Thousands Killed, Millions Displaced in 2020 by Deadly Climate Change

Geneva, 26 October 2021 (WMO) – Extreme weather and climate change impacts across Asia in 2020 caused the loss of life of thousands of people, displaced millions of others and cost hundreds of billions of dollars, while wreaking a heavy toll on infrastructure and ecosystems. Sustainable development is threatened, with food and water insecurity, health risks and environmental degradation on the rise, according to a new multi-agency report coordinated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Weather and climate extremes in Asia killed thousands, displaced millions and cost billions in 2020

I read the other day that Newsmax is now bashing Fox News over finally admitting to dangerous climate change. Neither site will be promoted here with a link, but these faux news propaganda outlets still mislead millions of people in the empty mind space of rampant stupidity, while millions of real people in the real world are suffering from deadly climate change and its effects.

The above link deals with 2020, while we all know that 2021 was MUCH worse. Meanwhile, COP26 is about to happen and I’ve also read where there is no clear plan for actually doing anything to mitigate climate change. It’s just more “weak promises, not yet delivered“.

I am of course, not the least bit surprised as I have often pointed out that governments are beholden to money, special interests and business activity – none of which is actually suited for reducing human contributions to the root causes of anthropogenic climate change. Read the article for yourself – they’re guaranteeing death because these inept clowns lack the foresight, fortitude and political power to actually stop deadly heating.

How many humans recognize yet that a 2.7C rise puts us well past the biological thermal maximums that will continue to support life on Earth? This is definitely “still on track for climate catastrophe” and MORE proof that government, science, industry and business has FAILED us all. These people and institutions are driving the habitability of the planet to total extinction.

Like my complaint a few days back about Saudi Arabia promising “net zero” bullshit by 2060 long after we are all DEAD from excessive temperatures, the level of propaganda and bullshit about what “leadership” is doing and what they claim will be done has reached a ridiculous crescendo of pure noise. It’s all meaningless bullshit. We’re already causing the suffering of millions of people but can’t seem to find it within our purview to actually STOP doing what is causing this. And even if we did – we’re still guaranteed to see deadly levels of warming.

The disingenuous LIES that keep being emitted from science publications, news articles and well-meaning sources are encouraging the world leaders to NOT act decisively even if they could. Here is another example: The Carbon Takeback: Affordable Policy That Could Stop Fossil Fuels From Causing Global Warming

Multiple lies, dishonesty and deceptions are found within this example. Fossil fuels will NEVER stop causing global warming if consumed, so the headlie is the first thing to toss out as truth.

The article supposes that a escalating scale of assumed 100% carbon capture would achieve “net zero”. This will never happen in the real world and is simply a paper exercise that has no bearing on reality. Nobody ever considers that the energy produced and consumed by burning fossil fuels also powers and consumes more energy elsewhere – which also produces emissions. Even IF 100% of the emissions were captured at an oil refinery, this has no bearing whatsoever on the emissions being produced after that fuel is delivered and consumed somewhere else. Moreover, it is mathematically impossible to determine “how” and where and even when that consumption elsewhere takes place. There is simply no way to calculate the emissions this too will create, thus making the “net zero” claims nothing but fabricated bullshit.

carbon dioxide capture and geological storage has proven to be extremely technologically challenging, very expensive and with little adoption. It’s not the answer either, and would ONLY capture “source emissions” but none of the downstream emissions caused by consumption of fossil fuels – which by themselves are quite enormous. A $1000 per ton would simply not be enough and would ignore all the other waste emissions being created.

This is how they are foisting net-zero bullshit upon unsuspecting consumers, industry and policymakers. There is no such thing. They cannot, will not capture all the emissions from the consumption of fossil fuel, which will always produce a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Their paper exercise(s) have no basis in reality. In the physical world where we all live, work, eat and breath, fossil fuel consumption means emissions, and emissions means more heat-trapping gasses will be added to the atmosphere. They cannot capture it all, or even correctly calculate it all when all of the downstream inputs, consumption and emissions are included.

2021 proved to be a deadly year and when we “get the results” next year or soon after, it will prove to be worse the 2020. Meanwhile global leaders will preen and prance and pretend their addressing the problem while still promoting an insane energy policy world-wide. Endless growth and consumption will also still be promoted. Fossil fuel extraction and consumption will still drive civilization. Plans to switch to ‘renewables’ and hide their fossil fuel footprint will be promoted. Endless lies, deceit and distractions will make those who don’t understand the complexities of what “reduced emissions” actually mean, or what “net zero” actually means will continue to fool billions of people – and some who should decidedly know better but still don’t (or won’t).

I can’t be a part of this bullshit. They are miserably failing us all. I know what it means to heat up the world dangerously – you should too, and everything that they are doing, everything that they are promoting, everything that they are claiming is going to heat up the planet beyond survivability while lying through their teeth about it all.

It’s a slow-moving catastrophic disaster of unprecedented proportions and it will lead to our extinction and most life on Earth. They are not listening to the FACTS and insist that we can perpetuate this insane paradigm of energy consumption, growth and greed to the very end. They’re WRONG.

There is a significant deficit of ‘ecological integrity’ in contemporary climate change governance, defined as explicit recognition of the mismatch between rhetoric, intentions and actions. This deficit is not unique to climate governance: we live in an age of bullshit (indifference to the truth). Philosopher Harry Frankfurt (On bullshit, 2005, Princeton University Press) identifies this as ‘one of the most salient features of our culture’. In this article, I argue that the concept captures the inconsistencies we observe in global climate governance. I begin by conceptualizing it and identifying the various forms it can take. I then provide an overview of the past three decades of global climate governance, before analysing illustrative examples of bullshit. I conclude by proposing reforms to the climate regime’s accountability arrangements to enhance the integrity and limit the harmful effects of bullshit in global climate governance.

Reforming global climate governance in an age of bullshit




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