The Rabbit Died

One of my cats killed a baby rabbit today. How fitting for today.

I found a portion of its freshly dead corpse outside. They had eaten the rest. I don’t know which cat was responsible, but it’s something I don’t approve of. They’re well fed but this is the time of year when they go on a killing spree. The snow is gone and they can roam.

It was a real shock for me to learn (years ago) that the Easter ‘event’ never happened. We brainwash our children and our even our adults into believing silly things about rabbits, eggs, and the dead coming back to life. It never happened. History does not have any record of these claims. Yet we continue to act as if it was real. It wasn’t.

But like a lot of things, we act like a lot of our imagination and fantasies can become real. This is all part of the human experience; being human. It means we are not grounded in reality, but give our minds and imaginations over to fantasy. We then make sure everyone believes in the fantasies. It’s utterly silly.

Sometimes our fantasies can become reality, but it’s never like we think. We want to only look at the good parts of our fantasies that could come true, but not at any of the evil that always follows along in the shadows. Every fantasy has a lot of evil in the real world, but we try very hard to keep it all covered up and out of sight. It’s not common knowledge, but it should be. It might help us from making the same repeated mistakes, over and over again. But even so, we have a propensity within our species to grasp harder at what can be imagined then what is actually real.

Articles like this can make a thinking man cry: How to embrace urban living, but avoid an apocalypse. They’re not just discussing the future mega-cities of China, but all over the planet. Like most articles (except here), there is the usual hopium bullshit and how we’re going to finally solve our problems by doing more – bigger, better, more. Yep, that’ll fix it this time, finally.

Of course it is all bullshit, always has been, always will be. Nobody connects what more always means and why it’s like a cat chasing its tail. The faster it goes the more dust it raises.

I no longer expect humans to use restraint or common sense. There is simply no real evidence that we will ever do the right thing. Instead, we’re going to keep doing what we’ve always done. Devour it all by expanding our numbers, our greed, our demands, our dominion and our domination over every other thing, even the very elements of the planet and the space above.

I am deeply saddened by news within my own family, a baby is on the way. While this is supposed to be a joyous event, my awareness of the future deeply clouds any happiness. I would not want to bring up a child in this world and advocate against it. More people is not what make sense. More of anything does not make any sense.

It won’t be my problem – but in reality, it is. It is everyone’s problem. But the world refuses to wake up to this point. Overpopulation is a huge problem and getting worse, one by one. But as our common experience shows, we are simply unable to restrain ourselves from always asking for more. We’re all guilty of this.

It would be easier for me to just re-embrace the fantasies and the lies. That’s how most people make their living. They’ve molded themselves to conform to group-think. Mass mind-control and manipulated behavior. I think bigger cities are a horrible idea. I think unchecked population growth is a horrible idea. I think humanity needs to swiftly run in the opposite direction of what it has embraced. Civilization is not good – it is evil. Trapping more humans into its maw, making more slaves, restricting more lives, extorting more money, generating more waste and pollution, gobbling up more of the world – what could possibly be good about any of that?

More does not mean better. It often means worse, but we get distracted by the tinier and tinier slices of the world being offered up. We have been brainwashed into believing that this is how we’ll all get a piece of this world for ourselves, which is what we ultimately want. Something for ourselves. And our children. But as we are busy buying, building and breeding, we keep making the world less and less and less. So they have to distract us from the real reality of what we have done to ourselves. Enter religion, capitalism, careers and even retirement. It’s all bullshit. None of this things are real, they’re just guilded cages to control you and manage you and make you think you’ve “got something”. You don’t. You’re just another animal trying to survive in a world becoming less and less.

I am not like other people. I do not see the world as everyone else seems to do. And I am not crazy. I think the world is. They don’t see the prison bars or the cesspools or the mountains of waste. They can’t perceive the difference between real and imagined. They prefer imagination to reality and find it very strange and uncomfortable that anyone would even dare questions this.

The rabbit died and that’s not a good thing. There are no eggs in this story. No miracles. Just our fantasies and imagination and us, doing what we’ve always done, making it worse, being distracted and calling it all ‘good’ and pretending the more will magically make it all better.

I can’t go along with that.


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5 thoughts on “The Rabbit Died

  • April 16, 2017 at 11:04 am

    Yes, we need less, not more.

    It was in the early 1990s that I first read Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Explosion, the follow-up to his first book. I really had no idea what I was in for. I just saw it on the shelf in Walden Books and thought it looked interesting.

    The point of all this is: it’s really nothing new, is it? We’ve known all this for such a long time.

    • April 16, 2017 at 2:32 pm

      I’m reading Kim Robertson’s “New York 214” novel. So far, it’s not very good. Hope it gets better. It’s about a drowned world (sea level rise).

      Robertson is known for other fiction. But he doesn’t grasp the essentials.

      I don’t find the plot line that entertaining yet. I was hoping for more realism, but so far, it’s fantasy bullshit.

    • April 16, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      I saw that book on sale the other day. In giving it a cursory look, my thought was that he was simply extrapolating the continuance of our familiar, industrial civilization but with “more water.”

      This is how people view sea level rise: more water, but civilization adjusts and continues.

      This is how people view global warming: more warm days, but hey, won’t it be great to be less cold?

      The enormity of multiple cascading effects all occurring within a geologically insignificant period of time is not something that has entered popular consciousness.


