The Real Threat Explained

Much has been written about the escalating methane threat.

I’d like to clear something up regarding this topic: There is no threat and there never was. A threat is something that that “is likely to cause damage”. Calling methane a threat is erroneous and entirely incorrect. There is no threat.

Methane eruptions have occurred on Earth 11 times (known). Each time this has caused global massive extinctions. A rise in temperature always preceded the release of methane. Methane then drove the temperatures even higher, past biosphere survival. Extinctions were widespread, each time wiping out most life on Earth.

Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide, with estimates ranging from 20 – 70 times more potent. Most methane has been locked away, frozen in the world’s permafrost and the icy Arctic seabed for thousands of years. However, this is no longer true as both the Arctic ice and the permafrost are now melting and methane gas releases are being detected from the seabed. The 12th extinction level event from a methane release into the Earth’s atmosphere is now underway.

The Earth, and all life within it, has the absolute certainty of another gigantic methane release, causing temperatures to dramatically rise ensuring the 12th methane extinction. I reiterate, this is not a threat, it is an absolute certainty. A “coup-de-grace for the biosphere (read!). The Earth itself will go on, as it has before, but it will be an extremely long time before life returns.

Like most climate topics, this has been ignored for too long. Humans believe that ‘their’ world has permanence and even divine protection, but the geological records indicates otherwise. Humans neither own the world nor control the world and our deities don’t either. These beliefs are a direct interference with the acceptance of reality and the conclusions of science and the historical record. The paleontology of Earth and what has occurred many times before isn’t debatable. Nor are the projections and assessments of what is occurring today. Even so, I well realize that these facts are irrelevant for many humans.

Therefore, the real “threat” to humanity isn’t whether or not we are going to survive on this planet much longer, this answer is already well known by scientists. The real threat is how billions of disbelieving humans are going to behave as the world gets increasingly hotter and life becomes more untenable. These facts are indisputable.

I’ve mentioned this before but perhaps not quite so directly. There are many, many real and valid threats. Methane however is not one of of them. There is nothing anybody can do about methane. Methane promises us all that we are all going to die and that humans are going to go extinct. There are many other promises of global extinction now unfolding too, but we cannot do anything about any of these either. It is the threats that we face that we should now be concerned about. What humans intend (or will) be doing to each other as we descend into the last days of the Anthropocene.

This is why I rail on false beliefs as I do. Billions of people are going to act very irrationally and quite dangerously as the world descends into chaos and collapse. We know already that this will happen because we cannot survive in a hotter world (the biosphere and all the living things that we depend on cannot adapt and therefore, we starve to death). Like methane, dangerous people represent a greater threat then the non-dangerous. But who are the dangerous people? We have them all around us right now. They are the predators who occupy all walks of life. They’re also the ones who have raped and destroyed the planet, triggering these extinction level events. They head up corporations and governments, businesses and industry, but they’re also the “little guys” who are choosing ignorance and indifference to the warnings now screaming around the world.

It’s incredibly naive to believe that the people who caused these problems are going to go off quietly into the night and “die in peace” as the inescapable reality of extinction finally sinks home. I suspect just the opposite will be true. They will choose to believe that: a) they can protect themselves (and will do so by all means); b) they can go on plundering the planet even faster; c) they will continue to orchestrate fights and competition among everyone else; d) and they finally resort to truly insane tactics like population eradication and desperate geo-engineering techniques. All this and no doubt more in the mistaken belief that they can somehow save themselves and enough slaves to ensure their own comfort.

It’s also naive to believe that the so-called indifferent people will finally start acting rationally when things gets tough and they realize how wrong they were. They’re not doing it now while they still can. When it is easy. When it counts. No, it’s far more likely they’ll stay hostile to the truth and lash out against those that tried and upset their apple cart.  This is exactly what I’ve experienced all these years of publishing this blog and exposing the lies and deception. It’s also what climate scientist have experienced all over the world. Climate change was only one of these hated topics I covered, I also pointed out the faketriots and false patriotism and many other topics this group still embraces. I found myself further and further distanced from my own ability to survive and make a living and still do. They’re not acting rationally and it’s very unlikely that they ever will (witness the 2016 (s)Election antics and the fuhrer [sic] they’ve enacted). Nobody really gets rewarded for telling the truth.

As things worsen, it will be the rest of the world that will have to suffer for the arrogance of these two groups (even more the we already have). I don’t think we should let this happen. In this twilight hour of humanity, we should not be at war with one another or even in competition. There is no dignity in any of this. We should not let this happen, and we should not participate in any of their schemes or deceptions. Lending not our minds or our bodies or our wallets or even our attention, we should abstain from any participatory acts (of any kind) that would contribute to any of their lies and manipulation. They are the real threat for humanity and in point of fact, they have always been the real threat to humanity.

Humans won’t live forever. Our species won’t live another thousand years, or even 500 years more. It’s not even likely that we’ll survive as a species for another 100 years. It’s not what anyone likes or expects, but it is what it is now. We’ll never reach the stars or establish colonies on Mars. Our children won’t get to imagine what their great-great grandchildren might do in the future. We won’t because generations of mankind listened to the idiots and naysayers and disbelievers, the false and phony and propheteers, and we all let them govern the decisions and direction the world has taken even when we (finally) knew we needed to reject their lies, but we were much too late.

This is perhaps the greatest irony of them all. Both groups will have fully achieve their stated goals in the end. The power-hungry ruled, raped and plundered the Earth while lording over it all, and the apocalyptic who imagined a future judgement and a fiery hell. But it will be the last, final surviving humans who will be the true judges of us all, as millennia of torture upon a heated Earth wipes out everything living. The empty and crumbling relics of our civilization will endure for tens of thousands of years, but we won’t. We know where we are going, all of us.

What we do with the living time that we still have left to us is all that matters now. In truth, it’s all that has actually ever mattered. We need to spend the short time we all have left in dignity, not in fighting, or warring, or competing or deciding who is right and who is wrong. The forces that we have unleashed are utterly indifferent to our passions and whims and will steamroll over us all. The biosphere of the planet is dying and so are we. All we have left now is compassion for what still remains, but it is threatened by the bad behavior of billions of humans who will violently react as their world crumbles down around them. We do not need to be a part of this. We need to find a better way.


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