The World In Meltdown

The eruptions in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen are going to have devastating effects.  Mubarak’s dictatorship and long-standing rule of brutality and oppression is going to come to an end.  Steve Lendeman and many others have written about the conditions in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

America has stupidly sided once again, with the dictator (for now).  Probably because they don’t have their own puppet waiting in the wings to replace Mubarak.

There are manifold problems in Egypt, the level of inequality and corruption there is mind-boggling.  But…. would you believe that this is actually WORSE in America?

Washington’s blog covers this — Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen

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From Washington’s Blog:

Gini Coefficients are like golf – the lower the score, the better (i.e. the more equality).

According to the CIA World Fact Book, the U.S. is ranked as the 42nd most unequal country in the world, with a Gini Coefficient of 45.

In contrast:

  • Tunisia is ranked the 62nd most unequal country, with a Gini Coefficient of 40.
  • Yemen is ranked 76th most unequal, with a Gini Coefficient of 37.7.

And Egypt is ranked as the 90th most unequal country, with a Gini Coefficient of around 34.4.

And inequality in the U.S. has soared in the last couple of years, since the Gini Coefficient was last calculated, so it is undoubtedly currently much higher.

So why are Egyptians rioting, while the Americans are complacent?

Please read the full article.

I’ve often wondered at this question myself.  We are one of the most highly controlled, manipulated groups of people on the entire planet, literally browbeaten senseless into believing a entire series of illusions about our way of life. That makes us an “easy mark” to suppress any dissent, or to defuse it entirely, or to redirect any dissent into utterly useless forms of protests (ie., “write your congressman”, etc.).

Egypt is now effectively cut off from the rest of the world. Whatever you “see” online or on the idiot box is going to be sanitized for public connedsumption.  They’ve cut the Internet, cell phones, newspapers and so on.

Obama is going to do that here by the way, the “Internet Kill Switch” is making a comeback.  Here’s how they did it in Egypt.

Ok then.  I’ve left off this blog and the writing for a fair while now, on purpose.  I’ve been super-busy trying to maintain the food business, order volume has remained critically high.  The global food situation is worsening daily with huge spikes in food prices occurring in conjunction with massive crop losses.

The point being, I’ve absolute had to concentrate on business. The blog has suffered, but I’ve long realized that this source of news sharing, perspective and opinion has run its course. There really isn’t much more to be said that hasn’t already been said a thousand times here.  We’ve screwed the pooch, we’ve created (and allowed) intolerable conditions for too many of us and it cannot last much longer.  The world IS in meltdown, graphically so.  The recent data on Greenland and the Arctic ice melt is exceedingly bad.

It is already known that we are going to shoot way past the 2°C “limits” that we thought would keep the planet from dangerous warming. The destabilization of the planetary climate is already swinging wildly from the norm.

Keep following Desdemona, he’s got daily updates of stories affecting us all. The planet is clearly in severe peril, or more specifically, all of the lifeforms that exist on and below the surface are in peril.  Just because Americans aren’t being told about it doesn’t mean it is not happening on a catastrophic scale now.  Humans have largely chosen to ignore these signs and the clear evidence of what this means, especially here in America.  Our insatiable appetites seemingly know no limitations.

I’ve probably read several hundred very important articles in the last four weeks that when digested, you can pretty much understand what lays ahead.  The problem however, is that knowing this information doesn’t really do much good.  The changes that humans need to make are not being adapted fast enough, widely enough or receiving the political / industrial support to make them even marginally effective.  What I am saying here is we are drowning in information of what is going wrong — but we’re still stubbornly refusing (and being refused) to make the necessary changes to mitigate the effects.

This is of course, the BAU (business as usual) model I’ve come to fully “expect”, having and holding no hope whatsoever that we are willing to change sufficiently enough until it is far, far too late.  Our very daily survival will have to be imperiled in an “in-your-face” series of events before we finally realize we’ve made some catastrophic decisions.  Think of the situation of having your home washed away by floods, or battered by Class 5 hurricanes, or buried under tons of ice and snow before the politicians we employ to allegedly “represent” us, stop glad-handling industry and start representing the survival of the people.

We stubbornly fail realize to that everything that is happening is all connected.  Corruption in our politicians and world leaders is connected to industrialization and the global monetary policies, all based upon greed and environmental exploitation, causing devastation, human oppression and climate change.

