Trump States Suffer Most – Poetic Justice?

In a interesting twist of ‘fate’ (if you can call man-made climate change such a thing), the Trump states will suffer the most under a warming world:

There are a few takeaway messages. First, the color scale is not symmetric – that is the orange and red values represent pretty large economic losses whereas the green values are notably smaller economic benefits. Secondly, there are more regions that will lose than there are that will win. When interpreting an image like this, we have to be cognizant of the fact that more people live in the Southeast than in the central west.

In the absence of major efforts to reduce emissions and strengthen resilience, the Gulf Coast will take a massive hit. Its exposure to sea-level rise – made worse by potentially stronger hurricanes – poses a major risk to its communities. Increasingly extreme heat will drive up violent crime, slow down workers, amp up air conditioning costs, and threaten people’s lives.

Unmitigated climate change will be very expensive for huge regions of the United States. If we continue on the current path, our analysis indicates it may result in the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the country’s history.

In fact, the authors calculate that the end-of-century temperatures will lead to costs on par with the Great Recession (a recession that will be permanent). New study finds that climate change costs will hit Trump country hardest

Is this poetic justice for inflicting America with the worst, dumbest, most arrogant, bigoted, racist, ignorant, science-denial President ever?

I strongly suspect that this study – like all others – is under reporting the real, true effects and costs. And whadda you know… I already found the evidence. The study is based only on the biased “business as usual” estimates which are grossly underestimating the real, true effects if nothing is done. Sigh… the journalistic slop that gets passed off as ‘informative’ is grossly out of date on this matter.

Virtually every food producing region in the country (and the world) is going to be hugely affected. Certainly not news here.

Here’s a current and decent article on why the Sun has had no influence on the current measured warming of the Earth.


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