The Walking Dead

The AMC channel featuring The Walking Dead has been a hit televison. series. I’ve been able to watch this on DVD and then a couple of the new episodes while in the hotel at the Mayo Clinic. I’ll miss the rest of the season until it’s out on DVD.

The analogy of The Walking Dead to America’s mindless zombies is quite profound. I’m finding this series fascinating because of its incredible analogy to how life really is. But I’m absolutely broke now and need to go find a way to make a living, so I won’t be back any time soon. But what I really want to do is start a revolution.

This article will be in-depth – so if you can, spend the time reading what it says.

The Walking Dead – by Survival Acres

Focused only on what is directly in front of them, millions of dead Americans plod blindly ahead, seeking instant gratification for their insatiable hunger. Everything going on around them is unseen, unheard and generally uninteresting, until something attracts their limited attention. Then, and only then – as a herd – do they redirect their steps towards the attraction, which more often then not is food. And we all know what happens next.

Even the characters portrayed in the series are very similar to today’s Americans. Making stupid mistake after stupid mistake, it’s surprising that any of the cast is still alive. Well, some of them still are. Naive, incompetent and unable to plan an effective strategy for their future, they fall for every trick in the book, time and time again. But what is even worse, is their own inability to learn from their many mistakes. They often let down their guard after short periods of relative peace. They ignore the constant danger all around them. And this winds up always costing them and their group dearly.

Most of the characters can’t think for themselves and those that do, are singled out. The rest gravitate towards a “leader” who must do their most of their thinking for them. Telling them what to do and where to go. All the big decisions dealing with life and survival are made for them. That’s atypical of American society today. Nobody thinks anymore. Those that do are are rare. Everyone remains 100% dependent upon our just-in-time delivery system, taking no preparations for an unfolding and uncertain future. The evidence is there and clear to see – things aren’t getting any better, they’re always declining for the worse, but this information is simply being ignored. It’s just easier to let someone else think about it and be concerned, let others decide what to do and “when” to react, if at all. Getting on with daily life is their entire focus and purpose, and they’re not even aware of what this really means and how this continues to contribute to a growing problem.

Most don’t wake up at all, and wind up a flesh food for the rest of the zombies, who continue to grow in number. Many of the “survivors” portrayed in the series remain astoundingly naive, just like today’s American population. They still stupidly believe that nothing bad will happen to them, that “rescue” will be coming from some quarter. What they don’t realize is that everyone, everywhere is in the same predicament and everyone is simply trying to save themselves. Many hole up and try to wait it out, but this strategy is doomed to fail from the very beginning. There isn’t any direction, solution or even effort being made to rectify the problem everyone now has, and for some reason, nobody really gets it. The assumptions being made here are many – and they all prove to be false, but the evidence of what has happened is plain for everyone to see. But this proves to be too much and cognitive dissonance abounds.

This perfectly describes our conditions today. We are all in peril, increase rapidly, but it’s just easier to ignore it. Naivety and “bullshit bravado” still plague the “survivors” in America, who stupidly think they “have what it takes” to survive any danger that might come their way, while making absolutely no preparations to do so. They perceive America as an island unto itself, which will remain protected and insulated if we keep everyone else out. But it’s already really clear we can’t do that too well – and the response has been to “try harder”. That’s what the American cast of characters is trying to do just like in the movie series – but it doesn’t work. The failure here is to recognize that the plight facing humanity is common to all – and the solutions that stand a chance of working are also common to all. But cooperation at this essential scale is never even considered so it goes unknown and unrecognized.

Most don’t make it, and add themselves to the numbers of the dead, who in turn become truly mindless hordes of walking zombies. You can’t go anywhere in America today and not observe this situation. Black Friday is always good for entertainment, but so is every rally and gathering I’ve seen. Single-minded and seemingly unaware of anything else, group ‘mentality’ takes over. The goals of the group are almost always manipulated behind the scenes, co-opted by the players and leaders to achieve an agenda unknown to the participants. This is why most groups wind up polluted, failing to make much of a change, they become political tools and money-making machines instead of true “grass root movements” by and for the people to effect change. But if you challenge this “truth” of what they’ve become and what they accomplish, you’re instantly labeled a troublemaker, cast out of their midst and left behind, stripped of any titles, leadership or participation.

But for the most part, these groups are going nowhere, and getting nothing really done. Frothing the water a bit and stirring the pot, but it’s still boiling away like before. Nothing really changes, a few things are sacrificed and most things remain unchanged, unrecognized and untouched. Root causes and problems are simply never addressed and never on the table because the zombies in charge, and at every level, are really about keeping the status quo and ensuring that they don’t sacrifice too much themselves.