In turn, climate change is causing significant crop losses, rising food prices, increased energy consumption and political manipulation (corruption) as the world reels from one disaster to another.  It’s ALL related.

The invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, the drone bombings and secret wars in Yemen, Pakistan and throughout the world is all part of the mad scramble to secure resources, or political “favoritism” for the energy hungry Western world.  This in turn causes corruption throughout foreign countries who betray their own peoples in turn for Western dollars, the raping of resources and widespread environmental destruction and pollution, the oppression of entire countries and forced slavery of their own workers, and the expropriation and export of crucial resources for the rest of the world.

It’s all related, every bit of it, including the manipulations on Wall Street and the corrupt Federal Reserve.  Giving America that advantage is the primary goal (from the American view), while every other country of the world including China, Japan, Germany, France and all other countries, seek to do the same things.  It’s being piloted by governments, who in turn are taking their marching orders from industry, who in turn are following the dictates of the globalists (bankers).

Conspiracy?  Not if that is exactly how the world really works.  All things “democratic” and “fair” and “equitable” are nothing but scams pulled over the people’s eyes to get them to meekly accept how things really are.  Infotainment venues such as sports, news sources and “reporting”, entertainment and Hollywood blockbusters are simply steam valves to dispel any thoughts or notions that you, the people, have a say about any of this, or the right to do anything at all about it. You’re being distracted to the extreme, on purpose.

For the truly disgusted, you can march, you can protest, you can write your congresscritters or you can stand naked in front of the White House, but don’t you fucking dare do anything serious… or you will be swiftly eliminated.

The horrifying truth behind all of this is that we are all along for the ride.  We have no real control over the idiots who are pulling the switch on this roller coaster, or have fast or how slow it will go.  We’re not even being allowed to get off the damned thing without extreme risk to our lives, health, “happiness” and ability to make a living.  Our very survival has been welding tight to the success of the “system” that I oft rant about.  If the system fails, this corrupt, evil machination of global control and dependency, then we fail.

But what happens when the system is discovered to having failed us?  If you do not yet realize that this is what is now happening in the hearts and minds of millions, and outside your door, you should.  We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the system as it is designed and operating today, is a total abject failure.  Just because a tiny percentage of the people on this planet enjoy lives of abundance and “prosperity”, while oppressing billions more, does not equate to “success” — unless you are clinically insane and you enjoy killing.

What we have today is a global system of exploitation and manipulation that is very, very rapidly destroying everything that we depend on.  Our safety, our security, our food supply, the very air that we breathe and the food that we eat and the water that we drink — are all being imperiled by the over-exploitation of these monsters in “charge”.  They’ve locked everything, patented it, stamped it, manipulated it, marketed it and made ever-so-sure that we cannot gain any of it back since they quite literally, own it all.  Then they’ve made sure that we buy everything that we need from their company store, an act that is absolutely no different then the enslaved poverty of miners in the past (and which continues to this day).

You must go to them for everything that you need to simply exist — even the very “right” to exist comes as “permission” from on-high.  Poverty in America has never been this bad before (ever).  Depression is at an all-time record.  The number of starving children, women, families is higher then it has ever been.  Over one million homes were foreclosed on just last year.  Unemployment (wage slavery) is far higher then so-called “government statistics”.  Who in their right mind can believe anything that the government would have to say about itself?  This defies common sense.

We stand idly by why the world goes into meltdown, either blithely unaware of what is happening (or we simply don’t care), or so shell-shocked to the very core of our beings that we are absolutely numb with grief and depression.  It is all so very, very sad and upsetting no matter how you look at it.

When I see street protests in other countries like we are today, I wonder how Americans of ALL PEOPLE can stand idly by why their own government secretly and overtly manipulates those very countries.  IT’S ALL RELATED.  What is happening over “there” had it’s roots here!

But we do nothing, meekly accepting our bowl of porridge as our “birthright”, believing ourselves immune and unable to do much more then pound keyboards.  Wow.

I really don’t expect anything from this country or its people, certainly not the right thing.  We don’t even have a clue on how to stand in solidarity against corruption and evil since it’s so totally ingrained into our own political system.  We’ve come to accept the fact that duplicity is “how it’s done”, siding on the side of authoritarianism every time a whistleblower or “leak” reveals what we truly are.  We don’t want to know, in other words, and don’t you dare remind us, we — by our very actions (and inactions) have clearly chosen what we prefer.

