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Robert Scribbler always has good articles to read, sometimes more then one per day. Climate events are happening so fast now that a team of writers is needed to keep up with the events.

A World in Hot Water sees Floods, Floods Everywhere

If you can’t spend the time on the words (and many good links), then watch this short video:

A record low ice has just been recorded for the Arctic – in January, courtesy of that nice blast of hot air and rain that fell on the North Pole and surrounding regions. This means that this summer’s season ice-low is probably also going to be record setting. Scientists don’t like to make too many predictions, I suppose it might affect their careers if they did, but I think 2016 is going to be hot as hell, extremely low to virtually zero summer sea ice in the Arctic and some super-big-and-bad storms, tornadoes and hail – the kind that flatten and destroy things.

This comment is succinct and says so much (Andy in SD):

The mass die offs in the East Pacific over the past decade, when listed and viewed is nothing less than a trip up the food chain. It began with plankton, went past shell fish, bottom feeders, seal etc… You can literally view the food chain represented in mass die offs over the space of roughly a decade.

The same is occurring in many locales and regions. Entire food chain collapses within environments are becoming far too common.

Humans still don’t get it. They just can’t make the essential connections that when they starve, we starve.

I spent a long afternoon in the doctor’s office, ‘forced’ to listen to the only program on television hosted by Ellen Degeneres and Jlo.  This is what passes for entertainment these days? Meanwhile, the people around me had their noses buried into cellphone screens, tapping away, oblivious to the world around them. Yesterday it was 7 degrees. Today is was almost 40. Nobody understands this significance. Nobody cares.

Modern humans are totally divorced from reality now. The more ‘advanced’ the society is – the worse the condition. My diagnosis is that this disease is fatal, there is no cure. We don’t even recognize reality now. By the chatter I heard in offices, stores and checkout lines these past few weeks, I’m certain of it. It’s clear why we cannot reach a majority of people now.

One dude is trying – Professor warns students: Planet on verge of global apocalypse due to human activity but I don’t suppose it’s working much – because after all these years, I see little evidence.

To quote Ryan in New England: “Our society has collectively gone completely insane. The only thing nearly everybody cares about is being able to consume more. That’s it. They’re oblivious to any of our many serious problems, and have absolutely no interest in learning about anything. I too spent my holiday in the company of “educated liberals”, who I couldn’t engage in a serious conversation about climate change, even though at Christmas it was so warm we had the windows open. The masses have been brainwashed to only care about trivial nonsense like sports, TV shows and what celebrities are doing. Meanwhile they can’t name a single U.S. Senator, don’t have a clue about our economic policies or why they can’t make ends meet, and probably couldn’t find a country other than the U.S. on a map. A sad, sad state of affairs.”

This “present set of living arrangements” seems to be somehow sacred, untouchable, inviolate and beyond our comprehension to change. That’s what this article is really about – and hints just a little at what I wrote in the comments in the Hansen Carbon Tax idea. But boy oh boy… these ‘living arrangements’ are going to change in a super-massive way. I suspect in a very dramatic upheaval type of fashion too when it finally dawns on the herd that it’s too late. We are literally sleepwalking into the gas chambers now. We’re cheering on the idiots who fully intend to pull the switch (if they haven’t done it already and many of them have).

Our national ‘debate’ is a clown act filled with actors and idiots. It’s scary now, in a big, big way. I can’t even imagine what November is going to bring. But by then, we’ll have suffered through the worst heat in human history in this part of the world – if scientific predictions prove to be true. Which I think they will.

I’m no longer thinking “grandchildren” by the way because there won’t be any. It’s looking like the worst-case scenarios and decades-sooner-then-predicted are coming true.


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