Predators also abound, opportunistic clans and groups and individuals who prey upon everyone else and at every opportunity. That’s a good description of capitalism actually. Despite the incredible abundance of resources just laying around, literally free for the taking, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse immediately being to prey upon each other. It seems as if humanity never learned a damned thing in the past several thousand years. Cooperation is actually rare but competition and violence against each other is not. Ignoring both opportunity and resources, the remaining semi-sentient population tries to go on as before, holding onto the same values, the same expectations and the same assumptions they’ve always had – and this kills of a lot of them off very quickly.

Rick is incompetent beyond words, a survivor only by luck and circumstance and the support of others he’s charismatically managed to gain as followers.  Why they trust him like they do is a bit of a mystery to me, he’s never really held accountable for his many fatal mistakes and errors of judgement. But no matter how badly he screws up, he’s still the leader and held in esteem. His many lapses are simply forgiven or ignored. Personally, I’d not follow this character anywhere, he’s naive, a bit stupid and too trusting. His judgement is pathetic, while the series emphasize his moral code as supposedly admirable. But it’s not, because he filters everything that he does and decides for the group on a series of flawed assumptions. You’re supposed to like him as the cast’s main character and in many ways I do – but I’d not follow him anywhere or allow him to “lead” me out of a wet paper bag.

He’s like a lot of people around today. Supposedly, their good moral people, but make their own share of mistakes. Nobody has a halo on their head nor divine inspiration (despite their ridiculous claims) and mistakes are made. But sound moral character in a survival situation will not save you unless you have superiority in strategy, numbers and opportunity. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, even if it is the wrong moral decision. That’s reality – and that is exactly what has transpired in the human story around the world for thousands of years. But the show makes the mistake of assuming that moral character is sufficient for survival when it’s really going to be a major fault in the end. Lapses and violations of character will be necessary when your life is threatened. When your nation is threatened, or when your family is threatened. While I do always try to do the right thing given the opportunity, I definitely have my “lines” that will not be crossed and I will go absolutely apeshit on the threat, killing it instantly. Rick fails to do that, time and time again, and the show promoters wrote a script that permits him to survive these follies when in reality, he’d be long since dead and eaten.

This flaw is overlooked by the rest of the cast of characters, some who know he’s flawed, and others who just don’t seem to question it (or much of anything else). What they see is a “leader”, someone who seems to be capable of making decisions and taking charge. And that’s what they want, to abdicate the responsibility for their own lives and leave it up to someone else. They were hopelessly equipped in the “old world” to do this for themselves, and in this new world of munch and crunch, can’t find it within themselves to do it now. So they accept the leadership that is not-too-gently “offered”. Submission by the masses – most definitely typical of today’s zombies.

This is how Americans perceive America’s leaders today. These ‘leaders’ are fuck-ups beyond belief, stupid, blind and beholden to outside interests (but mostly their own) and we do not hold them accountable because we’re not willing to attack the leadership like we should. A lot of Americans allow these men and woman to continue in their positions of power when they’ve really got no rights at all to even be there. But chance and circumstance and blind faith in the system has kept these incompetent people in their privileged positions where they do incredible levels of damage. And nobody stops them – to this day.

Even the predator groups have their own leaders – opportunistic pricks who deserve instant death upon first contact, but Rick and all the others dancing to their pretend morality portray astounding levels of poor judgement, failing at every opportunity to really do the right thing. And it’s often too late, costing them in lives and bloodshed as they belatedly realized that their ridiculous “moral code” is childishly simplistic and completely unrealistic. But once again, this perfectly describes plenty of Americans, who perceive the world around them through a specific filter that allows in the most depraved and predatory real-life characters the world has ever seen. You know who I’m talking about – church leaders and politicians, corrupt judges and murderous police officers to name just a few. There are many, many more. But in every group, predatory or otherwise, the followers just like Americans refuse to wipe away the distortions and see through the glass clearly for what these people really are – and they never even consider what it’s going to take to remove them forever from our midst because they all lack the courage to do so.

Individuals and ‘leaders’ sort themselves out supposedly out of the necessity to survive, but it’s just like it is back here in real life. Creeps and predators band together, lone wolves remain alone and aloof, and the rest play dogpile upon each other hoping to find safety in numbers. But it’s always group against group, good against good, bad against bad and everyone else. Not any different then it really is today. Nobody questions this structure or stratification, nobody seems to even recognized that it’s really there.

This unawareness is astounding to me, because it’s at the the root of why we have the societies that we have today. We’re not “together” despite being together, and even living together, we’re divided, each with our own groups, agendas and demands. We’re cooperating only at a basic level so that we ourselves can get what we want. We permit the unqualified, immoral and corrupt to lead us around like the chickens we really are, because we can’t bring ourselves to rid ourselves of them. In truth, we’re morally corrupt, bankrupt individuals who cannot self-sacrifice anymore then the next person. We can’t truly perceive the world as it really is and when we’re told, we reject the truth. We get angry when we discover that we’ve been deceived again, but it’s never enough for us to finally learn and wake up to reality. We think we have – but we really haven’t, even the “aware” and “awake” remain partially asleep and ignorant because it’s really just too much in the end to truly process and accept it all. We’re poorly equipped as a species to do so, so if we “wake up”, we do it in small, incremental steps, which often lead us astray, chasing after the wrong things and down the wrong paths. It’s just like in this television series – we keep failing to accept reality.