We are what we do.  And we are what we do not do as well.  Therein lies all the evidence that anybody will ever need to understand who we are as a country and yes, as a people.  Just examine what we do.  And what we do not do.

We get away with this because we’ve been powerful with the largest military force in the world to back us up.  We’re told that we’re “fighting for democracy” but the odd thing about that claim is we’ve not brought democracy to any of the countries we’ve been fighting in.  We did manage a few “regime changes”, erecting puppet governments beholden to American interests, but we didn’t actually bring any real freedom to the people of those countries.  We brought in governments that we wanted — so that American businesses can, once again, exploit and expropriate the resources we wanted.  We even managed to give some of the people jobs for a few dollars a day, ensuring that the flow of cheap labor and cheaper goods kept coming to America.  We’re oft reminded that this is “good”, never for once even considering that this type of slavery can never be good or what the real long-term effects really are.

When we get tired, we leave, but the mess we left behind is truly catastrophic, and in some cases, it will last for 500,000 years as our radioactive dust slowly decays.  We’ve done this all over the world as ‘democracy’ by force is practiced again and again and again.

In the meanwhile, we over here in the land of fee and home of the slave, ‘enjoy’ our increasingly diminishing livelihoods as we fend of bankers and struggle with employment, never realizing that America has plucked all the easy fruit from around the world and now it’s going to get tough even for us, that ‘special people’ who still embrace the doctrine of Manifest Destiny being sang like a hymnal throughout the nations institutions and churches.

It’s all related, every single bit of it. Suffering in Africa is related to how governments and industry are cooperating together to expropriate resources and manipulate the people.  Ecuadorian Indians are dying from cancer in droves because of American oil interests that are polluting the rivers and groundwater.  Australian homes and farmers are being drowned because of greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes and smokestacks all over the world.  Ocean game fish are being driven into extinction because of global consumption and industrialized overfishing.  It’s all related.

We’ve got the intelligence to understand all of this, but not the wherewithal to change it. The world in meltdown is not some accidental geological or solar event that we have absolutely no control over.  The world in meltdown is because we did this, tragically to ourselves.

This makes us unbelievably stupid.  But I find this even more mind-blowing when we “know” all these things, and can fully admit them to ourselves (some of us anyway) and STILL we go on doing what we are doing.  We’re too lazy to put a stop to ANY OF IT.  We do not rightly assess the gravity of the situation, or the extreme danger we are courting.  We do not appreciate how our own children, the progeny of the Earth are going to even survive this ongoing stupidity (and apathy) of ours.

You cannot divide out and “isolate” the political from the environmental, or the financial from the industrial, or any segment of our entire human civilization.  It is all related, and it all has devastating downstream effects, all of which are very rapidly coming to an explosion.  The media, government and big business tries very hard to get us to isolate these effects in our mind, trying to get us to focus on “growth”, “jobs”, entertainment or something, anything else then how this is all a forest of dominoes that is falling over.  We built those dominoes for our own good pleasure (allegedly), giving scant regard to the fact that they were very poorly erected — or shouldn’t have been built at all.  And now that they are falling all over the world, we cry “foul”, but we need to realize that not only do they need to fall, they must fall if we are to even survive what is happening.

This is why collapse is still the answer for humankind.  It has ALWAYS been the answer in this present world of dominoes and industrialized dependency that we have created for ourselves.  Our way of existence is not even remotely sustainable and frankly, it should have never been allowed or even tolerated.  But that is a realization that won’t come for millions until their homes are flooded or washed away, their children are homeless and starving and the world is reeling in the throes of global collapse.

We are in meltdown, politically, financially, economically, environmentally — but rather then object, understand that none of our institutions and the way of life that we have created were destined to last.  Not like this, not when we’ve left behind nothing but a trail of destruction, death, depletion and damage.  Humans have found wonderful ways of living on this planet before without any of these things — no prisons, no laws, no money, no politicians, no jobs, no “employment”, no governments.  This is what we should be striving for in reality, because all of the above is exactly what has caused all that is happening now.

It IS related, after all.


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