Tis the Season

I don’t “do” Christmas, which is one reason why you’ll find me online on this “holiday”. I don’t do any holiday to be exact. I’ve never equated the gods of consumerism and consumption (which is what occurs on every holiday) as being a part of my worldview. I personally find the herd mentality of Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving rather ridiculous.

Let’s see, on “this” day (which strangely slides about sometimes according to convenience), we are “supposed” to celebrate something. What was it, exactly? The birth of Christ? The Resurrection? Our nations “independence”? However, on close inspection on any of these alleged “holidays”, guess what I find? Something else other then what I am supposed to know apparently.

On this particular holiday, Christ was most certainly not born. In fact, almost nothing about this day is provably true. But the consumer corporations would have you ignorant if they can help it. They started reminding us back in September as I recall, with pre-season “sales” on crap they were trying to unload on gullible people who should know better. You could always do like some people have started doing, they start getting in debt in July, or maybe even in January, taking advantage of the year end clearance and “after Xmas sales” to buy crap for the next celebration of lies and gluttony.

I didn’t want to ruin this for any of you, so I decided to wait. After all, it is your money and your debt. You make the bed you sleep in as they say. So enjoy it. Think of this as my stocking stuffer. A trite reminder of the endless gobbling up on the earth’s resources as represented by cut-down trees, gaudy baubles and trinkets, emblazoned with colorful lights and useless consumer junk piled around the base. Go ahead and over-stuff yourself on Christmas turkey or ham, swilled booze and arguments with your bleary-eyed inlaws. Enjoy it all – while it last.

Yes, I pretty much despise the herd mentality and general acceptance of holidays, does it show? Because I believe deep down inside that we really are all better then this. Why do we fall for these consumer scams, year after year, instead of simply boycotting them and denouncing them for what they really are?

The corporations are desperate to get you to buy, anything and everything that they produce. They insist that “consumer demand” requires it, when the truth is exactly the opposite. They are force feeding the people beyond their normal capacity to consume with abandon. This is the season of mass delusion and media manipulation, a season for corpulent consumption of constant constipation. You’re consuming too much. Wake up and smell the outhouse.

And this happens like regular clockwork around the calender. Xmas, Valentines, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Veterans Day. Over and over again with eyes glazed asunder and pocketbooks in hand, the herd marches to the corporate drumbeat of “buy, buy, buy”. It is after all, on sale. What better time to “save” money.

How people can keep falling for this lie of “saving money” by spending it speaks volumes of their awareness of their plight. You are slaves people, destined to fatten yourselves at the corporate trough, and at expense of everyone and everything else including the planet you are rapidly destroying. You’re trudging in ever deepening circles, around the calendar of consumption and media manipulation, destined to lives of hardened arteries, consumer debt and callous indifference.

Does it matter? Damned right it does. While Americans are lying in their bloated stupor, the shock of their excesses and indifference hasn’t yet taken hold. Somewhere between that third helping of Christmas turkey and the pumpkin pie another twelve year old victim of the bogus “war on terror” dies. And during the night of inebriated semi-comatose sleep, another American bomb drops, destroying yet another family and another dream and an entire future.

Perhaps you’re dreams don’t include such things, but mine do. I dream of roadblocks and checkpoints, bombs and raids, gunfire and screaming people – in America. As the Bush Bootprint comes closer and closer here in America, my dreams are increasingly troubled by the gnawing knowledge that this is indeed, the goal of the global juggernaught. To destroy what really IS America, or what’s left of it.

But don’t let the ghost of Christmas excuse you from helping yourself to another helping of turkey. There’s always tomorrow to get righteously and belatedly indignant, right? Keep telling yourself that as you struggle to balance your checkbook and the bills come due and the crap you bought already lies broken (before New Years).

We’re better then this. I’m certain of it. We’re not consumers, we’re people and we don’t have to participate in this global scam of corporate consumption and consumer manipulation. Not yet. Not until Bush decrees it and issues an executive order and “renditions” the terrorist who decry the Christmas scam for what it really is. Or bombs the hell out of anyone who dares objects.

Here’s what I’d like to see. If you suddenly find your conscience, tomorrow morning when you unwrap your presents do this: Carefully set aside your gifts unopened and unused. Wait a few days for the crazed crowds to die down during the after Christmas sales and return everything. Take that money and respectfully give it back to the person who bought you that gift. Tell them to pay off their credit card debts (or any other debts that they have) and stop being a part of the consumer cycle. Explain to them why. Forswear all future participation in being a manipulated consumer (not just on holidays, but every day). Teach someone else why you did this (preferably on Christmas morning).

See? It isn’t enough to just complain, but put this into practice. Start making a difference today. Starting with you.


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