The Truth Shall Set You Free

How do you report the news today, when seperating fact from fiction is so convoluted? When the media itself is so totally brainwashed and unwilling to do real investigative journalism? When the political machinery of rhetoric is ratched up to a screeching crescendo of white background noise, drowning everything else out?

You don’t. You can’t report anything. You’re not even heard. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the truth or if you have photographic and video evidence and eyewitness reports. Even affidavits and sworn testimony aren’t any good. Not even a official hearing in a court of law is considered valid evidence.

Because perception is the illusion of reality in today’s world, and that perception has long since been deflected away from genuine interest and honorable concern. That perception is being purchased by the controllers with billions of dollars in funding (which we enabled them to have). Not just in advertising, which is obvious, but in everything else too – propaganda, all manner of institutions, social structures and even in economic activity.

All of these things hinge off the persuaded perception, enabled by a large doses of mass ignorance and blind obedience. Clear thinking is derided and ridiculed, while the status quo acceptance is rewarded and acknowledged.

The difficulty lies then with the beholder, who unbeknowst to them, is infected with a diseased mental outlook, an inferior mindset of programmed proportions. This is the very issue Christ had to deal with when he ridiculed the Sanhedrin and political rulers of his day.

Today’s technology make this task infinitely harder. While some argue that it is easier, I disagree. We don’t control the technology or it’s application or even it’s potential. We’re still eating the crumbs off the table. We’re constantly playing a game of catch-up to the latest round of excesses and abuses, lies and inuendos, and released “news reports” while the opposition is running miles ahead.

What we’re not able to do is speak the truth, except in a defensive, Johnny-come-lately type of way. A great deal of effort has been expended to circumvent this without success.

After-the-fact reporting is always going to be at a disadvantage of course, but that is the nature of reporting, isn’t it? You can’t report what hasn’t happened. But the spin on the news has now become so blatantly distorted, that even making the effort to report the other side of the story, or the whole story, has become a waste of time. Nobody is listening, their programming simply doesn’t allow for it.

One of the common myths found on the Internet and elsewhere is that eventually, a critical mass will be reached among people who are fed up with the lies and coverups, the distortions and the murders, the war crimes or any similiar issue of great importance. When “that day” comes, the myth goes on to say, the people will rise up (somehow) and put a stop to the offense and the offenders.

The strange thing about this myth is that day has never come (and never will). The explanation is that the critical mass isn’t there “yet”, but this explanation fall flat on its face.

I’ve long wondered why the conspiracy stories that are rife on the Internet haven’t resulted in a massive uprising by the people. Is it the stories aren’t true? Or is it that there just isn’t enough activist who are willing to get involved and go to extreme lengths?

The wierd part is if even a fraction of the stories were true, you’d think that would be more then adequate to motivate people to put a stop to it, no matter what. Even lay down their lives for the cause.

But that never happens.


It’s not because the stories aren’t true, many of them are. I’ve done enough research on my own to believe that. And it’s not because a critical mass is needed, it’s not (another myth). It’s because the basic perception held by most (if not all) people is no longer their own. They’ve not only been brainwashed, they’ve been castrated and neutered and they don’t even know it.

Therefore, as long as this conditioning of the mind exists, the truth will NOT set them free, no matter what. The truth is no longer enough – that should be (but isn’t) obvious. Why else can we stand back and ignore the horrible crimes and atrocities being committed in our name? Some of “us” (the people) are even involved in these crimes and believe they are doing no wrong! And yet we who are observing all this do nothing, but turn the channel or surf to another website. Tsk, tsk, tsk, those dirty bastards and off we go, resuming our lives.

At no other time in the history of mankind has the mental conditioning of the people been as complete as it is today. Not even during the era of the Nazi power and the crimes of Hitler. These crimes pale in comparism to the global genocide now taking place by the criminals in charge. But we’re not moved and not motivated.

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve been as saturated as I am with the reports, the images, the videos and even the television sound bytes of victims around the world that have felt the boot heel of Empire crush the life out of them. And then the pretty lady weather reporter comes on and we pay a bit more attention.

How is it we can hear, read and watch the truth in vivid detail and bloody glory, but still be so dead within? So unmoved, unmotivated and uninterested?

There can only be one explanation. We’re brainwashed, totally and completely. We’re desensitized and bombarded with too much, too often. It isn’t that we don’t know what’s going on, it’s that we know too much! We’ve long known enough to motivate us to action, but more is better to keep us mute and dumb as ever!

Imagine what it would be like to take someone from a hundred years ago, even someone from the Great War (WWI) and transport them into todays world. To keep this fair, let’s say they were put in a darkened room with a reading lamp, with magazines, newspapers and articles of todays world – and a television set. Or let them surf the internet. What would they think? Would they be shocked? Upset? Angry? What would their conclusion to all this information be? Would they finally conclude that the people of todays time were completely and totally brainwashed?

Why brainwashed? Why not just disinterested or even distracted? That’s because we DO spend a lot of time reading, watching, filming, photographing and even writing about these serious issues. We’re not disintersted, we’re not even completely distracted. Those of us involved in this arena are ineffective because the people do not comprehend the gravity of the situation. They do not comprehend because they’ve been really and truly brainwashed.

The only difference to the man of the past and the man of today is his exposure. Ever notice the zeal of a “newbie” who has been newly “converted” to the truth of what is happening in today’s world? Pick any subject, the newbie is excited, zealous and motivated ready for action. Why is that?

Converts make the best activists (although not always the wisest). But what do we do? We quench their enthusiasm, oftentimes killing the spirit. Some call this “experience”, but what do we have to show for it? We’re still carving the same old tired ruts we’ve always been carving, while the evil doers in our midst wax worse and worse all of the time. Our “progress” can be measured in millimeters, while their abuse can be counted in the millions. Isn’t it about time we wake the hell up and shake off this lethargy?

In closing, if the truth is to set us free, does that mean that we are free to be apathetic? Free to be disinterested? Free to be uncaring? Uninvolved? Indifferent? Or does it mean we are free to remove the constraints that bind us?


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