The cast of characters include a lot of individuals who could never possibly survive “out there” on their own – just like 99.9% of Americans. They’re 100% dependent and lack even the basic skills to get through each day without a lot of help from others. They’re unadaptable too, stubbornly clinging to their old way of life that is forever gone. They aren’t so stupid as the think they’re much use but crafty enough to stick with a group that will keep them alive. For them, it’s enough and for a lot of Americans, this is really how it is. The jobs and positions they serve out their lives doing are really prisons sentences, rotely filled each day like the zombies they are. They perceive no other choice (which is false), but it lies beyond them because they cannot accept greater responsibility then being “plugged in” even “where they belong”, a decision that more often then not, was made for them. They accept the incessant levels of propaganda that permeates our media today because it has completely overtaken their ability to think and literally guides their daily lives, immersing and saturating their very thoughts. Independence isn’t even in their vocabulary, they have absolutely no real idea what it even is. There is absolutely no reason at all to expect this to ever change.

Naivety and unwarranted trust still plague the group long after they should have all learned their painful and very often fatal lessons. A lot of really dumb mistakes keep happening, so often that I’m happy to see some of these idiots go. They’re not survivors, their situational awareness is appallingly bad, and despite the repeated opportunities to wake the hell up and accept the new realities of the world they now live in, they just can’t. Just like the zombies in America today. They’re still widely ignoring the terrifying danger that looms ahead, pretending that it’s not a real threat despite the clear and obvious evidence that it is and that there is virtually no improvement of any kind.

It’s getting harder and harder for me to accept this willful blindness, I even find myself wishing they were gone because these people are impediments to any progress or change to save humanity. They’re dead weight, holding the rest of us back, with only a handful of people around the world trying to drag the entire load another mere inch down the road. But we can’t do it alone and even worse, almost none of you are even listening. You’re making fun of our efforts to issue warnings and alerts and disbelieve the unfolding reality no matter how painfully clear it is or what it is already costing in terms of lives, dollars or destruction. So you go on partying and playing around as if there is nothing but sunshine and fun and tons of time and opportunity to “maybe deal with all this concern I’ve heard about” someday.

Well, you’re horribly wrong – so much so that you need to go, get out of the way and stop holding the rest of us back from implementing changes or at least try to do what needs to be done while there is still some time left. But you don’t – you interfere, impede and even vote for all the wrong idiots who are just like you – ignorant fools, self-absorbed pricks who think they’ve got what it takes to solve America’s problems, but the truth is, they don’t, they don’t have any idea what lies ahead or what needs to be done. They don’t recognize any of the danger facing the entire world. All of humanity is now at risk, even our very survival as a species on this planet, but that’s a concept that is so big and so vast that it’s just blows your mind. It can’t be happening you think, but it really truly is. But it’s much easier to just stay in denial, join the crowd of cat callers and finger pointers and ridicule those that are really trying to do everyone some good.

You’re actually afraid, just like the survivors in the series, deep down inside, but you’re not man enough to admit it. The future you think you have doesn’t exist, it will never, ever happen. You won’t get the opportunity to see your children grow up on a “normal” world – ever, because it’s changing too fast now and with such force, speed and inertia to never be lived by anyone again. But this is too much to accept, so denial sets in and cognitive dissonance. Balance it out in your head despite the obvious contradictions. Going about your daily life is just easier, but it’s definitely not going to be safer. It’s the wrong choice and will always be the wrong choice. You’re just another cast character, hoping that it will all just magically go away or get fixed by someone else. You’re going to be written out of the script far sooner then you think.

The groups that form in the series are only as strong as their weakest link, but there’s no certainty in anyone when it might break or be sacrificed for their own personal self-gain or perceived need. This is probably the most realistic quality depicted of all – the capricious nature of moral codes and character which are sacrificed upon demand. Everything is for sale at a certain time and a certain price, depending your own needs, desires and circumstances. We all sell out in the end, sacrificing others and even our own principles in order to survive or take advantage of an opportunity too good (for you) to pass up. This is what humans have been doing to each other for thousands upon thousands of years. We cooperate only as long as it is in our best interest to do so – or when forced to do so. But everyone is always seeking another opportunity even if they don’t admit it.

Many years ago I studied some psychology texts and though I do forget the paper I read, the authors point was made very clear. Even our “love” for one another comes at a “fair exchange” we have with those we love. We don’t continue to love those that do not love us back. Nor do we continue to help those who reject our help, even if it’s in their own best interest. We eventually quit and walk away, giving up – because we always need something in return, even if we deny it or call it “the satisfaction of doing this”. We’re still doing it for something that we want. This is human nature and goes deep to what we really are – selfish animals who seek out what is individually best for us in every situation.

