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One thought on “The Truth About COP26

  • November 6, 2021 at 3:15 pm

    ‘Clean, green’ NZ is much the same.

    When the electricity generation system was under pressure, NZ commenced burning coal -not the dirty black stuff that NZ has, but the even dirtier stuff that Indonesia exports. You see, it’s easier (and cheaper in the short-term) to import low-grade coal and burn it to generate electricity than admit that the entire system is fraudulent and unsustainable.

    The government is very keen on electric cars -which have a worse environmental profile than petrol-driven cars, and is subsidising them.

    The ‘pledges’ to cut emissions as part of the COP charade have already been demonstrated to be totally fraudulent.

    The most recent news of significance is that the NZ Government has lost its case Covid case in the High Court (Friday). Details yet to come.

    Criminals and clowns are everywhere, and there is a high particularly high concentration of them in parliament.

    Mission accomplished for Adern in the short term, however: foreign-owned banks are set to achieve record profits over the past year.

    Big four banks set for record combined annual profit |


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