The Stern Report

This is worth reading, revealing how serious global climate change really is. Right now, 1/20th of the world’s population is at risk from rising sea levels and melting glaciers. That’s a gigantic number.

Not that it is any surprise to me, but I very often (almost always) find worthy news on offshore websites. The US, one of the worlds worst polluters and energy consumers, refuses to address these issues on a significant level.

It’s nearly too late, according to Stern, to avoid global catastrophe. When you consider that the rise in greenhouse gases is accelerating very rapidly, it is extremely doubtful that such a unmitigated disaster can be avoided.

So, while the world burns, we here in the US are being ‘infotained’ to death with another (s)election cycle that won’t change anything.

Across the world, environmental groups hailed the report as the beginning of a new era on climate change, but the White House maintained an ominous silence.

Sigh. The insanity of it all is rather sickening. Inept, evil, corrupt ‘leaders’ are fast-tracking the planet into a spiral of death and destruction.

And most Americans APPROVE, continually giving their credence and support to a depraved system of exploitation and greed. Disgusting.

“EARTH: The planet of the profane profiteering on the (suffering) poor – home to pervasive self-serving dementia and meticulous myopia of, by and for the manipulation of the masses – currently infested with inveterate cultures of private splendor and public squalor, worshipping personal comfort at the expense of public and planetary well-being. ” M. R. McMurtry, 1994 (written upon last return from Africa)


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