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One thought on “Tuberculosis Flying High

  • December 30, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    I knew it. I ‘knew’ that XDR/MDR-TB would ‘land in’ America before 2007 was out (in actually, this is the second (known) ‘plane load’ carrying MDR-TB into the US).

    CDC is only looking for those people who sat within 2 rows of her – bah ha ha ha – dumb motherbushing gubbermint assholes – don’t they bushing know that the entire planes cabin-air is recirculated to the entire god damn motherbushing plane – HeyZeus fucking Crap. Think think slobber slobber rant rant. We can’t take fingernail clippers or baby formula or a ‘subversive’ book (etc) on a bushing plane but MDR-TB -or any other highly communicable disease – is just fine. Uh huh! Ha ha ha – we are SO bushing stupid we deserve to fucking die horribly – and the vast majority will – Even if by some fluke she hasn’t infected others on the plane, en route or ‘back home’, it’s only a matter of time before this strain(s?) of TB becomes pandemic – IMIO. South Africa reported last year that a million people (RSA citizens) had died of MDR-TB or in combination with HIV – last year alone. It’s already spread to Kenya, Uganda, and almost certainly everywhere in between. Just a matter of time before this highly contagious bacterium reaches a threshold growth/spread and acquires exponential momentum. NTM the ‘new’ strains of Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers (for example). I have always asserted and still maintain that ‘disease’ will kill off most of us – whether ‘natural’, ‘accidental’ (e.g. due to antibiotic misuse), or intentional (weaponized) – or a combination of all of the above. Unless of course Bushco initiates their long-sought preemptive nuclear Armageddon first. Glory glory hallelujah. Cough cough cough …

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