The Rising Tide of Water

Some vids stolen from a deniers website:

Not just Florida, but everywhere this is low-lying coastal communities (world wide):

Water, water, water, everywhere.

Extreme rainfall risks could triple in the U.S. under climate change, scientists warn

It makes one wonder at how much damage has to be done before humans (as in Americans) finally wake the hell up. It is stunning – absolutely stunning that so much of America has such strong refusal to “believe” climate change and its effects, when it is happening right before their eyes. Easier to believe in invisible fantasies then the actual reality…

It’s not just rainfall to be concerned about (even in winter), it’s melting ice.

Sea ice extent in Arctic and Antarctic reached record lows in November

NASA captures disturbing image of Antarctica ice rift

That’s a BIG iceberg (size of an entire State) soon to be ‘assisting’ sea level rise as additional land-based slides faster into the ocean.

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  • December 7, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Wow. Listening to that woman deny evolution was extremely painful. I forced myself to watch, but it really hurts to see someone so deeply ensconced in self-lying and denial.

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