Time (already) To Find A Second Earth

The Living Planet report has been released, and it is already time to find another Earth that we can strip mine and pollute.

Carbon pollution and over-use of Earth’s natural resources have become so critical that, on current trends, we will need a second planet to meet our needs by 2030, the WWF said on Wednesday.  Time to find a second Earth

Using 2007 data — which you should note is woefully out of date to actual and current data sets and experiences all over the world — the World Wildlife report say’s that we are going to need a second Earth in just 20 years.

In 2007, humans were living at 50% more then sustainable levels.  And if everyone on the planet lived like the United States does (or did) — we would need no less the 4.5 more Earth’s.

I’ve no doubt that this is going to be widely ignored, if current trends are any indication on political willpower and public awareness.  You can download / view the entire report here.

I’ve said this time and time again in an endless series of posts and commentary — we are rapidly destroying the biosphere far beyond what is being currently grasped.  Cognitive dissonance rules and apathy and indifference support this dichotomy.

The constant updates of scientific assessments and analysis regarding the rapid depletion and destruction of the entire biosphere is accelerating so quickly and so rapidly (to put it redundantly I know, but I’m trying to emphasize this issue here) that we cannot keep up with the actual “state of the world”.

Stop thinking “retirement” (if you still are) and start thinking “survival”.  We’re literally living on the last dregs of the (irreplaceable) abundance this world once had.

If you stay abreast of the latest stories and reports, you can easily see how fast we are still destroying the biosphere for our exclusive, but temporary benefit.  Oceans collapsing, the world’s coral reefs collapsing, desertification, ocean acidification, acid rain, deforestation, polluted aquifers, depleted aquifers, flooding, drought, mountain top removal, agricultural collapse, infestations, melting permafrost, methane releases, melting glaciers and entire continents like Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctic, giant calving icebergs and ice flows, drowned islands and islanders, dried up mangrove swamps, rivers, streams, bulldozed forests and jungles, and massive, massive species extinctions all over the entire word — it is nearly and endless list that I’ve only briefly touched upon.

There is no inheritance of an “abundant Earth” for our kids, let alone our grand kids.  Our generation is going to hand off some of the most difficult survival conditions humankind has ever faced on this planet.  The news is full of daily stories just how bad it is getting, but we’re still hamstrung and superglue bound to our non-negotiable way of life.

I’m very pessimistic about all of this to be honest.  My own assessments on how willing we are to change are very dismal at best.  Way back I said that that last human survivor would be surrounded by empty cartridge cases and empty cans as he wipes out the last mammal (probably another human) in a desperate bid to “stay alive”.  I still see nothing to change that perspective.  We can read an endless series of reports and assessments, but it does little good.  We can take pictures and post videos and gain first hand evidence and knowledge, but this too does little real good.

We’re headed for catastrophe, and depending on where you presently live right now, it may have already happened.

If not, just wait a bit longer and it will.

There are solutions, but their big, bad and “ugly”, especially for Americans.  We don’t even like to talk about them, because they are too threatening to our current expectations and demands.  But we’re going to face this sooner or later, no matter what now.  No matter what.  Nothing is going to stop this issue of overshoot and depletion.  Not our desires, our wishes or in all honesty, even our “best intentions” and efforts.  Nothing is going to stop what lies ahead, because it is truly momentousness.

Ask those villagers that drowned in that toxic flood, or Katrina survivors, or the Pakistan refugees or any number of people all over the world that survived their personal collapse event.  Nothing could have stopped this once it was set in motion.  But these events are not isolated, they are intricately linked to our behavior on this planet and what we’ve set in motion, every single one of these events.  We are unable to stop even our activity, let alone these catastrophes.  So we must stop fooling ourselves each day, each hour and each minute that we “can”. NO WE CAN’T — BECAUSE WE WON’T.

We need to be honest — we do not have control over the way in which we live, or those who are ’empowered’ to provide for us — the global corporations and their political slaves.  We have no control whatsoever over these entities, who are rapidly destroying the planet ostentatiously for our exclusive benefit.   And some of us are more exclusive then others.

So get ready people, you are in for the ride of your life.  I’m not tossing in the towel, just telling like it really is.


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