TSA chief: Body scan boycott would be mistake

The headline say’s it all — from the TSA’s point of view.  So far, they’re not backing down, but here’s a few pointers / tips / tricks that can be utilized:

From the article

“Just one or two recalcitrant passengers at an airport is all it takes to cause huge delays,” said Paul Ruden, a spokesman for the American Society of Travel Agents, which has warned its more than 8,000 members about delays resulting from the body-scanner boycott. “It doesn’t take much to mess things up anyway “especially if someone purposely tries to mess it up.”

Let me define “they” so you will understand what your fighting against.  They is the TSA and the airlines.  The airlines have “say” over who they use for their security.  The TSA has this charge for the time being.

To effectively put pressure on “they” — delaying flights, losing money and “mess things up” (words by the TSA himself) would be pretty easy to do.

The TSA “claims” that they are looking for bombs, weapons and that sort of thing.  You are suspected of having one in your underwear.  I am not being facetious here.

Instead of using bomb-sniffing dogs to simply walk up and down the lines (very efficient) they want to grope your private parts, search your bra and fondle your children (who are also suspected of having bombs in their underwear or diapers).

The entire notion of “making passengers safe” must be met with total scorn and disbelief. The threat of a terrorist attack on an airplane is virtually nil.  The right thing they (finally) did after much disagreement was to arm the pilots. Other then that, bomb-sniffing dogs are the only other thing they still need.  The rest of this fiasco is all about money.

Didn’t you know that Obama met with the CEO of OSI Systems?

Deepak Chopra, chairman and CEO of OSI Systems and no relation to the New Age spiritualist, was one of a number of CEOs who traveled with the president on his three-day trip to India, which focused primarily on expanding business ties between the US and the emerging Asian power.

That a manufacturer of body scanners accompanied the US president on a foreign trip shows the extent of the ties between the industry and the US government. With anger growing at the intrusive news screening procedures, many observers have focused attention on Michael Chertoff, the former Homeland Security secretary whose consultancy, the Chertoff Group, counts OSI as a client.

Your country and its leaders have betrayed you.  I have always said, “follow the money”.  The men and woman appointed over the Fatherland look like something right out of Nazi Germany.  By design?  I have no idea. What is more important and relevant is what they are trying to do here in the Homeland.

So what have they done?  More appropriately, what have they not done?  They have not respected your rights, or your freedoms, and they declare that travel, all forms of travel, is only a privilege.

The [DHS] OIG doesn’t consider the statutory, Constitutional, and international treaty-law right to travel, referring at one point to €œthe privilege of boarding an aircraft€

This defies of course, common sense.  By arbitrarily declaring this mode of travel as a privilege, they have opened Pandora Box to all forms of travel as a “privilege”, something that has been building in case law for a long time.  Wait, watch and see if you do not believe this.  They’ve already compiled secret government list with over 2 million names on them.

Every government that has imposed totalitarian rules told its populace that it was doing so to “uphold freedom” or “improve the security of the homeland” or “root out terrorists and subversives.”  These ends do not justify unconstitutional means.  We uphold freedom by exercising it €“ not by restricting it.  Papers Please

Few really believe that we have already lost this country. I have long wondered exactly what it would take to demonstrate this fact.  Our so-called “line in the sand” has been pushed back countless of times.  We are in full-retreat, effectively and tactically it has been a rout.

My question for the day is will this go on forever?


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