later if you try this.

Unplug. Do it now. Regain some free time in your life and start thinking for yourselves.


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