Tide Of Lies

Two “important” reruns – how science has been consistently lying to us:

More Scientific Inaccuracies

Scientist Silencing Commentary

It’s clear (isn’t it?) that both of these posts are still 100% accurate. And so is this one: Contradictions Within Science

I’ve pointed out the fact that we cannot expect much leadership from government on how to manage climate change (mitigate or adapt) because they lack the desire to deal with the real truth. We’ve been badly let down by political leadership (globally). But you should also know that climate scientists are STILL failing in the same realm – they’re still not reporting the whole truth.

Nor have they yet banded together and formed a consortium of demands. Somewhere on this blog I wrote about Real Climate and the request I had made (years ago) for them to unify their voices and demands, and raise a global alarm. It went ignored, twice. Everything I try to get published is ignored. I’ve posted plenty of examples here:

More Scientific Inaccuracies (and deceptions)

Climate Dishonesty

Inside Story – Climate Change: Can Disaster Be Avoided?

Doomer Porn and Real “Fiction”

The False Narrative

In fact, I have so many of these articles here on this ridiculous ‘reticence’ that I’d have to dedicate several pages to their links. But the point is this: They’re still lying to us. Back when they should have told us the truth about how devastating rising temperatures would be, they didn’t. And back when they should have mobilized and acted, they didn’t.

Almost nobody will lay it out – what we are truly facing. I have – many times, but it doesn’t change a damned thing.

Climate scientists are still not reporting the whole truth. The truth means the end of civilization. And probably their jobs if they were to actually speak the truth, but what would a job matter when you’re going to lose an entire civilization? Peter Wadhams pointed this out: Scientists “too frightened” to tell the truth. There’s been a massive collective failure to speak up and report the whole truth when it was critically important.

Unfortunately, we’re still swimming in a tide of lies at this late hour. We’re not finding hope – just more lies.

Year after year I sit here and document the disturbing trend of dishonesty, disinterest and disbelief on issues that affect all of mankind. And get totally, utterly ignored. Even the readers here do not find it worthwhile to weigh in and make comments. The only support I’ve seen in many years all came from ‘foreigners’ (non-Americans). So I have to ask myself – why bother? Why keep writing at all? Why point out anything? Why even make the this effort? There is zero evidence that there is any benefit to anyone.

I don’t have that answer – until I look into the face of my grandson and bust out into tears. I care about him and his future, and the horrifying disaster we’ve left for all the children of the world. But I appear to be almost entirely alone with this compassion. Americans are too busy trying to hide behind a wall. Or distracted with the Stupid Bowl and who kneeled and who didn’t. Or some other such nonsense.

I’m trying – for him, and for my adult children. But you dear reader – gave up. You don’t support the voices that matter. Maybe the real threat is you.

Additional Reading (if you dare):

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3 thoughts on “Tide Of Lies

  • February 17, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    It’s sad that Paul Beckwith would edit your comments. I would have hoped that all climate scientists would allow for the expression of dissenting opinions and not edit them out. In your defense, you are not a climate denying troll (I could see editing those comments out) and your position is well taken. I agree with you the climate situation is probably hopeless and it’s infuriating that people who have a platform (like most climate scientists) are not screaming it from the street corners, roof tops, or anywhere they can. I’m afraid that at this point all we little people can do is hope someone of power listens.

  • February 17, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    If they didn’t think think of it, then it’s rejected. It’s been going on for years, also reported and noticed by several others. Pretty much all of the websites that cover the climate issue do this. Nobody “owns” the climate, or the climate discussion, or the climate ideas / solutions. I’d like to think everyone would be interested in whatever ideas and suggestions there are. But that’s not true. There are still stupid turf wars going on.

    Those in power have demonstrated their indifference and incompetence, for years and years. They’re bought and paid for by lobbyist and corporations and won’t permit effective action that might threaten corporate profits and control (imo). Therefore, no hope there, also imo.

    • February 18, 2019 at 5:09 am

      Additionally, you are not alone in your compassion. The only reason I pursue adaption/permaculture is for my children who “get it”. Sadly I have had to give up on my current grandchildren because that daughter is wilfully ignorant(as are most of the planet).
      Not many may post but some people read what you write and I for one appreciate it. Not sure if it will do any good or if we as humans are past our expiration date. Most of humanity is but some might make it. Who knows the exact course of the future. You are lighting a candle (metaphorically) and I will always think that is better than cursing the darkness (entropy being what it is that might be the ultimate fate of the universe?).
      Keep up the “faith”, keep writing.
      Thank you!

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