The Privilege of the Corrupt

This is disgusting: Deal reached for ex-White House counsel McGahn’s testimony. This is bullshit. McGhan should answer ALL questions presented to him, not just the “publicly available portions of the Mueller report”.

We all know that the public portions of the report was watered down and obscured to protect the criminal Trump, so this is a total bullshit move to rehash this useless material over again. Americans need to know the facts and McGahn’s testimony should be used to find out what they’re hiding from us.

Seriously, these fucking assholes are brandishing their privilege in our faces. This shit needs to stop. There is no such thing as “executive privilege” in an accountable Republic, this was a stupid ploy that has been used to protect the guilty and hide the truth. So the coverup continues.


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  • May 13, 2021 at 10:10 am

    In NZ, criminal politicians who have wrecked everything they have touched in the public sphere whilst enriching themselves and their mates, e.g. John Key, are usually awarded knighthoods and given prominent positions on the boards of public companies. Others have been given perk jobs at the UN, e.g. Doug Graham, Helen Clark, who was given a UN position with special responsibility for looting Africa.

    The corrupt system protects and rewards its own.

    The rest of us are mere mortals, to be lied to and exploited, but given enough ‘crumbs’ to prevent revolt. And at elections encouraged to vote for the next snout-in-the-trough.

    I wonder who is next in the revolving door between Wall Street, the Fed and Washington to get let off for crimes against the nation and crimes against humanity, and get a perk position for destroying practically everything they touch. Powell?

    It’s just like the Roman Empire, but worse because there is no recovery from what the maniacs are orchestrating.

    • May 13, 2021 at 11:02 am

      Put no hope in politicians in any country. They’re all the same. So is ‘industry’ and the lying shills that work for them. In fact, trust no one. It’s easier for them to lie, deceive, cheat, steal and if needed, murder. Consider the murder now being practiced by the maskless and anti-vaccine idiots. I wrote this earlier today about Governor DeSantis (Florida) babbling on about rights and freedoms:

      Rabid stupidity in the comments here.

      a) You are NOT “free” to ignore a public health emergency.

      b) Your “freedoms” are fully intact by abiding by public health orders.

      c) You are NOT free to become a Typhoid Mary and spread disease.

      d) By making the choice to NOT participate in public health measures, you KNOWINGLY spread a dangerously and deadly disease. This makes you MURDERERS.

      e) The virus spread through the entire population of Florida and elsewhere because people by the MILLIONS rejected protective measures, killing over a half-million Americans as a result.

      f) These people should be prosecuted. Public health measures CAN be enforced with prosecution, no “law” is required to do so.

      g) The great many of you are whiny, pathetic, selfish people who care nothing for themselves or anyone else, and act and believe that is it their “right” to spread a deadly disease. They believe that their “rights” triumph over the rights of everyone else, including the right to life or to live disease free.

      h) These actions are immoral, despicable and deplorable and deserve prosecution.

      i) DeSantis has been wrong from the beginning and has helped create the conditions leading to mass death in Florida (and elsewhere) and should be held accountable.

      j) DeSantis is not a medical expert, does not have the qualifications or credentials or the experience to weigh in on what measures should or should not be followed.

      k) DeSantis is a career politicans and caters to money, business and profits.

      Could’ve added more, but there was a character limit. DeSantis does NOT care about anybody but himself. Like Trump, he’s using the bully pulpit to expand his agenda and convince his idiotic supporters that’s he’s on their “side” while murdering thousands of people through his words, policies and inaction.

      This is no comparison in reality to the murder that is now being foisted on the whole of the Earth by rapacious polluting corporations, and the governments that permit this.

      It’s pretty obvious that the “business of death” is the real product of industrial civilization, whether politics or profits or pandemic, it’s all the same.

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