‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

An interesting read (pdf file): ‘Trust no one’: Modernization, paranoia and conspiracy culture

There are quite a few people who could learn something from this – or not. The problem is confirmation bias – people who subscribe to connedspiracy will only seek out what validates their bias, i.e., they do not want to actually learn anything new – certainly not anything that might confound or confuse their particular bias.

I have a lot of experience with this. Discarding false ‘truths’ and false belief systems was a necessary and at many times, painful process. Right now, America is undergoing internal strife and divisions precisely because of the many connedspiracies that have become mainstream acceptance.

They’re not all wrong – but many of them are. What I find interesting however is how none can be effectively challenged, no matter what the evidence actually reveals as the real truth. Religion is particular is one of them, it’s actually a gigantic connedspiracy that has taken hold of billions of people. History does not support the claims (the actual facts, what really happened), but the stories that surround the false historical narrative remain firmly believed.

Anybody who is so inclined can do the research on what really happened and what is really true by simply reading the published research. It doesn’t take that long to discover that many cherished beliefs (‘confirmation bias’) will be severely challenged. Honesty dictates an essential change – but that’s right where the rubber meets the soul, there are not that many honest people around. You see this everywhere – people will constantly lie, cheat, deceive their own selves and their true thoughts and intentions.

A good example would that stupid idiot in office. Trump will make a pronouncement, as he has many times, and the deny he ever said that. Moreover, he is very adept at using situational politics to convince a segment of so-called supporters and then switch his position after achieving what he wants. People practice this sort of dishonesty too, all of the time. I’ve absolutely lost count of the betrayals, lies, thefts and cheats I’ve had to deal with, I’m sure it numbers in the thousands now. I keep my distance now to retain my sanity.

You can’t grow and mature, ie., “wise up” if you don’t engage in learning. This represents a dangerous area for people who are committed to their connedspiracies. It uproots lives, destroys careers and causes divorce. The list is nearly endless, but in the end, after the disruptions that will most certainly come, is the change that is so utterly necessary.

On a personal note – I came out the ‘other side’, having endured most of the above. I am not longer easily connedvinced of connedspiracy theories – and deeply distrust those that embrace them, and particularly those that foster and promote them. I already know that they are very likely, at 99.99% levels likely – to be complete frauds. Their motivations are often easily discerned – money, recognition and influence. I don’t let anyone influence me anymore, I’ve learned enough to both avoid this and not be so careless with my life and conduct to allow it to happen. I am my own man in other words, quite capable of making up my own mind and determining the real value of truth and what it actually is.


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