The Top 10 Reasons Americants Refuse To Wake Up

The top 10 reasons why Americants refuse to wake up.  In no particular order:

1.  They voted in national (s)elections. This disempowering act only serves to strengthen the power of the status-quo and does nothing for the individual American or the respective States.

2. They still fly.  Submitting themselves to draconian invasions of privacy and being singled out for their sexual attraction, flying any American airline today is the same thing as saying “I submit”.

At what point will Americans finally stop losing more liberty and freedom?  With each passing year, the iron grip of the government gets even tighter, and each time it does we are told that it is either for “our safety” or for “national security”.  One can only imagine what is going to happen the next time there is any kind of “terror incident” on an airplane.  They are going to point to all those Americans who are complaining about “enhanced pat downs” and TSA groping as the reason why security is not tough enough.  So where does all this end?  Will we eventually all have to go through a body cavity search just to get on an airplane?  Will they start groping us at school, at work and at sporting events?  Are we going to have to “lock down” America from coast to coast to ensure that no terrorist ever is able to harm any American?

The way that we are going, we soon won’t have to worry about “terrorists” taking away our freedoms because they will already be gone.  Is any amount of “safety” worth living like this?  If America turns into one big prison camp where we are all prodded, poked, groped, watched, tracked and treated like sub-human slaves will it even be worth living in anymore?  22 Incredibly Revealing Quotes About Enhanced Pat Downs And TSA Groping

3. They pay their taxes.  Serving the plantation owners has never been easier in a myriad of ways.

4. They watch television.  This Weapon Of Mass Distraction is specifically designed to destroy cognitive ability and critical thinking skills in all ages.  Passing itself off by the major media as informational and entertaining, infotainment brainwash is geared towards the mental ability of four-year olds.

5. They still send their sons and daughters off to foreign wars. The willful slaughter of our own children is a crime that defies imagination. The only thing worse is the killing of the sons and daughters they’re sent to kill in the name of Empire.

6. They refuse to dismantle the Federal Reserve and issue lawful non-fiat money.  The control of the money supply has created a slave-labor class of subservient citizenry, incapable of doing anything more of simply running in place to stay alive.

7. They refuse to criminalize Wall Street. This crime syndicate has captured the thoughts and minds of millions and millions all around the entire globe with false promises of wealth and fortune while bankrupting the country coffers, deceiving millions and manipulating trillions of dollars for a wealthy few.

8. They bank with federally controlled banks.

9. They permit unlimited corporate expansion and control.  Now governing the very essence of life itself on the planet for all living beings, human and non-human alike, the corporations have become more then multinationals, but entities that transcend even multinational borders and govern the fate and future of all life on this planet.

10. They still live here.

This list could be easily expanded to 20 or 100 or even 1000 “Top Reasons”, such as our blatant refusal acknowledge global warming,  foreign occupations, outsourcing American jobs, the largest prison population in the world, the worlds largest arms industry and many many more real life examples of what has been occurring in America.

Americants refuse to wake up. Nothing it seems, not even a false-flag terrorist attack on their own soil, with thousands of Americans dead, and with all the evidence pointing to an inside job can wake them from their slumber.

TSA Gestapo Empire

It doesn’t take a bureaucrat long to create an empire. John Pistole, the FBI agent who took over the Transportation Security Administration on July 1 told USA Today 16 days later that protecting trains and subways from terrorist attacks will be as high a priority for him as air travel.

It is difficult to imagine New Yorkers being porno-screened and sexually groped on crowed subway platforms or showing up an hour or two in advance for clearance for a 15 minute subway ride, but once bureaucrats get the bit in their teeth they take absurdity to its logical conclusion. Buses will be next, although it is even more difficult to imagine open air bus stops turned into security zones with screeners and gropers inspecting passengers before they board.

Will taxi passengers be next?  In those Muslim lands whose citizens the US government has been slaughtering for years, favorite weapons for retaliating against the Americans are car and truck bombs. How long before Pistole announces that the TSA Gestapo is setting up roadblocks on city streets, highways and interstates to check cars for bombs?


Subsequent domestic terrorist events have turned out to be FBI sting operations in which FBI agents organize not-so-bright disaffected members of society and lead them into displaying interest in participating in a terrorist act.  Once the FBI agent, pretending to be a terrorist, succeeds in prompting all the right words to be said and captured on his hidden recorder, the €œterrorists€ are arrested and the €œplot€ exposed.

The very fact that the FBI has to orchestrate fake terrorism proves the absence of real terrorists.

If Americans were more thoughtful and less gullible, they might wonder why all the emphasis on transportation when there are so many soft targets.  Shopping centers, for example. If there were enough terrorists in America to justify the existence of Homeland Security, bombs would be going off round the clock in shopping malls in every state. The effect would be far more terrifying than blowing up an airliner.

Indeed, if terrorists want to attack air travelers, they never need to board an airplane.

All they need to do is to join the throngs of passengers waiting to go through the TSA scanners and set off their bombs. The TSA has conveniently assembled the targets.

Definitely recommended reading, it points out the incredible flaws in the total terrorist lie being propagated by every foul-spewing media disinformation source in the country.

Make up your own mind.  What terrifies you the most.  Terrorists, who in all likelihood you will never encounter in your lifetime, or the TSA that you will encounter every time you fly and soon, according to Pistole, every time you take a train, a subway, or drive in a car or truck?

I have lost all hope of Americants “making up their own mind”.  They have already demonstrated that inability and their decision on what they want.

They prefer a police-state.  They believe the blatant lies and want a nanny-state-protector to cuddle, coddle, and fondle them for their imagined “security”.  They believe in boogie-men, monsters under their beds and ghosts in their closets.

Unable to grow up and face reality, they have let this country become something right out of Nazi Germany in a time span that would make your head spin.

This is not the country I grew up in.


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