The Reality Of Gun Ownership

I’ve had near zero Internet connectivity for the past 10 days, thus my absence from anything being posted here. It was intermittent at best, and horribly slow, smoke signals would have been faster and I’m being quite honest here.  Try less then 30 bytes per minute… I think I can build a fire faster then that.

Today, I had a chance to read “Musings On A US Presidential Election Year“.

I agree with the basic premises that this is yet another (s)Election year that is going to be nothing but the same usual status-quo, no matter what.

What I do not agree with is the misguided attack upon gun ownership – which is very important for any free society and always will be.

The commentary about guns is puzzling. Either the author knows very little about guns, gun culture or why Americans stubbornly cling to their guns, or is simply choosing to gloss over this topic.

Guns engender fear in people that do not understand their significance, yet they continue to play a huge role in the shape of society around the world (much of it bad).

Oddly, the author tried to weave this into a political satire about the candidates we’re being offered (same-oh, same-oh, not a gnats difference between them with an absolutely zero chance of changing the status-quo).

This (s)Election isn’t about anything at all, except perpetuating the never changing status-quo. The usual players are still there — and they’re still telling us the same lies as before.

There isn’t lick-spittle difference between Republican or Democrat, both are crooks, corrupt, inept and incompetent, incapable of meaningful change and yet very accomplished a lying through their teeth. Neither party has any intention whatsoever of “change”, it’s all a pack of lies, being sold once again to an incredibly dumbed-down, gullible public who will apparently, once again, believe absolutely anything they are told.

Many American people are far too stupid to realize the simple truth of how we are all being sold down the river and will once again in an endless repetitive cycle of ongoing stupidity and gullibility, fall for the media spin and lies. It’s all very, very tiring.

This is actually what the guns are for, when this tiresome exercise in futility finally winds its way down, exposing the horrible truth for what it really is and what we will finally do about it.

We need a new government. And it won’t come by voting, or a voluntary effort, it will like in all countries throughout history, come about through revolution.

All the nuclear weapons on Earth won’t stop a revolution (show me anywhere on the planet where it did).

America uses nuclear weapons to bully its way about the world (successfully) and as a ‘deterrent’ against other nuclear-equipped countries. But nukes are not used upon their own citizenry and probably never will be (for what should be obvious reasons – the country will destroy itself in a fit of frenzy and anger amidst the nuclear rubble). Napalm, torture, gulags, political kidnappings, assassinations, starvation, genocide — these we can expect, since they’re often used, but nukes?  No.

Guns do in fact serve a purpose, when a government is no longer suitable for the people it governs. There are other reasons, such as self-defense. The author has probably never had to defend his own life where a gun made all the difference in the world. When this happens, you’re damned glad you have it.  Anti-gunners make great converts after such life changing experiences.

And yet, I’m not pro-gun, certainly not pro-war or pro-violence. The America gun culture is really pretty stupid, placing a ridiculous amount of misguided ‘faith’ in the private ownership of guns (and a invisible Sky God) while lacking the moral courage and fortitude needed to actually get off their very fat asses and do something, sitting idly by with God, with both parties quite content to simply watch even more freedoms disappear, and more and more abuses and crimes committed each day.  It’s clear that such a misguided combination of faith in mystical “protection” lacks all the elements required — courage, fortitude, conviction and vision and awareness, with a huge absence of reality, and is self-delusion at its worst, but it’s not over yet.  They may finally wake up yet to how misguided they really are.

We’re definitely NOT there yet for when the time has come, ie., “America has decided” to finally and belatedly respond to the VERY long train of abuses and crimes committed against them (and everyone else on the planet).  America cannot collectively decide on anything of importance anymore, nor does it even care to, so do not expect any of this — and should it finally happen sometime in your lifetime, you can be pleasantly surprised instead of being constantly disappointed.  To be American these days, you must lower your standards to the lowest common denominator for the zombie hordes — which is somewhere around the price of Chicken McNuggets at McDeath.  That is your average “armed citizen” today — a poisoned, ignorant and brain dead fool, brainwashed by Fox News and the NRA, convinced of his individual superiority and supremacy because he “owns a gun” and votes according to his “rights of ownership”.  He’s far too stupid to realize that his prison bars are all around him by the very criminals he voted for and growing closer every day.

But I digress.  I’m simply pointing out that the reality of the world and proclivity of government to reign out of control is what we can always expect — and that one day, someday, we will indeed have to do something about it.  If we can finally wake the hell up.

Or submit to suffering  indefinitely under the boot heel of fascist authority.

Vote For None Of The AboveWe’re very close now, edging ever closer all the time. The Republicants will move us to a frightening precipice of totalitarianism if they have their way — but the Demoncrats are just as bad. Neither party is offering America anything it doesn’t already have – except making it worse then ever. A vote for Republican or Democrat is the same thing as saying your voting for the status-quo — change nothing, leave it as it is and take even more for yourselves.

Individuals who cannot submit their lives to this immoral ‘authority’ that has become our two-party system that does not serve the people own guns and with good reason. If not for us, then for our kids, who will most certainly need them.

