This Is What Collapse Looks Like

I am going to refrain from commenting much for a time on several newsworthy issues, including the ongoing ‘bailout’ fiasco (which should probably be called the Great Handout), Obama’s selection and betrayal, mounting job losses and manufacturing shutdowns, more combat troops in America and the rising police state, and even the terrifying environmental collapse accelerations.

Because …. This is what collapse looks like. Bad news of epic proportions, and panicked, bumbling ‘leaders’ doing all the wrong things and making things worse.

A few point here.

a) We correctly assume that our leaders cannot fix what they do not understand. Their pronouncements and promises are simply meant to stem the rising tide of panic and nothing else;

b) Politicians are not real leaders anyway, look at the examples they set. They are simply policy and law makers. This very often does not translate into good government, or even changed direction. They’re embroiled deeper then anyone in the forward momentum and inertia of our world, nor do they have any real interest in slowing this down in meaningful ways or making real direction changes.

c) Both a) and b) mean that nothing good will be forthcoming from anybody within politics. Their own vested interests would prevent them from meaningful changes (do the right thing).

d) The global collapse will progress with or without their ‘intervention’, which can only make things worse anyway. Human intervention is not even required at this stage because we are stubbornly refusing to change the paradigm.

e) We might as well be talking about an alien species when we consider the intents, direction and abilities of politicians to actually ‘help us’. They are not one of us and are so far removed from the practical world as to be aliens among us.

f) We can only help ourselves. To do so, we must concentrate on the issues that are affecting each of us personally. We are our own rescue plan in other words, and we must work on this daily. The rest of the issues are entirely outside of our control and influence.

I’ve personally spent thousands of hours here on the blog, time which I am certain could have been spent more effectively elsewhere. It’s entertaining to read and write about the happenings of our world, but it’s not changing your outcome.

I’m 100% convinced that of the many different activist groups in America today (thousands) not one of them is going to change to effectively change anything, but for specific reasons (failure to act decisively). Therefore, none of these groups are going to change outcomes either.

There is no more time to piddle around, not in government, not in politics, not in activism, not in anything because global collapse is accelerating from a multitude of factors, making any and all efforts of “fixing” anything utterly irrelevant.

My daily news intake continually reinforces this understanding within me, but I am no longer willing to expend the effort to attempt to reinforce this within anyone else.

I also think it’s just not a good idea anymore. This blog has drawn unwarranted attention from undesirable persons and parties. All blogs and forums like this do. But more importantly, I can no longer see any reason to warn the sheep. It is now counterproductive.

The “die off” that many, including here, have expressed is very real. This is certainly without question in my mind. It’s not even remotely possible to save everyone, or even try to save everyone. It is not even desirable either.

I am constantly bombarded with “bad” people. Arrogance, impatience, demanding, insistent, ignorant and willfully stupid. Most of this stems from their growing sense of panic and simple ignorance, both which can be forgiven and rectified (if there’s time). But it does require sincere, dedicated effort to deal with. This too is what collapse looks like by the way, the “ugly” coming out in people because their foundation is being eroded out from underneath them.

It’s time to withdraw from all efforts to save everyone else. As terrible as this sounds, the context here must be understood. The baggage we all bring to any situation must be discarded, or risk being discarded yourself. Either get with the program or simply get off the boat.

Postponing collapse to try and save something else is no longer desirable either. The solution IS the collapse and always was, it is the only answer that will go deep enough. Activist that want to accelerate the collapse have the right idea, but they still are failing to act decisively.

This is probably true of most collapse watchers too, we’re not acting as decisively as we should. We are easily distracted, this is one thing that we probably can change.

This blog entry means I’m changing directions here. I have had $250 minimum orders for food for some time now, because I can only dedicate my time to helping those who can be serious about their preparations. This will remain in effect. But I know full well the day is coming soon, probably in 2009 where decisions will have to be made on who is permitted to order and who is not.

The nationalization of assets is already underway as I predicted. I expect this to accelerate, including rationing of essential commodities. This too is what collapse looks like. It is a logical response to a depleted world. It will do no good to rail against it, if you intend to act, then act decisively with measures that count.

I would like to see the blog focus on the practical measures from here on out. The news is generally irrelevant in other words, we’re all going to have to respond or cope with these events irregardless. Therefore, I personally don’t expect to rant against much anymore as this is just a waste of my time, and probably yours.

In effect, collapse looks like contraction. What I have described above in the preceding paragraphs is also exactly that also. Prioritizing and contracting, focusing in on what can be done rather then railing about what should be done.

None of us it seems can afford to assume the best, only the worst. And we don’t have the time anymore to rail on about what should be done either. We need to move on in my opinion, these are all events and circumstances we cannot hope to influence anyway, so we are wasting our valuable time.

Only decisive, concerted and dedicated actions are worth perusing now. I will not attempt to define this for you, because this is individually relative to each of you.


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4 thoughts on “This Is What Collapse Looks Like

  • December 2, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Another good entry by Admin and I agree with his comments. I have tried to communicate the ugency of the situation with my immediate family but have had little or no impact. At least my wife is on board with me and supports what I am trying to accomplish. In the last year a lot of my time and money has gone towards preparing for what is about to happen, although one can never be fully prepared I will least put up a fight when the time comes. Every week I try to do a little more, learn a little more. It is very hard to prepare full time with one foot tied to the present machine and the other trying to live in a different way. With winter starting to hit the mountains my preperations will become harder to accomplish but I can now only wait for spring to continue in earnest.

  • December 2, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    Excellent words, and finally you are “verbalizing” your transformation from your Paul Revere role to something more dedicated and necessary to your own survival.

    We’ve all benefited from the warnings, but as you know you’ve been for the most part preaching to the choir, and it has not gone unappreciated.

    I’ll loudly second your warning that we must each work at this DAILY. That cannot be emphasized enough.

    In spite of not feeling desparate or fearful, I know there are many “things” I need but don’t yet have, many of which aren’t even expensive! It’s always been a matter of priorities and especially TIME, but now seeing that 2009 might be the turning point for all of humanity, thanks for this clarion call, and thanks for all your time and effort spent gathering info. and writing.

  • December 3, 2008 at 8:16 am

    I am turning away from struggling with politicos. We have been having some moderate success fighting a local groundwater issue. County commissions in league with developers are mandating super expensive nitrate reducing septic systems that can cost up to $40,000 each. But, it is a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating fight.

    I just heard, though, that the local Grange is starting up again, and they want to organize a local Farmer’s Market. Now, that sounds like something that I could get behind that would really do some good. I’ve got a pretty extensive library of resource depletion books and DVD’s that I could lend to the effort to educate my neighbors on the virtues of localization of the food supply. Sounds like these folks would be up for it, without having to fight the Chamber of Commerce pie in the sky and head up the ass crowd. Anyway, I just thought I’d share that the Grange (for rural or semi-rural folks), rather than county politics might be the way to go to get something done that would be useful.



  • December 3, 2008 at 9:57 am

    That is an excellent suggestion. Local is all you can “do” anyway.

    Our community here has a rather pathetic farmers market, with just a few participating. Not sure why, the growing season here isn’t good.

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