The Unraveling

The House Committee Hearings on January 6th have demonstrated that:

Donald J. Trump conspired with numerous people, including John Eastman, Rudy Guiliani, Mark Meadows and many, many others to foist a coup on the 2020 Election. The staggering amount of information being revealed in the hearings SHOULD convince anyone that Donald J. Trump is a traitor to his country, and so are many of the Republicans still in leadership positions.

Trump continues his assault on our country, which will only be stopped when he is finally incarcerated for treason.

Since the hearings started, what is perhaps even more appalling is how so few Americans actually care, or accept any of the evidence presented. In effect, this means that the coup against the Republic succeeded.

I hope readers have done their own research (on credible websites and news sources of course, of which there are fewer and fewer). America is now in the death throes of a dying democracy, consumed by lies, connedspiracies and vapid stupidity. These characteristics have overtaken the highest halls of power and the most esteemed institutions. Even the Supreme Court has been deeply divided and corrupted and is now weaponized against fully one-half of Americans (with more to come).

The unraveling continues, and promises to be even far worse. Civil war in America is now a 100% certainty. The division in America is incurable and not possible when facts and evidence are broadly rejected. Countless words have now been written depicting the horrifying reality now unfolding here, with none of it doing any good at all. None of their words reach through the hatred or false reality fabricated by racists, hate-mongers and election-stealers. Christian fascists have chosen to abandon their Bibles and their God in favor of an ideological train wreck with horrifying results.

This is what collapse looks like. The internal devouring of truth, lives and reality.

Nobody will actually read nor understand this: Fascists in Our Midst

It’s painfully clear the Court has lost it’s Constitutional mandate and bearing. A significant majority? minority? don’t seem to care. Winning at any cost, including on the moldy grave of the Republic is deemed worth the price. This Faustian Bargain will blow up in their faces, ruining the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, and especially those that endorse this evil.

If you are thinking about leaving America – do it now. If you decide to stay, you are in the fight of your lives. Millions will need to relocate or choose to suffer under the American Taliban.

I’m not scared, but I am very, very angry. These stupid fucks have destroyed this country for a provably false ideology based on fantasy, connedspiracy and fear. Having come from that world myself long ago, I fully understand it but I can no longer support it because I recognize it for what it is. It’s all based on lies and fabrications. I’ve spent plenty of blog space right here (and elsewhere) pointing this all out to no avail. You can’t reach the reprobate. God Himself has given them up and they don’t even realize it.

The Disunited States is already a reality, with much more evil to come.


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