It’s not as cut and dried as this, and it’s often difficult to see, but study after study has shown that we are really all in this life “for ourselves” and our cooperation, friendships, marriages and agreements with each other all have hidden price tags assigned to them. It’s not even money that we want, but acceptance and help and self-gratification.

This is how all societies work today. The vast majority demand conformity with varying levels of rules and demands placed upon those within their boundaries. We’ve adapted ourselves, individually to accept these rules and demands as the cost of our participation, but we’re always seeking out our own opportunities within these boundaries, even with the ones we love. And we often seek to cross those boundaries too. Unrestricted love does not really exist within the human condition, but we tell that to ourselves that it does, because its just far easier then admitting we are all in this life ultimately for selfish reasons.

Like in the television series, it’s impossible to find anyone who is truly selfless. Several pretend to be, because that’s what they want others to believe and see in them, and they’ve even convinced themselves that they are, but it’s not really there. The truly selfless wouldn’t even have such thoughts. The selfless don’t really exist, everyone has an agenda, a need or something which requires gratification to give their lives meaning, purpose and direction. This may not be evident and may be cloaked under layers of humility and service, but it’s still there all the same. We’re all working for something – and that something is ultimately Self. It’s always been this way with us, we’re just barely removed from the rest of the animal kingdom that also operates on these same principles.

Several characters have kept the dead zombies like pets, with this ‘amusement’ or entertainment a post-apocalyptic replacement for today’s gladiator games. Others are trapped because the survivors refusal to accept the true deadness within them, to them, there must be some kind of hope, a possibility for restitution and restoration back to humanity. They can’t see the rotting flesh, the corruption, or the insatiable hunger and absence of thought or reason. Their totally fixated on what was once there, but completely blind to their irreversible condition. This aptly describes the American views of the political and global landscape. The hope is always the same, let a “new leader” fix it and make it all better again while ignoring the incessant rot and corruption that permeates the entire structure. The desire to return to what can never again be brought back overrides all reason and logic. It’s not just love that drives them (which is what the show promoters want you to think), it’s actually selfishness. They want what they cannot have again, but won’t let go. They can’t accept the loss – and neither can Americans.

This is also how Americans act, unwilling to realize that the world has changed and the losses we’ve suffered are a part of that change. We’re not going to get it all “back” either. Nobody is. The timeline has moved a lot further down the road from where we once were. We don’t even have the resources or time left to get it all “back”. But we pretend that we do and as I’ve often said, you’ll read about all kinds of strategies, promises and hopes that aren’t even remotely accurate. They’ll get all the attention too, undeservedly because the horrifying truth is just too much to try and accept. It’s why blogs like this rarely get any readership, being constantly reminded of what’s now lost isn’t any fun. Not for you and not for me. But for whatever reason, I feel the need to do this.

For some reason, the survivors simply refuse to “clean house” despite having the time, weapons, skill and opportunity to do so. Building defense after defense, and seeking refuge after refuge, the survivors pathetically try to band together to “hold some ground” where safety in numbers seems to offer them the best chance. But this strategy never works. They’re unable to maintain anything very long and wind up homeless, hungry, broken and dead, always on the run or being consumed by the hordes of mindless shuffling zombies that relentlessly peruse them.

This accurately describes the social and political and economic landscape of today, where “lines” are constantly being drawn around everything, including cities, counties, states, nations, business, religions, races and sexes. The lines designate what is “ours” and what “must be defended at all costs” as the capitalistic adventure runs aground despite the rising seas, every human on the planet is to be boxed in by these invisible but unscalable walls which have done nothing to actually help humanity but divide itself from the whole into billions of artificial islands, isolated but not really. Overcoming these fabricated barriers becomes one of the greatest challenges the human race has ever tried to solve, but failing miserably to do so.

The participants have got no plan, no strategy, no “outside the box” thinking anywhere in their group(s). They’re completely incapable of envisioning another world or another way to live, so they try and fail repeatedly to preserve the one they once had. They’re apparently unable to learn anything from their mistakes and those that they adopted back in the “real world” when humans were really humans and not much interested in munching down on your pectoral muscles. Surviving becomes a cat and mouse game with the cats numbering in the millions and millions and the mice get fewer and fewer.

Even dying doesn’t help anyone, it only contributes bit by bit to the entire problem the survivors have. The dead all come back to ‘life’ as mindless zombies, insatiably devouring everything that moves and truly does live and seek life. This too has a direct analogy to our civilization today, even when it collapses, nothing changes as much as we might have thought, because it really never, ever goes away. We’re absolutely stuck with our past mistakes. The need to devour everything that lives still remains. We’re still the same humans we always were, but will be a lot more base, violent and depraved then we are now.

