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Here’s an example of one man who fought back:

In 1994, Henderson dispatched his girlfriend to the tax offices to submit an application for a NZ$65,000 (£23,723) rebate. Inappropriate comments were made to the girlfriend, and Henderson felt obliged to defend her honour. Result: a Kafka-esque twist in which the tax office audited his books and issued a claim for NZ$1m (£365,159). A four-year legal battle in the high courts followed, the claim was eventually overturned and Henderson received his original NZ$65,000 refund.

At which point, most people would probably be happy to retire to a quiet corner and lick their wounds, along with the insides of a couple of bottles of champagne. Revenge tasted sweeter to Henderson, however, so he bought the building, put his name over the door and evicted the tax department. He then set about raising the NZ$40m (£14,606,388) to develop the space into Hotel SO, and is now looking to roll out more in Auckland and possibly London and New York. So, really, we owe a debt of gratitude to the New Zealand inland revenue, the tax department that just likes to keep giving. New Zealander Fights Back

And here is another account of one who’s fighting back, but got slapped on the wrist for his efforts:

CAIRO, Nov 27 (Reuters) – The video-sharing Web site YouTube has suspended the account of a prominent Egyptian anti-torture activist who posted videos of what he said was brutal behaviour by some Egyptian policemen, the activist said.

Wael Abbas said close to 100 images he had sent to YouTube were no longer accessible, including clips depicting purported police brutality, voting irregularities and anti-government demonstrations. YouTube, owned by search engine giant Google Inc , did not respond to a written request for comment. A message on Abbas’s YouTube user page,, read: “This account is suspended.” Google Slaps Wrist

Here’s a weird one, reported in an Australian newspaper, but the case occurred in New York:

“Everyone is going to jail,” the judge said. “Every single person is gong to jail in this courtroom unless I get that instrument now. If anybody believes I’m kidding, ask some of the folks that have been here for a while. You are all going.”

When no one came forward, the judge ordered the group into custody and they were taken by police to the city jail, where they were searched and packed into crowded cells.

Fourteen people who could not post bail were shackled and bused to the county Jail, a 30-minute drive away. Judge Jails 46 People for Ringing Phone

I could post this stuff all day, everyday, is anybody besides me even aware or concerned about what is going on in this country and the sheer quantity of this type of malfeasance? Why are we even tolerating this kind of crap?

One purse was found just sitting on a display shelf in the shoe department at Macy’s. Another one turned up downstairs, in Macy’s Cellar. Yet another rested on a chair in a Midtown McDonald’s, left by a woman who had stepped into the restroom.

In fact, all three items had been planted by police officers in plainclothes during the previous six weeks. And the three people who picked them up were arrested, and now face indictment on charges that could land them in state prison.

Nine months ago, a similar police decoy program called Operation Lucky Bag was effectively shut down by prosecutors and judges who were concerned that it was sweeping up the civic-minded alongside those bent on larceny. Shopping bags, backpacks and purses were left around the subway system, then stealthily watched by undercover officers. They arrested anyone who took the items and walked past a police officer in uniform without reporting the discovery. Phony Sting Operations Ensnare Good Samaritan

Houston, Texas has solved the problem caused by a law that took effect in September forcing the city to split one-half of red light camera profit with the state. By citing motorists for turning right on red and installing twenty new cameras in high-volume locations, Houston is pocketing more money than it did before the profit limitation law kicked in.

Tickets mailed in September were worth $882,525 but jumped to $2 million in October as a result of the changes. Some $270,000 of the increase came from motorists who turned on red and about $950,000 came from the new locations. The Houston Police Department denied the changes were designed to make up for lost revenue. Houston Red Light Cameras Bring Record Profits

One more, but I’ll summarize, because the LA Times paper will bombard you with stupid ads:

The Glendale Fire Department sends a letter to the Collards to trim their trees, so they do, hiring a tree trimmer to do the job. They pay $3,000 for this service, and the tree trimmer tells them “no permit necessary”, having done this many times before. Meanwhile, the city forester spots the tree trimming activity, and issues a “cease and desist” order effective immediately. This eventually transpires into a $347,600 fine for trimming 13 trees (which resided on the Collards property). And it’s not the only case of this type, another person was fined $175,000 for cutting just two trees. Now, the Collards are hoping for a resolution to this fiasco and a fine of only “$10,000”. You can read it here if you like: Out On A Limb

These people are SHEEP! I’m not saying they deserve to be fleeced, but ‘cmon! I would NEVER consider even living where the city can dictate such absurdities. I’d be dumping the sawdust from my trees on their office desks!
And this important piece fits right in to my last blog entry on power, truth and life:

The mainstream media is dominated by a handful of mega corporations who control what many of us hear, read, and believe. The propaganda masters are censoring and suppressing the truth from the American people. There are many reporters who know the truth but dare not talk or write about it, and what some report they don’t even believe themselves. Those who are courageous enough to stand up to the establishment are often ridiculed, intimidated, and blocked by editors and producers who are acting as gatekeepers to the truth.

There have been calls for the arrests and even death of those who criticize the government. You know you have slipped into a fascist dictatorship when those who dissent are treated like traitors, terrorists, and enemies of the state. We are being brainwashed with all the propaganda that we are subjected to in our everyday lives in an effort to control our minds and shift us into massive groupthink. We are being told that we are spreading democracy around the world while our own freedoms are being systematically taken away. Fake News And Propaganda: Shaping Our Reality

And if you don’t think this is serious and do not understand yet where this is all headed, think again. Dissent is now terrorism.

