Tis The Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Mindless connedsumerism begins again. Probably the greatest story ever foisted on the people of the world.  Spend money you don’t have on things people don’t need. The beneficiaries are always the same. Corporate America just loves the season. Holy connedsumerism madness with sleigh bells jingling to planetary ruin.

They’ve even coined new terms for those that disagree with the annual insanity, Scrooge and Grinch. Every American child has seen the popular cartoons, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, essentially the required rites of passage for millions to graduate into the upper-echelons of mindless corporate connedsumerism.

And if that doesn’t do the trick, then endless religiosity should.  Nativity scenes of fanciful stories are also widely shown. Christmas!™ literally owns the story, lock, stock and barrel (pointed at your head) to the entire story, but it’s a point most often missed by the faithful. They’re too busy being ramped up with mega-wattage and power talks about “the season of Christ”. I didn’t realize Christ went shopping.

I waded through the crowds at Cabelas yesterday, looking for something I needed (a new jacket), but couldn’t find. I left empty handed in disgust. I should know better. This is the time of year when the zombies are bolder then ever.

Like most things Americant, Christmas if totally fake, and it’s about as fake as it gets. Christmas is about retail, with over a trillion dollars at stake. The level of programming, brainwashing and incessant advertising should indicate to the astute that they’re deadly serious about people taking a holiday from sanity. The dude in the red suit isn’t there to cheer you up, he’s there to fleece you down. He’s a popular guy, but not that popular.  Somehow they missed his entire story in the Good Book, so one must be careful about placing too much emphasis on fat men in red suits. I always preferred to eat the cookies myself anyway.

Santa is simply another delusional character society holds up as a role model for empty minds. The God of consumerism is the real creed, doctrine and faith – in the Almighty American Dollar. Rabid connedsumers now line up at least a week before Black Friday, which one useless idiot named “a family event”. Somehow, camping out on asphalt for a week in bitter cold and eating food from a thermos and taking “shifts” with your wife and kids doesn’t sound particularly “family” oriented to me.

The extreme levels which corporate and the connedsumed will go to foster this fake holiday gets more bizarre every year. I was in town the day they dragged the nations Christmas tree through the city streets. Stolen from prime habitat and robbed of life, this icon of national stupidity was trucked right through town to a crowd of cheering idiots. This scene was repeated for over 5,000 miles in other times to other idiots… Unbelievable.

The tree is now unrecognizable. Transported across the entire country from my home, bedecked in gleaming lights and gold, it’s now a former caricature of itself, magically transformed into an icon of something utterly alien. I much preferred it the way it was, where it was – where it belongs, not ‘gracing’ some fake cathedral of governmental power.

We worship absolutely stupid shit in this country but few seem to mind or care.  Easier to just go along and get along. Binge shopping is what it’s really all about. Being faithful to what your told versus what is true is always easier to do.

This is why the truth will never matter, about anything. It’s irrelevant to our connedsumer culture. It may be obvious, essential or even urgent, but it won’t make any difference in the end. We’re just going to go right on ignoring it like we’ve always done.

The consequences of ignorance and denial and the refusal to accept the facts, i.e., the truth are already before us. While the Day of Stupidity (the final reckoning) still remains ahead, our path to it does not. Happening every day and walked by millions of followers, this highway of hell is littered with our indifference and apathy, the bones of which are as white as the driven snow. We don’t care and we never will. The Almighty has spoken and it’s goes like this famous lyric:

Hark, the dollar the corporates sing,
Glory be to the newborn King!

The Almighty dollar is here to save,
Just keep believing that you’re a slave,

Don’t wake up and realize the truth,
You’re not going to escape the noose,

We will keep you all safe and warm,
If you just keep believing we were born,

We are the answer to all your needs,
Just say nothing about our greed,

We are the gods you really adore,
You can find us on the showroom floor,

Every model that can be conceived
Available to you for any need,

We make the environment and planet bleed,
All the more to create a need,

We have rights more than you,
Our bottom line is our due.

Do not resist our corporate control,
We own it all, don’t you know?

Why would you resist any of our will?
Aren’t we what you want even still?

Give up now and get along,
Now we can sing this silly song.

We are the happy ones now,
Fattened sheep and lazy cows.

Too careless and lazy to be concerned,
All the while the planet burns,

Future generations are now all lost,
But we didn’t care to count the cost,

Even now we refuse the truth,
So we entertain in our youth,

Spend your dollars in their store,
Worship the god that you adore,

Never remember the real cost,
Or that is all about to be lost,

Just go on living as your told,
Never wake up and learn to be bold,

Accept the lies that you are given,
Know the truth we are risen.

We are the gods you do proclaim,
Glory Be To Our Name.

A nation of morally bankrupt morons


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  • December 25, 2013 at 3:24 pm
    So very true !

    Thank you, for once again giving a voice to our wicked truths.

    As usual…spot-on and insightful.

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