What we have today only exists because of two things: opportunity and abundance. I use to always just say “abundance”, but it’s not quite correct. You must also have opportunity. Abundance permits things like democracy, fairness, equal rights, etc., (a peaceful society), but a lack of abundance spawns war, competition and violence. We’re violent because that is what we truly are. But there must be opportunity too for things to change. You can have all the abundance you’d need, but lacking opportunity, it would do you no good. This is why abundant countries like the Congo, which has everything you can possibly imagine to make it very rich, has virtually nothing at all – it lacks the opportunity to change because of a deeply corrupt leadership, and it’s abundance is being exported by its warlords to American and Japanese corporations.

And it is just like that here in America. We have all that we need, but lack the opportunity to change on multiple levels. Corporations have a stranglehold upon our political process and leaders. Only the very corrupt manage to achieve major levels of influence and power (we’ll “see” what happens the next (s)Election – I’m not holding my breath). We’ve now achieved a constant state of fascist surveillance and oversight of every individual and business, which has done nothing for us (the people), but has done wonders for our overlords. And there is much much more to expound in this vein. We could be energy independent – but we’re not, despite having the means to do so. We could have created an entirely different society, an true New World, with sustainability, fairness and equity, but didn’t. We simply repeated the one from the past that was practiced in Europe. We stomped out the indigenous taking no notice of their rights or way of life and we’re still doing this hundreds of years later. In point of fact, we’re ensuring that we destroy the opportunities of other peoples and nations, despite the abundance they have to do so (we make what they have “ours” through the World Bank, capitalism and WTO). We call this “process” democracy here, but the only thing democratic about it is everyone in America is going along with this rape, plunder and destruction like they always have.

Charismatic and deceptive characters are introduced in the series – just like what happens today in the real world, who always seem to be able to manipulate others into doing their bidding. These individuals have no redeeming qualities themselves other then being devious minds seeking to take advantage of other people. It’s always easier to have others do things for you, even kill for you, then for you to do this yourself. Today’s politicians are perfect examples of this, but so are today’s corporations and many smaller businesses. The workers are zombies themselves, enriching their owners as they slave away doing repetitive and mundane tasks. Connedsumers (which are zombies) are then encourage to buy the endless stream of products produced. The entire process is washed, rinsed and repeated around the world, billions of times each day.

These characters rise to “leadership” positions with their groups and in turn, fight constantly against other groups just like businesses and nations do today. This friction creates a lot of destruction and death, with the workers and citizenry always paying the highest price. But this really never bothers the leaders, who know that they can always find willing mindless replacements for this cycle of death and destruction. They know that this is how it’s done – and it’s quite profitable for them to continue. Nobody has the guts to stand up and stop it either. Individuals and lone wolves that step up and speak out are cast out or simply killed as the opportunity arises. They too learn the “rules of the game” and avoid these conflicts as much as possible as a survival strategy.

Other characters introduced into the series are simply obedient followers. They’ll do whatever they’re told. Obviously, working together is better “survival” then trying it alone, but the blind acceptance of leadership’s bad decisions becomes exceedingly tiring. I find myself cheering when some of these morons got eaten.

Truly strong individuals capable of independent thinking and making the right decision are pretty rare in the show. They’re still guilty of serious lapses of judgement and blind trust, like Maggie or Glen. This is perhaps the most normal of the characters involved and the human condition – for a very small percentage of the population. Nobody is perfect, we want to belong, and even to participate. This opportunity reveals a sometimes fatal flaw – we wind up trusting those “with us” – until we find out that they’re really not looking out for us like we thought.

Others are strong in their own ways. Strong moral characters who stand fast for doing the right thing, but they’re oftentimes shut out of the decisions made. They recognize their need for others, and show a willingness to help, but they lack the ability to survive long on their own, so they gladly join a group. This too is one of the most normal conditions in America today – the need to belong, but to hold your own counsel, even when things don’t go your own way. It’s the “go along to get along” concept most people practice, recognizing that it’s just easier in the end. However, the fatal flaw in this is trust in the leadership and what ultimately always happens – they get you killed.

That’s the situation in America today – stupid, blind trust in the leadership. Millions of Americans are being manipulated into accepting one slogan or another which supposedly represents their alleged interests (it doesn’t in reality). They’re moral people, trusting these men and woman to do the right thing and make the right choices – but they don’t. Their the same leaders as before – corrupt, flawed, fatally blind, because that’s exactly what the American political process is designed to produce. These leaders don’t really have a plan and they don’t understand the ramifications of what’s going on, so they make one series of bad choices / decisions after another, while ignoring the truly important and pertinent issues of our time. This is not accident – this too is by design, because it’s not profitable for the corporate masters who really control our government to change the status-quo.

