Theater of The Absurd

I laid awake all night listening to the high winds shake the entire house. A massive storm has hit the West Coast of the United States and here, even inland, we are getting our fair share. Several inches of rain are expected, although my rain gauge broke so I can’t do an accurate check here.

Extreme waves are expected up and down the coastal region too, with waves topping 45 feet. No mention of climate change of course in the lame-stream news that I saw, they’re blaming this on the tail-end of a hurricane that swept across the Pacific.

(s)Election season 2016 has turned into the theatre of the absurd here in the States and I’ll offer my apology to all ‘foreign’ readers of this blog for not bothering to cover this in any real detail. My views on the (s)Election are unpopular here and anything I may say will never be correct in the minds of the mental midgets that I share this country with. The shit-slinging, finger-pointing, accusations by both candidates has shamed this entire country in my opinion. But as you might expect in any story, some of it is actually true.

But no matter, because none of this is going to make any difference in the end. Americans do not get competent, qualified candidates for high public office, we get hand-picked, groomed and pre-selected “winners” to “vote” for (except in the case of Trump). Trump has bullied his way to the podium in a desperate hope for (s)Election and it’s anybody’s guess here if he’ll make the cut or now. I honestly don’t know. It’s clear the media has selected the Whore Of Babylon as their preferred favorite as she represents the least change to the status-quo and war is always good for business.

Trump has managed to embarrass himself repeatedly, but would you believe that this doesn’t matter to millions? He points out (rightly) many of the faults with our system, but even at this late stage in the (s)Election, he can’t answer any question honestly, especially about himself. He constantly dances around every topic with distraction and bullshit which makes him in all reality, a lousy candidate.

This is the theater of the absurd here and it’s getting worse by the minute. Feel sorry for me and my fellow Americans if you dare. We’re stuck with these monsters of theater, these play-actors who pretend they’re qualified, ethical, interested in “us” and will deliver on a single campaign promise. Oh, they will, but not to you and me, it’ll be the same bullshit as usual to protect corporate America and vested interest.

It’s really hard for me to grasp how this all came about, that American (s)Elections could degenerate into such absurdities and outrageous behavior. It’s NEVER been this bad here as far back as I can remember. And it’s only getting worse now. Just today, as part of the endless distraction and deceit going on against Russia, the Obama Administration is claiming to be readying a “cyber attack” for Russia’s “interference with the election”. What utter bullshit this is. I’ve yet to see any credible evidence to back up any of these claims, but I’ve seen a shit-ton of propaganda spew forth from the Ministry of Propaganda.

When you consider that this advanced announcement of “attack” is self-defeating on its face, then you begin to realize how absurd American politics have become. The idiot-o-sphere of connedspiracy morons has jumped on board with the anti-Russia rhetoric too, in a big way. Since NONE of their past predictions came true, they’re always having to escalate the claims to gain renewed interest in their propaganda, so now it’s “nuclear war” is allegedly “imminent”. What utter bullshit this all is. These ass-hat “faketriots” are part of the propaganda movement to distract Americans from all the news and events that really do matter. Seriously? Nuclear war? I’m not that fucking stupid and so are my readers. If nuclear war is coming, we’re still a long ways away.

Seriously people, wake the fuck up to reality. Stop supporting these fucking idiots. They’re doing a LOT of damage to the minds of Americans and we need all the help we can get to shut them down.

Nuclear war “talk” is all the news here, even on mainstream websites and news channels. ABC, NBC, CNN, etc., all of which I will choose to IGNORE because these idiots have completely failed to do their homework. It’s downright shameful how American journalism has betrayed everyone, not just Americans. This country used to be respected. Not anymore.

So I spent the day cleaning up the wind damage, which wasn’t too hard. Found a leak in my shop roof and got that patched. The idiot that put the metal screws down managed to drive some of the screws in crooked. I found several like that. It reminds me of our politics and the theater of the absurd here. There was row after row of sheet metal screws all in a neat line, but if you look closely, several were installed wrong. That’s a good analogy of American politics, we’ve got our screwballs here for sure. They try to look normal, but look closely and you’ll uncover leaks in their facade.

None of this shit matters. We’re not (s)Electing a President anyway, nor will anything change in America. Alex Jones did another one of his fake-baby cry tantrums (which I can’t and won’t show here because I wish this creep dead) for those interested, this ass-hat needs to take acting lessons. His theater of the absurd is truly ridiculous and outrageous these days. He and all of his ilk will go absolutely ballistic no matter what happens on November 8th. They’ll have to generate a whole bunch of new connedspiracies for their brain-dead followers, so that’s something to look forward to.

None of the candidates are even seriously addressing any of the issues that actually matter to Americans and to the world. It’s all come down to distraction, bullshit and theater now. It’s embarrassing to me to think that a “super power” is this fucked up. Well, it is. This is the reality of America now, divided, distracted, disunited and disinterested in everything else. We’re imploding from within, but it’s not just because of political, media and government malfeasance, these four D’s are also deeply embedded now in the people themselves.

We seriously need a break from this shit.


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