THIS IS AN URGENT ACTION ALERT: (the following is from Restore the Republic’s Gary Franchi)
S 1959 “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007″³ must be stopped at all costs.
Pick up your phone today and contact your US Senator’s office to instruct them to vote “NO” on S.1959.
Click here for your Senators contact info:

Full PDF text if the bill:

If this bill is passed, and becomes law, your words and actions could be considered terrorism. S 1959 EVISCERATES FREE SPEECH, and empowers the govt. to declare ANYTHING they deem an “extremist belief system”, instantly make you a terrorist, resulting in stripping of US citizenship, torture, and/or execution, with no habeas corpus rights, no ability to challenge even in the US Supreme Court.

Contact your Senator and let them know they will be looking for another job if they vote yes on this bill, which is now introduced into the Senate as S.1959 THIS BILL **MUST NOT** BECOME LAW, PERIOD.


Call if you want, but the path ahead is clear as day. Dissent already IS terrorism, we’re just witnessing the nailing of the coffin now. “Get up off your knees!”


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5 thoughts on “Today’s Headlies

  • November 28, 2007 at 3:15 pm
    You make valid points that contradict what I believe,but I see growing none the less. The world is changing into a place that I cannot accept,and will not accept me. This old dog needs to learn some new tricks. I allways do something even if it’s wrong. There must be more to done than just personal preparation. If not how does one accept this helplessness? As it stands now I expect that me and my thoughts will be swept away by the “New World Order”. I see the futilty of things.but see no other option than to fight to the end and try to make your last stand count. Is there another way?
  • November 28, 2007 at 3:36 pm
    LIfe is a sexually transmitted terminal disease. Now, that’s what I call “futility”. The ‘good news’ is ‘no mater what happens, you got fucked.

    The most addictive substance is free-oxygen (O2)
    One breath and you’re hooked for life.

    Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly, serenely Be fully aware of self in context (spacetime unfolding)

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~ Wm. Shakespeare (Hamlet)

    – to the last breath.

  • November 28, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    I’m having Internet problems (again), so if I drop out, this is most probably why. This is happening with alarming frequency.

    What is at issue (imo) is what we fight, how we fight and what we expect to accomplish. Some are advocating we shouldn’t fight back at all, already conceding total defeat. I won’t go there, since I believe that this is absolutely ludicrous (all of life is a struggle, nature itself teaches us that).

    You are helpless only when you accept that you are. The “discipline of the mind” and mental attitude and other similar points I’ve tried to raise on this blog deal with this issue.

    What I’m seeing, what we’re all seeing is a “mental helplessness” that accepts the lie that we are already defeated. This is total bullshit. Proof of this is out there, everywhere and why they are enacting new laws and legislation to “convince” you of that alleged “fact”.

    We are not helpless, but we have to realize several important truths.

    A) the existing system is irrevocably broken;

    B) fixing it isn’t an option, nor even desirable when you realize that it needs to collapse anyway;

    C) we are not as constrained when we realize this, because we are not trying to repair anything;

    D) all the energy and effort and time and money now being spent to “involve” the citizenry and make “repairs” is doomed to fail (ie., power caters to power);

    E) collapse is the only mechanism that is powerful enough to cause / create this failure (most likely), although there are a few other mechanisms that could do so (such as war);

    F) preparing yourself to live through this period is just one part of what has to be done. This blog has long concentrated on this portion, but I won’t always be writing about preparing for the collapse, there is much more to be done then just that, such as learning how to defend yourself against the tyranny that is already here and soon to worsen;

    G) somewhere, on the other side of all this, will be the rebuilding necessary, but it’s not now, because this is really at odds with life itself.

    The latter point is where many seem to stumble. There is no point in propping up a civilization that enslaves its citizens. You yourself “know” this. Let is collapse, because it should. It needs to. It’s the only “hope” there is.

    A civilization that continues to abuse, deprave, destroy and enslave its people and the planet is not worth “saving”. Those that are doing this are only saving it for the power brokers. They “think” they are saving it for themselves. They’re not.

    Collapse will be empowering to many people, something I’ve yet to articulate on the blog. Think about it and you can imagine what I mean.

    This ties into my point above, we are not helpless, far from it. We will become more powerful because we will have “less to lose” (having already lost it). This is also a frame of mind, a reference point that says, “I don’t care what happens to me anymore, but I’m not going to take any more this $#%*#! lying down!”.

    Another way to look at this is a caged animal. When there is only one way out, they will take it, overrunning you in the process.

    Our cage is tightening up, day by day. That is perfectly obvious and clear as day. But it won’t work. It will trigger a backlash. At the same time, collapse will be ongoing, along with everything collapse signifies, energy depletion, food shortages, transportation restrictions, economic collapse, climate collapse, etc.,.

    Bear in mind, these forthcoming events will destroy all efforts of “repair” of the existing system. The system is going to collapse anyway, you might as well get the hell out of the way.

    Our way of life is OVER, kaput, done for. Reform isn’t desirable or even possible anymore.

    You will need to pick your own battles carefully, because you will be in defense of your life while all this is going on.

    The idea is to survive this if you can, and rebuild something better then what we have today, something that our children can inherit and live by. Nobody knows if this is even possible, since collapse is coming from a dozen, two dozen different directions. But we’ve got to try to survive anyway, this is not “defeat”, not yet, we’re still a long ways away from that time (if ever).

  • November 28, 2007 at 8:14 pm
    Thanks to both Lone Wolf and Admin. You’re insights have helped put things into perspective. It will take some time and thought for me to fully grasp and incorporate these ideas into my plan but I can see the logic of this line of thinking. Again THANKS
  • November 30, 2007 at 12:47 am
    I wa sa lawyer for a time and a half – and the Judge story is typical – had a firend hand-cuffed to the bench and jailed for talking back – the moral: Power corrupts and absolute power makes you mad.

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