The Real Reason Russia Invaded Ukraine

Russian wheat production fell 10% this past year, while Russian wheat exports dropped 18%. Ukraine’s wheat production was up 29% last year, making Ukraine a major exporter to the world.

This is the prize that Russia is really going after. The potential NATO “membership” is not the true reason for Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

Ukraine is also rich in gallium (2nd, globally), germanium (5th), titanium (6th), manganese (8th) and iron (7th) with large volumes of rare earth elements and lithium also being extracted.

Ukraine is also the 2nd largest resource for natural gas reserves in Europe (1.1 trillion cubic meters). Securing Ukraine “for Russia” will put the 2nd largest gas field in Europe in Russian hands.

Europe imports 41% of it’s natural gas from Russia. The newly built Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Europe is now being frozen for approvals due to the Russian / Ukrainian conflict, but the reality is Europe is desperately in need of Russian gas.

Russia now has a stranglehold over the European continent’s natural gas supplies.

This is the real reason Putin invaded and the real reason he must now be stopped (eliminated). The pretext for an invasion because of a potential NATO membership (someday) by Ukraine is not the true reason for Russia’s invasion and designs on the Ukraine and the entirely of Europe. Putin will literally control the life-blood and the ability of Europe to survive.

The media is grossly underestimating this threat, as are Western nations. Perhaps they’re hoping to not alarm hundreds of millions of people and start a panic, but it’s already too late for that, this truth will come out no matter what.

Liquid natural gas container ships cannot possibly hope to meet the needs of Europe when Putin either refuses to sell natural gas to force his ambitions, or raises the price so high that this cripples the European countries dependent upon it. It’s actually a silly proposal to think containers could replace pipelines, or be sustainable in the long run.

This is also where climate change factors in to Russia’s ambitions. Russia has been losing crops due to drought and abnormal heat waves in additional to brutal winter events.  These warning signs were already out there but are being broadly ignored as the real reasons for Putin’s ambitions. He’s a “nationalist” and a “patriot” but his ambitions are to secure essential resources crucial to Russia’s own survival – and to hold a gigantic hammer over the rest of the West.

I’ve warned for years that deadly climate change would result in severe resource conflicts. They can only expect to worsen as the global temperatures continue to increase, resulting in lower yield, lower protein content, increased prices and competition for what remains. The invasion of the Ukraine is only the beginning of what will ultimately prove to be World War 3.



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