The Scary Delusions Developing

For those that are interested in how the Democrats have responded to Tuesday’s upset, well it’s all over the news. But there is a lot more going on then this.

This is an article that actually reads like an Onion satire – but it’s not:

It’s been a magical and truly unforgettable eight years under President Obama’s leadership. Our economy has recovered from one of the worst financial crises in US history, thousands of jobs have been created in our booming service sector, our stock market has made record highs month after month, healthcare has become affordable and available to all, Bin Laden has been brought to justice, and Libya has been freed from Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule.  Things Obama Needs to Do Before His Term Ends

I find it hard to believe that the author – and those the believe this fantasy, live in the same world that I do. The ONLY thing the author got correct was the part that say’s “unforgettable eight years”. No, we will not forget the disaster of Obama (ever) or what he did and did not do. But nothing else is true.

The economy has not recovered. Moreoever, the “service sector” is a lousy representation (poorly paid jobs) and does not represent anything positive, it is a negative for the country. The stock market bounced all over the place and was not at “record highs month after month”. Healthcare is not affordable, I still don’t have any, it’s absolutely not available to “all” due to its ridiculous price, the Bin Laden justice comment glosses over the entire Bin Laden fraud and assassination (whatever happened to the rule of law and evidence?), and Libya was destroyed by American intervention.

Now, go read points 1 through 4 in the link for an eye-opener. These are supposedly what the author and his supporters want Obama to do. I sure as hell hope not.

A pre-emptive strike against Russia? Are these people f’n nuts, or what?

Executive orders for infinity?  No – that’s not even lawful in my mind. If that were allowed, then EVERY President would do such a thing, saddling Americans with outdated, outmoded laws for eternity.

Blanket amnesty for “undocumented Americans” (illegal aliens) so that they can get basic rights such as food stamps, welfare and the ability to vote. WTF? These are not basic rights to ANYONE, let alone undocumented aliens. I don’t even get food stamps (or welfare) and have not earned anything in over a year.

Ban semi-automatics and limit ammunition? He/she is obviously terrified that the people may actually get pissed off enough at this asinine agenda and do something about it (as we should). We would not obey such a law anyway and there is nothing they can do about it.


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2 thoughts on “The Scary Delusions Developing

  • November 12, 2016 at 11:52 pm

    Every day that passes we get more and more evidence that people in power are ‘f’n nuts’, and that people who write the ‘news’ and commentary are also ‘f’n nuts’.

    It’s much the same throughout the western world.

    No one said TEOTWAWKI would be easy.

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