Torjus’ Primitive Projects

I’ve becoming (if it were possible) even less enamored with modern living the more I learn and the older I get. This has led me to journey into new territories, such as primitive living skills and techniques, including some of the philosophy and ethics behind it.

I found this website, and was so impressed at the “documentary” style of practicing primitive living skills I added it to my favorite “Resources” links on the right-hand navigation bar. Torjus’ Primitive Projects is a site well worth reading.

The practical skills shown here are exactly the kind of skills that some of us will be needing. Whether you want to live a simpler, better life, or are making plans for a future where the modern world isn’t at your doorstep anymore (or available), these primitive living skills are well worth understanding and practicing.


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2 thoughts on “Torjus’ Primitive Projects

  • January 17, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    Pretty fascinating what he’s done. Here’s a guy whose gone out and did it. He’s also going to be teaching these skills this coming season.

    I read most of his website last night, a great deal of information and how-to’s on there.

    I’m a bit envious – I’d love to live the hunter / gatherer lifestyle. I’ve seen advertisments for tribes here in the States, but I don’t know their status and whether or not they worked out. But I have read a number of stories of individuals doing this on their own, some for decades.

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