      Failure to understand systems theory? Failure to understand the exponential function? Failure to understand our dependence upon other life forms and the fragility of each life form to its own ecological and thermal niche?

      When we confront these kinds of cognitive failures, we’re confronted, ultimately, with a paradigm. A paradigm is what you think about before you think about something, a cognitive operating system that determines what thoughts can even be run.

      If we could see the cognitive operating system of most of us, examine the coding, I think it would look a lot like the recent movie “Passengers,” which I’ve mentioned before.

      Acres, you’ve mentioned that most of us have no true concept of where food comes from, of what’s involved its production. In the movie “Passengers,” there a wonderful little scene in the starship cafeteria where Pratt and Lawrence walk up to a machine. The machine reads their electronic bracelets, a camber opens, and a tray of food emerges.

      Their food comes from a machine while they’re living on a machine.

      If the “movie” (paradigm) in your mind assumes technological supremacy—the triumph of man over conquered nature—all the evidence in the world won’t mean anything.

      How to motivate people to replace one “mental movie” (paradigm) with another, that I don’t know.

      For myself, I was simply full of boundless curiosity and a desire to apply logic. I enjoyed having my former ideas replaced with ones closer to the truth. It felt like a house cleaning, a purification. Like body builder who watches his physique develop over time, I deliberately set out to improve my ability to conceptualize the world.

      Why did I do this? No idea. Following my nature, I guess. Just who I turned out to be.

      • April 16, 2017 at 4:28 pm

        Most of my food comes from the buckets and pails that I stored away years ago. Some came from the Mason jars of food I grew in the garden. I’m eating dinner right now (prefer early).

        I blame scientists, journalists and government for the multiple failure (not in that order, reverse the list if you want to know who I blame the most).

        They’ve done a piss-poor job on preparing the people. They’re still all lying to us too. About almost everything. Unwilling to reveal the whole of the truth and what we are facing. Hopium infects their publications. It must be a law to find so much bullshit in what gets published these days.

        Another points of failure – people don’t get their hands dirty anymore, somebody else does it ‘all’ for them. I remember years ago receiving a phone call from a prospective customer. She didn’t even cook. Had no idea what to do with storable food. Didn’t even have hardly any food in the kitchen. Could not even see the clear need to learn basic life-skills.

        I think she’s still alive, but only because the system hasn’t failed her (personally) yet. It’s certainly failed me.

        Yes, we are THAT disconnected from reality. The dependency of people upon the ‘system’ is unbelievable. They would die in mere hours if the system failed them (realistically, a few days).

        I can’t live like that. It’s hard enough having to endure the incessant levels of brainwashing that pollutes the minds of hundreds of millions, but it is even harder to put myself at the mercy of our ‘benevolent’ government and the system that supports it. Or to find myself supporting it.

        I object to only one point – why motivate anyone, anymore? It rarely works. It’s swiftly overwhelmed by the sheer number of mindless, uncaring, blind zombies, and always will be. We’re long past the point where individual actions actually do matter (they don’t). The end result is going to be the same no matter what we try to do now. I have to admit this to myself – and stop trying to convince myself that I can change anything. I can’t.

        It’ll be more fun to make fun of our stupidity too. Our species is stupid. It’s far more deeper and prevalent then we may care to admit. The giant joke of Nature – the joke is on us.

        I’ll dig through the book – if I can. I read the Green Planet / Red Planet series many years ago (Mars Trilogy). It was a wade then. I did not remember that Robertson wrote those titles, but hey, I’ve got the book and may as well read it all the way through.

        Our world only rewards those that speak group-think, group-behavior the most. Buck the status-quo and you’re left high and dry.

        • April 17, 2017 at 9:49 am


          I totally agree with most of what you write but not this: ‘We’re long past the point where individual actions actually do matter (they don’t).’

          Individual actions do matter; they matter to the people immediately impacted by the actions, and do have lasting effects.

          A week or so ago I was at a home improvement store (yes I’m trapped in the system even though I do not believe any of the paradigms the system espouses; I can’t live in a driftwood hut -the council evicted that last person to try that lifestyle and got a contractor to demolish the driftwood hut)….as I was saying, I was at a home improvement store and was served by a nice young chap who commented: “You don’t know who I am, do you?”

          I said, “Yes, you’re Callum, for the occupy movement [of 2011]…..’

          He went on to refer to The Easy Way book…..

          A month ago I visited a friend who set up the best natural food production gardens I know of in this district in 2007, almost immediately after reading a book I wrote in 2006.

          We do influence individuals, and I am sure I have influence the thinking of contributors to NZ leading progressive blog, which is becoming increasingly environmental and increasingly critical of mainstream.

          Of course, our actions have negligible on society as a whole and will not change the future very much because the future is decided by banks and corporations and their bought-and-paid-for lackeys in governments and bureaucracies. It’s a power and money thing, and they have the power and money.

          The meltdown of society and the meltdown of the planet are a direct consequence of the destructive, arbitrary, financial systems established centuries ago…..destructive, arbitrary, financial system which politicians refuse to question and which the corrupt mainstream media refuse to highlight or challenge.

          Albert Bartlett said most of it, including that things society think of as being good actually being bad, 30 years ago….and kept saying it until he died. He didn’t stop the corrupt system but he did influence a lot of people.

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