This perfectly describes today’s political leadership. Their “plan” as it were it keep up the status-quo with all of its owners, lines and boxes – they do not recognize that the world has truly changed and will never, ever be the same again. The flaw here is truly in their followers, despite the clear evidence of millions of dead zombies shuffling around, they’re also pretending things are still going to be ok. The followers are simply never able to reject the leadership or even hold them accountable, even if it means that not doing so will cause their death.

Millions of Americans have marched off to war to die for their leaders and their “country”. This is a touchy subject, but we’ve all had time to think about this. A lot of people will get really angry if you question this at all. But we should – because this stupid practice needs to stop. The senseless slaughter and waste this has caused, the suffering, disfigurement and shattered lives on both side of every conflict – these are not the “fights” of the enlisted or conscripted – these are the fights created by these asinine “leaders” who are far too willing to sacrifice the lives of those that they lord over. War is rarely necessary and conflicts can be resolved in many other ways – but war is immensely profitable. The defense industry (which really should be called the Offensive Industry) plays a huge role in this decision making to go to war. They have trillions of dollars at stake – and millions of Americans have their jobs at stake in support of these conflicts. Endless levels of propaganda and brainwashing passing for pretended patriotism is rained down upon the American public like manna from heaven. Even the very young are indoctrinated very early on (pre-school), encouraged to “aspire” to greatness and individual contribution to the great American Empire on the bloodied altar of sacrifice.

Most of the rest of us go along with this, never really question what this means and how it came to be. But it was not always this way. The ability to raise an army for the Emperor or whoever was leading the country required conscription – they had to force a lot of people to go and give up life, limb and future for the Empire. Skillful propaganda and advanced media techniques have now made this unnecessary. There are now always willing hands who truly believe they’re doing the right thing to join up. A huge part of this deception has been the propaganda wars to convince Americans that we’re all living “under threat” from external enemies, but you’re not being told that America actually funded, armed and created many of these enemies. See, it’s always easier to invest in both sides, which is often done, and it’s extremely profitable. This is perpetual war-making at its finest, grinding up and churning out massive levels of ordnance and bodies for trillions in profits.

By now, we should not be trusting American leadership on anything. Not on any subject, topic, story or claim, because we have mountains of evidence that they have lied to us about virtually everything. They have experimented on us, poisoned us, deceived us, led us in conflict after conflict, denied involvement and covered up evidence in tens of thousands of cases now costing hundreds of millions of lives around the world. So far, the Walking Dead series hasn’t been able to get this written into the script much, but perhaps they should – a lesson needs to be learned by its millions of many fans. We know enough now to piss on their rope and walk away from these people – or better yet, hang them all, but we still lack the courage to do so. Their crimes are many and they are absolutely and forever unforgivable for what they have done to us all.

Perhaps the best analogy of this in the series is how the survivors still stubbornly cling to what once was, with a total failure to see the past for what it really is. The old world is gone, the new world has horrifying realities, but the desire to return to the past or even a shadow of the past still remains. Nobody questions the injustice of the past / present that we all live in, and how it comes to be and at what cost it takes. But we should, because this would help immensely towards our “letting go” – to stop doing the things that are destroying the habitat and the future, to stop ruining what still remains while we still can, and to avoid at all costs (if even possible) the terrifying future that is unfolding.

The Apocalypse by whatever meme or events that should occur, won’t be a fun place. It won’t be where wrongs get righted or where the meek inherit the Earth, it will be a place of unmitigated horrors and death, nothing anybody should want or seek to happen. We already have our Walking Dead and there are always more and more being added to these millions all of the time. They’re walking towards something that they do not know nor recognize as a reality, nor see themselves as the zombies that they are.

This risks us all, both the dead and still undead, because none of us are isolated from the other. We all face what is going to happen, what is gaining traction every day and we need to wake up to reality. First, by stop denying whats happening to our world and how it’s being run into the ground by these overlords. Second by earnestly embracing, not rejecting, a new future. Third, by ensuring we hold accountable the mistakes and errors of our leaders. Fourth, by changing and adapting ourselves as fast as possible before we become one of the zombies ourselves. Fifth, by protection what still remains, preserving and restoring what can still be restored. Sixth, by refusing to along with the status-quo and be subservient to the overlords who care not if they destroy us all.

We have choices – and they still belong to us – but we have to have the courage of our convictions and what is unfolding in our future to adhere to them rigorously.

To all you zombies out there in the world – your story has been well told by AMC and the authors of this series. The parallels I’ve revealed are quite astounding and there are many more I could make, but this should be enough.

So now I offer you something that AMC and The Walking Dead has not and perhaps will never be able to do – a restoration to life, to humanity, to living, to purpose, to meaning and to a future that is going to unfold whether you like it or not. Let the zombies become the non-zombies. Let the dead join those truly living and truly trying.

