The Trump Presidency and The Rise of Climate Denial and Racism

What is wrongly being called a ‘once in a century’ event, a torrential downpour in Queensland, Australia brought flooding conditions to the drought stricken region (also called ‘once in a century’ drought).

Thousands of homes were flooded, as nearly 4 feet of water poured from the sky in the past seven days. By any accounts, that’s ‘extreme’, but I beg to differ with the ‘once in a century’ type of claims. We’ve seen a LOT of this sort of thing happen in the past few years, which are always being claimed as some type of black swan event and thus, the misapplied moniker. But these are no longer unusual events – not anymore. Extreme weather is guaranteed now under a warming world.

Crocodiles have invaded some of the suburban streets making things more interesting for the neighborhoods. And then there’s leaking sewage, which poses an additional health risk to all the residents that walk and crawl.

I can’t help but wonder at the wisdom of this guy who thinks this would be a good time to cash in on the rainfall opportunity. This seems to defy the claims that these are ‘once in a century’ events. Adding 2200 more sheep to his flock of 800 would mean you’d want to plan ahead for their food and water needs. If this really was a once in a century event, conditions would return to normal (drought) pretty fast and he’d be in the same position as before, having to cull his herd.

“Last week we were looking at de-stocking and selling everything, now we are trying to build our numbers back up. The rainfall’s been perfect and the conditions for growing have been perfect. Our yield for feed is going to be up by 30 per cent with this rain.”

Something here definitely doesn’t sound right. Either it’s not a once in a century event, and they’re expecting increased rainfall in the years ahead to support a far larger herd, or they’re just so incredibly short-sighted that they’re only focused on how they might make more money. I’m going to pick the latter as my guess – because this fits in with the general “denialism” exhibited by many Australians and their government. Things are changing a bit down under, but obviously not fast enough.

I’m not picking on Australia, this is a problem all over the world. I’ve covered the topic many times before, but it’s 2019 now and the idiotic “climate debate” rages on. Is the climate warming? Are we headed for an ice age?

This has gone way, way beyond pure stupidity and rank denial now, it’s now taken on the form of a religion with converts to this meme rabidly raging on about how global warming is some kind of connedspiracy or global deception. These claims are complete bullshit and always have been. Nature doesn’t care what we stupid humans think, but what nature does matters very much as these Australians are finding out (again). You only need to look at the actual records and events to find all the ‘proof’ anyone with any sense should ever need.

Donald J. Trump

The American self-declared ‘expert’ on climate change, Donald J. Trump, has consistently claimed that he alone understands the science ‘best’ and this expert denies climate change. It’s a total non-issue in his mind, which is why he didn’t even bother to make mention of this critical topic in yesterday’s alleged “State of the Union” rant that went off-script (as usual). Even as the Eastern states suffered through intense cold, Trump was idiotically bragging about how we needed some “global warming” to warm things up a bit.

Trump exemplifies stupid on most topics, but especially on the topic of climate change. The Pentagon and the U.S. military (all branches) have identified climate change as an existential threat to the safety and security of this nation, but the Trump Administration never got the message. And that isn’t because these agencies haven’t tried – it’s because the Administration has categorically refused to listen to their best advisors and the real experts. That’s willful dereliction of duty by the Trump Administration and the Ranter in Chief.

I’m among a large and growing number of Americans that is absolutely terrified of climate change – and our absolute disgust for the lack of U.S. leadership on this topic emanating from the White House. Putting Trump in charge of anything more then a dog kennel has proven to be an absolute disaster for this country. Letting him run this country into the ground and defund, deprogram and distract federal agencies from the job of protecting Americans from climate change has done incredible levels of damage that will last decades into the future. Just ask the survivors of Hurricane Maria for their opinions on this. They’re STILL digging themselves out of the rubble and debris without proper assistance from our government.

So just imagine this: Massive flooding, or a major hurricane (same thing, really – one just has wind damage included) impacting tens of thousands of white Americans (yeah, I had to put that in there because it matters now). What would the Trump Administration do? Would their be a rapid response and timely aid? Now change this scenario just a little and imagine a massive flood or hurricane impacting the Deep South. Would the response be the same, or would it be measurably different?

We already know that answer if we are honest, because it already happened. First off, it wouldn’t be declared a climate emergency, and how much support and aid and how fast it would arrive would have a lot to do with who was being made into non-declared climate refugees. The U.S. has already made its position on this abundantly clear, especially since Trump took office.

