Turning A Blind Eye To Murder

Wow – this is worth reading all the way through: Jamal Khashoggi’s private WhatsApp messages may offer new clues to killing

This is part of the evidence that the Dipshit in Chief does not want to “believe”. As usual, Trump is backing the wrong person. Be that as it is, I think we can expect some additional fallout from this horrible crime. The evidence speaks loudly that Mohammed bin Salman did in fact know exactly what was going on. And ordered Khashoggi’s assassination dismemberment.

It’s goddamn scary that our President chums up to these kind of monsters, but it’s not the first time, or probably the last time he’s done so. His pretense at being apologetic that nobody “really” knows what happened is complete and utter bullshit. Trump is supporting a murderer.

This is why Trump intensely hates the free press. He does not want anything investigated (like Russia’s involvement) or the Khashoggi brutal murder. Or his own personal affairs (which he keeps going to court over). And why he’s angry at the media for daring to ask him pointed questions. He’s constantly lashing out at his supposed “enemies”, which is really the checks and balances that are supposed to ask the hard questions, investigate and resolve troubling issues. But Trump absolutely hates that, because the man is a narcissistic liar and a thug, among other things.

This is why Trump admires Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea. All three are governed by strong men and commit murder with impunity. It’s no secret that Trump wishes he had this power himself, and if we are not very, very careful, he’ll get it – and act upon it, right here in this country. We are very close to a full blown dictatorship in this country. Trump has attacked virtually EVERY institution we have, law enforcement, the military, the judicial system, the media, medical care, the environment, business, industry – nothing has passed his scorn, ridicule and venting.

According to this clown, he’s the smartest guy on the planet and he constantly reminds us that this is a false fact. Except it’s not even remotely true, he’s one of the very worst presidents this country has ever been saddled with. And he’s been cozily snuggling up to dictators since taking office. Now, he’s pretending he doesn’t know that Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman isn’t involved, didn’t order the murder and can get away with this without repercussions. And there are those with the Republican party that are doing exactly the same thing – refusing to admit to the now public evidence of what happened. It’s an absolute travesty and a strong indictment of how ugly things are getting – in the United States of America.

I hope this is dealt with. For the sake of the victim and for the sake of the free world. Including the United States. If we turn a blind eye to this, then we are just as culpable. I’m aware that we’ve done this before, and our guilt for all those injustices is still with us, but this is the current news cycle and we need to be reminded that justice is being ignored again in a very, very big way.


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