Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun

For my American readers, the Atlantic has an interesting article on the subversion of American democracy and how the next coup has already begun.

I’ve read quite a few similar articles and they all contain the same theme: Political leaders are betraying their country, defenders are almost entirely asleep and do not realize what is coming, the next election will almost certainly be the first true stolen election, and widespread violence (civil war) is almost certain to happen.

Egged on by propaganda and deception, the January 6th insurrectionists are sore losers, still quite angry that they lost the White House, and even more determined then ever to get it back. Most of the media press has been focused on this crowd of delusional fools but not on the political leadership that is paving the way for an even worse outcome in 2024. They are actively suppressing and organizing voting rights, access and efforts to ensure a Trump outcome in 2024 – no matter what.

The sheer scale of this attack is absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve still struggled with why any American would actually choose to support such a creep and fraud like Trump on anything, but he’s become the Messiah to a growing crowd of fascist and race-hating Americans that are willing to toss the US Constitution into the trash and claim victory by any means, including widespread violence.

I admit to having a hard time calling such people “Americans” at all, because such thoughts and ideologies are treasonous, seditious and very dangerous to everyone – even themselves. I’ve zero doubt that they will get whatever the hell it is that they think they want. Trump betrayed everyone, even his own loyal followers, and will most certainly do so again and again. Trump only serves himself and rewards unwavering loyalty as the only criteria to receive his faux praise.

These are the characteristics of a fascist would-be dictator that respects virtually nothing but himself, the rule of law and the US Constitution are just empty words that do not apply. Trump will utterly discard the Constitution in his insane quest to retain power and THAT is the real danger here. The United States and the rule of law as governed by our founding documents (including the Bill of Rights) will be forever gone.

This is to say nothing of the millions of dead, injured, wounded and imprisoned that would follow Trump’s desired “purge” of non-loyalists and opposers to his maniacal reign. There are a great many people in this country just aching for such a turnout. In their minds, they have already betrayed their citizenship and prior Oaths as defenders of the Constitution. A new king is to be appointed, defended and even died for and his name is Donald J. Trump.

Biblically speaking (I was in the ministry) this fits right in pretty well with the description of the Antichrist which I’m sure others who are still religious are certain to notice. But the great falling away of true faith and the deception promised to even the ‘very elect’ is already here, as is the ‘deadly head wound’ that was inflicted. If the scriptures were to be taken seriously, then a terrifying outbreak of extreme violence and death is about to befall this country and most of the world. I don’t put any stock into biblical ‘predictions’ or prophesy, but others do and this should serve as a warning that the dreaded Antichrist is most definitely here and his name is Donald J. Trump.

Back in the real world, Americans would do well to anticipate and prepare for the conflict that is coming.


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4 thoughts on “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun

  • December 8, 2021 at 10:47 am

    There are toxic people everywhere, and many of them end up in positions of power, where they increase the level of toxicity of our environment whilst enriching themselves. We have such a leader in NZ, in the form of Jacinda Adern -proponent of globalism, industrialism and toxic living arrangements that are predicated on ruining the habitability of the Earth while transferring digital wealth to banks, corporations and opportunists. Like most so-called leaders, she is a total fake.

    I see there is great concern (not amongst politicians of course) over the build-up of plastic wastes in soils (industrial humans have already wrecked the oceans) and the potentially devastating long term consequences for life on Earth.

    ‘Microplastics cause damage to human cells in the laboratory at the levels known to be eaten by people via their food, a study has found.

    The harm included cell death and allergic reactions and the research is the first to show this happens at levels relevant to human exposure. However, the health impact to the human body is uncertain because it is not known how long microplastics remain in the body before being excreted.

    Microplastics pollution has contaminated the entire planet, from the summit of Mount Everest to the deepest oceans. People were already known to consume the tiny particles via food and water as well as breathing them in.’

    Microplastics cause damage to human cells, study shows | Plastics | The Guardian



    • December 8, 2021 at 10:57 am

      That ‘concern’ is mostly phony imo. We’re all stuck riding this monstrosity into the ground and dying right alongside of it. Or being ground to pieces because of it (same thing).

      I’m taking a break for screwing around online. We know it’s bad, it’s very bad and it’s only going to get worse. The vast majority of us are completely powerless to do anything about it even if we lie to ourselves that we have a voice (we really don’t). Our very existence contributes to the problem of our impotency, and our pollution / contribution / consumption / overpopulation / etc. etc. etc. We are trapped to a sinking ship now, all of us, only the deluded think otherwise.

      Humanity is doomed to die. That rich-selfish-asshole-motherfucker Musk is now telling people to have more babies otherwise humanity is “doomed”. What a stupid asshole he is. He’s a racist prick, greedy as fuck, ignorant to the bone and indifferent to the suffering he’s inflicted and the deaths he causes through his massive contribution to global warming (and who knows what else). His vision of the future is warped, unrealistic and unachievable. He doesn’t care, he’d rather strip mine the planet raw (and the Asteroid belt) while achieving his own personal wet-dream. Now he wants us all to fuck more and breed like rabbits, guaranteeing a steady line of ‘customers’ and slaves for his factories. What a ignorant dick.

      We are so damned far into overshoot / over-consumption now that we are guaranteed to fail on this point alone. Afghanistan is now facing deadly famine and the starvation of 22 million people this winter, tiny little kids are literally dying of hunger as the US squeezes the country with sanctions over the Taliban. There is no solution to this except compassion, letting the innocent die over the whims and hatred of governments.

      It’s a SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP WORLD we inhabit.

      • December 8, 2021 at 4:02 pm

        And the ‘solution’ offered by the sociopaths who are in control is nearly always the same: even more of what wrecked everything in the first place.

        The good news is that birth rates in many nations are plummeting, and some nations, such as Japan, have falling populations. Fewer people = less suffering in the present and in the future.



        • December 8, 2021 at 4:07 pm

          It’s pathetic, their solutions are anything but, it’s just more of the same, rebranded to fool people into acceptance. Personally, I think it is painfully clear they have no idea what they are doing and do not have any concept of what a solution actually would be. There is a categorical refusal to consider the root causes of why this is all happening. Root causes are never addressed, never considered, never even talked about. So the perpetual motion machine of endless rape, pillage and destruction is maintained at all costs under new catchy names and branding. Nothing changes. Nothing will change under this ridiculous worldview which will doom the entire planet and all of the life within it.

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