To quote another author with some timely comments:

Our government isn’t working, and when it does it’s on behalf of behemoth corporations and influential lobbyists. Elected officials are openly racist, sexist, and xenophobic — without consequence. Police continue to kill people of color and jails have become a modernized form of slavery. The military is mired in endless violence throughout the world, participating in wars far beyond the interests of our citizenry, and defense contractors reap the profits. Teachers are underpaid, schools underfunded, and students underfed, but our president wants to spend billions on a wall he promised our country would never have to pay for.

American Christianity brought us to this point. It preached nationalism and sanctified American imperialism — promoting Manifest Destiny as ordained by God. The prosperity gospel baptized capitalistic greed, its preachers vilified the poor, and its theologians manipulated scripture to rationalize global colonialism. Salvation was no longer personified through Jesus, but was redesigned to be a political machine, fueled by its ability to control branches of government. This methodology was packaged as “Christianity,” and the gospel became a message of gaining social power and control rather than a call to follow Jesus’ life of selfless service and sacrifice.

I would take this authors criticism a step further and add in that many Americans lack vital self awareness and anything that challenges their belief system like climate change is simply being ignored.

Coming from the Christian world myself many years ago, I’ve seen first-hand what evangelical teaching wrought: Exceptionalism. But this isn’t their only crime, escapism is another major sin. And so is their refusal of responsibility. Americans really don’t want to know how directly responsible they are when it comes to major issues like climate change, global poverty, slavery, military interventionism, injustice and environmental destruction – to name just a few. We already know we were the world’s worst polluters per capita, and that we contributed the most to anthropogenic climate change, but you’ll never get most Americans to admit to this.

This is why then, when we see the rampant hypocrisy and lies emanating from the President and the Administration, we don’t get too angry. We complain – and that’s all we do, but we know that deep down inside, we’re mostly just like this ourselves. We practice the same sorts of self-deception on a lesser scale that the President does. We want our bias, our privilege and our status to be maintained. Don’t rock the boat! We come first!

But do we? Will we? Only if the Empire chooses to do so will that happen. But if you were born on the wrong side of the tracks, or have the wrong skin color, or are elderly, infirm or disabled, or even if you are a once exalted but now used-up veteran, you’re on the outside of the inner circle of support now. When Trump speaks of America – he’s really not referring to any of these ‘other’ people that actually make up the real America, he’s focusing only on what he thinks America really is. And he’s dead wrong.

But he’s in good company. There are a lot of Americans that think the same way. They see their own empires crumbling, and they’re afraid, very afraid. Trump knows this and when you read about how he’s “catering to his base” of fans, this is exactly what is happening here. He’s talking about white America, white nationalism, white privilege, white power and white supremacy. He’s not interested in helping people of color or minorities or even women achieve parity with what has traditionally been a white, male dominated culture.

This is what drives him and his policies. The deep and lasting divisions that he’s created within the country are racist to the core, while providing a thin-veneer of supposedly ‘moral’ justification which falls apart upon honest examination of facts and events. But Trump is more then xenophobic – he’s incompetent and ill-suited for the job he was hired to do. He’s not making America great again – he’s returning the country back to the time when racism was widely practiced and endorsed.

How this relates to climate change is worth noting. I’ve said before that “everything is connected” in the natural world, but this is also true in the human world, including in our politics, our religions and in our government and how we socially interact with each other and the decisions we make. Civilization itself is a web of interdependencies and interactions, which by necessity, transgress ideological and race ‘restrictions’.

Imagine a world where we (white America) did not buy (or sell) oil from non-whites. Or where only Asians did business with other Asians. Or where only certain products were allowed to be sold to our citizens, depending on their country of manufacture. Or where all forms of trade were restricted from certain countries.

That world once existed at varying levels – and it created incredible problems and difficulties. Obviously, today it makes absolutely no sense at all to return to this backwards thinking. Nobody is advocating for this either (as far as I know), but it exemplifies the problems that can occur if we continue to try and place entire countries and peoples into the ‘boxes’ that make us feel good about ourselves. We’re willing to put our preferences (prejudice) aside and buy from whoever we want (or need), but we’re not willing to grant these other people the same respect as we (allegedly) give to each other.

Within the cult of Trump, it’s become impossible to reason with such people, who refuse to self-examine their ideologies and belief systems:

This is how cults work. They gradually alter people’s brains, attuning them to a singular voice, and weaponizing them against any dissenting opinions. To their manipulated minds, efforts to reach them with objective truth become acts of aggression against the one they see as divine—and trigger an ever-more passionate affection toward their leader. They will defend (even to relational death with people they once loved) that one person.

America is in a cultic crisis, and Trumpism is the cult. There is no other way to approach these days.