Join with me and many others who are trying very hard to wake you up from your shuffling slumber. You are in peril, your future is going to change quite radically and sooner then you think. You have a sliver of time to change your ways, your habits, your dreams, your lifestyle and your plans for your life.

Abandon the status-quo and reject this message of theirs in its entirety, for it is what is destroying us all, over and over again. Fight like mad for what is right and what is necessary now. Change the world around you towards true sustainability and survival. Make adaption a daily strategy as things unfold. Literally walk away from the institutions and propaganda of this age that does not deal with this reality. Drop your connections to corporations, supermarkets, television, websites and media that does not follow a path towards sustainable living. Change your habits, practices and beliefs, wake up to what is now happening within the world and to the planetary environment. We may not be able to stop it, but we can try to adapt to it for as long as we can. Avoid the propaganda and deceptive claims being promoted, but pay close attention to what is actually happening. That will tell you far more then any article ever will. Sharpen up on your intuition and common sense, make sure what you read, do or believe makes sense.

Participate where it is necessary, timely and essential. This civilization is coming down and be prepared for that. You can even help it along the way where it must. Stopping the practices of the planet destroying rapacious monsters, by whatever names, titles, organizations or registrations that they may have, is essential. We have to preserve what is left, for as long as we can. Our fight is not about the “economy” which is just another name for capitalism, it is for our very survival as a species and a habitable biosphere. The amount of money we make becomes entirely irrelevant when the survival of the human race is at stake. Who is (s)Elected into office this next (s)Election will make a huge difference on what happens next, but expect the worst. Thugs behind uniforms and badges are simply agents for the State which will seek to preserve itself at all costs – even taking lives. Expect no less.

We’re in a fight for our very lives and a few of us know it. More need to. More need to step up to the plate and participate. But few will. Infotainment like The Walking Dead will be far easier then living the real life and making the real sacrifices that are necessary. But those of you that still think it won’t ever come to that are very, very wrong. Everyone on the entire planet is going to be sucked into this thing like the giant plague that it really is. There will be no escape for anyone, so pick now what “side” you intend to be on.

Join the living – or remain with the dead. Work and labor towards a future – or give up and abandon all effort. Make your choice now – because it’s going to soon be made for you.




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8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  • February 23, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    whew! isn’t your good hand cramping up from all that typing?

    I’ve been ‘subjected to’ viewing that ‘show’ a couple of times. Will go out-of-my-way to henceforth avoid any re-expose. Mindless commercial americunt lowest common denominator escapist fantasy role-play vomit. Reality is rough enough for me to try to contend with. Persistent willful fantasy immersion/projection/cults have eal-world negative consequences and effects … out outcomes, Especially so when/where writ large on a (so-called) culture . So, I didn’t actually read your article – pretty sure as to where you ‘went with it’ tho. . Someday s its better to not be reminded just how catastrophically fucked up people are (and the planet is). Sigh

    • February 23, 2016 at 10:09 pm

      I found a way to twist around and get my other fingers on the keyboard, but it’s maddening as I make a lot of errors and takes a long time.

      You didn’t read it? Shit… you’re the only one that will. This is an ‘audience of two’ – you and me that responds here 99.99% of the time these daze…

      Sigh is right. An indication of the hopeless nature of what has transpired. I need to find a way to walk away from this ’cause it’s not being read or doing any good. But I keep getting drawn back to trying to convey more words, more meaning, more something

      And not that your asking (nobody has bothered) – I’m doing good otherwise. Healing up fast. Can’t move my arm or shoulder much, and not much discomfort other than stiffness and some bursitis type pain that I hope improves. I can’t use the arm for anything until the graft is ‘certain’, which means give it a few weeks more. Then I’ll start working out the joint and get things limbered back up if I can. I don’t know what will happen on that score, but it will be better then it is today.

      I wrote another article while in the hotel, an indictment on television ‘programming’ the herd as I had nothing else to do and was exposed to what its become while being there, ‘exposed’. It went into the scrap heap here on the blog. Americans seem to be too far gone to realize how brainwashed they are now. Nothing is getting ‘through’ and possibly, nothing ever will again. We’re too late my friend, far, far too late.

      Let me know if you need anything.

      • February 24, 2016 at 1:03 am

        I haven’t read it … YET.

        Just not in the mood for misery monkey antics 2nite I guess, … mind on other things. like what to waste my time and money on this summer. Sure ain’t leaving significant fiat fantasy script in the so-called banks,

        but I don’t “need” much, – new batteries ($2500) and some truck maintenance/upgrades $1-2k) resurface the catchment area and driveway ( 4 to 5k).. Other wise I’ve got at least one back up (or 4) for everything ‘critical’ – except my body. That ‘leaves’ me 7-8k to play with. Not enough to do a kitchen addition, or a complete GH project (incl. labor).. Would LUV a custom PRS (guitar) but don’t ‘deserve’ the one (of 3) I have.

