Tin Foil Hattery

The US military is keenly aware of climate change and the risks associated, despite rampant interference and denial by the Trump Administration.

It’s occurred to me (putting on tin-foil hat) that the US government doesn’t want people to know what climate change actually means, and how it will drastically affect the American way of life. But this is useless speculation. The nefarious “plans to depopulate the world” aren’t at all what the connedspiracy idiots claim (and this very group denies climate change).

The obvious truth is actually this – We’ve got utter idiots in the Trump Administration and they’re the fools who want to pretend that climate change isn’t happening, and yet there are still responsible people who are in government that know that it is. Trump rarely reads anything he signs, so his signature on the National Defense Authorization Act doesn’t mean he secretly supports climate change – because EVERYTHING this fk’n monkey has done since that time (December 2017) shows how much he hates the environment and the people that actually want to protect it and do the right thing (for all of us).

As usual for this reckless Administration, there’s no “loyalty” here (to a lie and a disinformation campaign). Good. And with me now removing the tin-foil hat, and speaking matter-of-factually – their still playing catch-up on what catastrophic climate change will mean for the military and the nation.

While this isn’t anything new, it still makes me state the obvious again – You are on your own. YOU have to make your own plans, preparations and adaption strategies yourself. And those of you that do, will be slightly ahead of the curve when everyone else finally figures this out. Which they will, inevitably.

No, I am not suggestion that your adaption plans guarantee you anything – but you will be able to be far more comfortable and safer then those that keep ignoring this and the other group that says “Don’t bother”. They’ll suffer first, worst and the longest.

Oh, I guess I promised you some tin foil hattery – Infowars is claiming that Hurricane Lane was “split in half” by an energy beam from Antarctica. No link will be provided to this stupidity.


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