When you believe one man above Science, above our Intelligence agencies, above former CIA directors and retired generals and revered journalists—when you believe that one man above even your own eyes and ears—you are fully indoctrinated.

Right now, America is going through a major crisis of ‘identity’, trying to find a lasting foothold on who and what we are. More people accept climate change as a reality then not, but within the cult of Trump, it is exactly the opposite. They see the fight that is now occurring as a fight for white identity and inappropriately claimed white nationalism. There’s nothing nationalist about declaring stolen land from Native Americans “yours” or even “divinely allowed by God” while pointing xenophobic fingers at all the other “non-natives” – including the ones that were already here long before us. It’s simple prejudice that’s at work here and it’s the wrong direction for the country.

If it really needs to be said: We are the interlopers here (including me), not the brown-skinned. But now that we “own” it all, we’re damned if we won’t demand it all – which is what the Wall is really all about.

This hasn’t happened by accident, but by sickening design. Cult leaders prey upon emotionally vulnerable people, leveraging their loneliness, their disenfranchisement, their disconnection. They bombard their targets with a steady stream of misinformation, incendiary rhetoric, and chaotic prophecy—and into the swirling confusion created inside their heads, they come promising safety and security, while having no concern for them at all. They start a fire—and rush in with a bucket of water.

Donald Trump has mastered the art of emergency manufacturing and danger generation. We saw this during the near month-long Government shutdown. He convinced his followers that violent, drug-carrying immigrants were streaming across the border to duct tape and rape women, he then feigned courage by boldly and publicly vowing to protect them by shutting down the Government. He then did so, and after weeks of complete inactivity and not a single change, stood in the White House Rose Garden, claiming victory against a fictional adversary by stopping an unnecessary crisis that he alone created.

Every day he designs a false threat, steps in to the nonexistent battlefield, and declares himself victorious to a group of now emotionally dependent human beings, whose internal story and well-being depends on him winning. That’s the only way their world makes sense anymore, it is the only outcome they can conceive of.

I knew going in to this Presidency that the man was pretty stupid. He’s a vapid, shallow, narcissistic personality with the IQ of a rat that revels in confrontation and bluster. But what I didn’t know was that he would lead the nation down this dangerous path of rampant stupidity, denial and the embrace of white nationalism. I spend most of my time writing about topics of interest and Donald Trump was definitely NOT one of them. But now I find myself having speak up about his outrageous arrogance, dishonesty, deception and incessant lies.

As commander in chief, the man is supposed to be looking out for America and Americans, but I don’t find his actions benefiting the country at all. He’s disabled as many climate protection and environmental laws as he possibly can, encouraging his ‘base’ to accept his decidedly unqualified non-expert opinions that he alone is the only person in the country who is “right” about any subject. He’s not right and almost always wrong about everything, but so far the country has survived Donald Trump, at least till now.

Americans of ALL colors are now being punished by Trump as he throws his childish hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way. The country elected a President – not a dictator, but to hear his base describe him, that’s exactly what they want. This push to fascism is REALLY scary for this country, but like all other topics that defy their ‘beliefs’ – you can’t talk to them about it, they won’t listen. If you think that the blog picture attached to this post is a joke – you’d better think again. His fans actually believe this shit.

Trump isn’t saving this country – he’s destroying it. You may be a quivering Jello-ball of fear and paranoia stewing in your own sweat, but I assure you, Trump is a liar. He’s as dishonest as they come. And he’s driving the country right over the edge. His Presidency has been earmarked with failure, defeat, denial, deception and lies and millions of American are breathlessly waiting for this nightmare to end. I don’t put too much stock into politicians or even government for that matter, but the policy and direction that they set does matter.

Nobody should be following this man. Not a single person, not even his own kids. But the Republican Party sold its soul and has become the harbinger of hate and fear. In Trump they see their chances for reelection and power, but now it’s more then that. They’re now lock, stock and barrel hitched to the man and his white nationalism. I don’t think the real America is going to forget this for the next election. 2018 swept the field – Americans want something very different then Trump’s America. It’s created all kinds of divisions, but it’s happening anyway. We just have to hang on until he goes away, and then find a way to repair the damage he’s caused.

On climate change – there’s no going back now. We don’t get these missed years and opportunities back as the planet continues to heat up. Or undue the sweeping deregulation’s that Trump put into place. It’ll be years more damage inflicted on the environment. This is also why I don’t expect much in the way of government action – just getting back to where we were will take time. You should still plan on making your own climate adaption strategies. You are, after all, entirely responsible for yourself. Government isn’t going to step in a fix this threat in time, it’s already too late for that.

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