        BTW, The 3″ diameter by 1/2+” deep hole that got carved into my face didn’t actually hurt at any point at all – but looked horrendous. It was sensitive, tender and itchy for awhile but I soon forgot all about it. It healed extremely fast too and I typically don’t. So hoping that your experience also.

        You have the blog, Deek has the FKN NEWZ (which he’s starting on again). Deek says it therapy for him. If he doesn’t vent he’ll blow his lid. I suspect there is more than a little of a cathartic journey in the blog for you. Who gives a fuck if “it” helps anyone or not – the big question is ‘does it help you?’

        • February 24, 2016 at 8:11 am

          I haven’t seen a pic of you in a long while – did they put a graft on your face or just let it alone?

          • February 24, 2016 at 10:12 am

            uh – they did like they did with you, pulled and stretched to close the crater, Face felt taunt and right ear felt like it was migrating toward the eye (and vice versa) for awhile but it sorted out in short order.

            On the summer cash flow blather, I’d ‘forgot about’ the hernia surgery and likely nursing costs for a 2-3 weeks after – how convenient of me!

            • February 24, 2016 at 10:35 am

              So you’re still getting that hernia surgery done? Hope you find a good doc. I know what you’ve been through.

              My shoulder / back is very taught. Not suppose to move it any for weeks, but it’s already starting to get better.

              My ‘experience’ in the Spokane region has been that many of these doctors here are downright dangerous and incompetent. I’ve yet to share what has transpired, but it would have been “butchery” if I’d gone through surgery in December with the Spokane oncologist.

              Something just felt wrong – so I started checking out other options while waiting for my December surgery date. Moh’s was never even mentioned to me, nor an MRI, CAT scan or a biopsy, nor reconstruction, etc., etc., so they were going to cut me open literally ‘blind’, but I didn’t know any of this at first.

              I heard about Moh’s just in time – so cancelled the December surgery just two or three days before it was due to happen and requested a referral to a Moh’s surgeon.

              It was the Moh’s surgeon who finally informed me what I ‘might’ be facing once I got in to see him. And it was he who ordered the biopsy on the spot (had a very painful bump above the scapula) which showed positive DFSP areas.

              He also ‘suggested’ I get an MRI, which I had to go back and request from the first oncologist. Got that done and then looked into radiology as a non-surgical treatment method (online research indicated that some people were treated this way).

              Got that done too, but the Spokane radiologist was an absolute clown. Starts off telling me all the things I don’t need for about 45 minutes – including radiation – then makes a phone call to the onocologist and comes back into the examination room and tells me “you need 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments”.

              Holy shit. I refused then and there and told him I was leaving. It was a con-job, through and through.

              And get this: this same radiologist calls me later while I’m at Mayo Clinic (not knowing I’d gone) and tells me he still wants me to come in for those radiation treatments!

              After leaving his office, I contacted the Moh’s surgeon again and we discussed my options. He flat-out told me that I’m facing a big surgery for this because he thought the tumor was more extensive then it showed on the MRI. I told him I really thought Moh’s was the better path and he then suggested the Mayo Clinic and provided the referral.

              All this back and forth horsing around was extremely expensive. Then at the Mayo Clinic, the Moh’s surgeon there tells me radiation would have never worked!

              It’s been an absolute circus with these local clowns. This experience has really opened my eyes to the games these doctors are playing with people lives. They simply don’t care if you’re getting the correct treatment. They’re only interested in gaining a new client and charging for an expensive procedure.

              My wife has now been terrified by what could have happened in Spokane had I gone through with this. There was no plans to get it all out, or rebuild the damage that they would have done. I’ve seen the pictures online of these surgeries, some people have lost there entire shoulders and arms. My DFSP was pretty deep, but there was a way to get it all and put me back together.

              By the way – I’ve now also found out from the Mayo Clinic that all the spine surgeries ‘offered’ to me in Spokane would not work for me. I am not a candidate for fusion – despite having several spinal specialists here claim that I am. WTF? This really angers me because it’s all out-of-pocket expense, but what’s more important is the bad medical advice I keep getting. This appears to be a game with these damned doctors. Generate a client and extract $$$ by whatever means possible.

              I now fully ‘grasp’ how you feel and how you were treated with your own conditions. The health care system in this kountry is fucked up beyond belief and these doctors are playing dangerous games.

              Like I said – I ain’t dying in no hospital. Ever. If that happens, it’s because somebody hauled my ass in there against my will. I’m going to choose my death on my own terms.

  • April 24, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    Ken and I watch this show and also have made these comparisons to the “public today”. It is scary and nobody will listen. We try to do our best but it is like hitting your head against the wall. Our stupid “leader” is bringing in thousands of Syrians and ignoring the huge layoffs etc in the country. I like to read your blog as it makes me feel at least we are not alone in our thinking and you have such good info. I am sorry to hear of the problems with your shoulder and back.

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