The alternative to this is to simply do nothing and let fascism reign in full.

I find this utterly unacceptable and will own guns forever, even if they were to be declared ‘illegal’ someday wherever I might live. I will not submit to immoral authority under any circumstances, no human being should, or should be compelled to support what is clearly wrong. Nor will I put my ‘faith’ in governmental authority to always serve me or anyone else without violence or force (which it always does, examine the evidence), or to always “protect” me.  I am the only person that can protect me.

Anybody that puts their faith in government to always act benignly is simply a fool and knows nothing of history.  But neither will I put my faith in guns — which is just stupid in reality. It is not the gun that makes the man, it is the man that makes the gun what it is, a weapon of death and destruction, a terrible thing to be feared when wielded in anger or stupidity. In the hands of idiots, fools and tyrants, guns should be greatly feared.  In the hands of responsible citizens, guns should be respected and permitted.  It is the fool behind the gun that threatens us all — whether suicidal mass murderers or governmental tyrant.  Guns remains tools, to be used with restraints, as much as any tool mankind has ever devised.

I am not a violent man, abhorring violence in reality. But a careful examination of our generation reveals increasing levels of violence all around us. All governments rule by violence and force, ultimately deriving all of their ‘authority’ by their willingness to do violence against whoever they choose (a constantly expanding list these days, take a close look at what the DHS now calls a ‘terrorist’). They’re lumping virtually EVERYONE into their database, mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers, anyone who fits an ever-expanding ‘profile’ that does nothing to protect this country.

Criminals act the same way, their ‘marks’ are anyone that looks easy and profitable. The incredible similarity between how criminals operate and commit their crimes and what government does today is very revealing.

A disarmed man / citizen is simply a victim to crimes, committed now or later, who either cannot or will not defend himself. He’s also irresponsible, refusing his own authority and the inherent responsibility that comes with being human to restore an increasing number of wrongs.

Gun ownership changes all that, accepting both the responsibility as a citizen and the inherent demands that go with it towards government — treat the people with respect — in service to us and not to only yourselves.

Gun ownership admits to the responsibility of government with restrictions (do no violence to us) like nothing else possibly can.

Or do you suppose ‘voting’ does the same? How could it, when the candidates we are constantly being offered are known to be liars, corrupt, thieves and even known murderers? Who, once in office, always betray their promises? Who constantly engage our country in a series of endless wars and occupations, sacrificing sons and daughters in their endless quest for more war?  Who is the real criminal here, guilty of violence and depravity against human rights and the peace of the citizens around the world?  The gun owner or the government? Who poses the greatest threat of all?

Guns will keep a balance in a country that alleges freedom and liberty, with the consent of the governed — until such time as that consent is withdrawn by the people — or the government abuses their trust.  The only thing protecting the people is their guns and their willingness to use them whenever that happens.

Disarm the people and you have enabled the government to practice violence and corruption without restraint.

The lesson is history is very clear to all who would question this topic.  You will find this is true all over the world — a disarmed population will fall to fascism and tyranny.

In America, that’s taking a bit longer then normal, but it’s definitely still happening. Eventually, it will come to conflict as it always does.  Yet as much as I’ve seen many declare otherwise, we are not there yet.  Americants are far too dependent on their benefactors to oppose them (and their Chicken McNuggets). We are a LONG ways yet from any resistance in this country, due in large part to the overall ignorance of the people of how they are being betrayed and their incredible willingness to remain complicit in this betrayal.  Who do you think your neighbor is?  Many jobs in America are very much dependent upon the growing fascism in this country. The notion that this is going to be opposed by the MILLIONS people that are being paid to support fascism is TRULY ABSURD.

This is why Americants do not want freedom.  Their very actions, their way of life, where they make the money, pay their mortgages, get their news and on and on, NONE of it supports the idea that “we want freedom”.  Freedom is NOT what Americants want.  They want to be coddled, protected, pampered and everything bought and paid for with an endless shower of free handouts from the ‘government’.   We’ve become an incredibly lazy people, overweight and disinterested in anything but the present moment, caring nothing at all for the future or what we lost from the past.  It’s a crying shame, but it’s also the truth.

All gun talk of revolution is seriously misguided and dangerous — do not engage anyone in this sort of conversation. It’s pointless, useless and you’re likely being setup.

It won’t be nuclear weapons that decide the outcome of any revolution, but the resolute determination of those who will decide whether or not they will live free or will they submit to be slaves.


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  • August 30, 2012 at 11:38 pm
    I disagree that “We need a new government.” We need a new government just like we need an extra hole in our heads. Keeping an eye out for opportunities to make its job harder and less efficient is needed more. Reporting the most trivial stuff to the authorities under the “see some thing, say some thing” rubric could be an example of that. Post offices have postage-paid postcards from military recruiters which you coul mail in for free expressing the interest of a young child of your choice, maybe one that recently died, to joining the miitary. That could be another. More important that making it less efficient is taking care of the self; to become more self-sufficient and to improve relationships with real people who are dealt with on a regular basis.

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