The Presidential Debates

I’ve watched all three televised “Presidential Debates” and have left each episode shaking my head. How anyone could assume Donald J. Trump is fit for office is beyond me. His incessant lies, belligerence, attitude, bullying, incompetence, fabrications and outright refusal to answer a single question directly in all three debates reveal the man totally unfit for office.

That is not to say however, the Biden / Harris are my “pick”, but given the choice (which we all have), the next President of the United cannot be Donald J. Trump. Trump has exemplified everything that I personally despise in a leader: arrogance, incompetence, conspiracy, deflection, dishonesty, lies, lack of respect, division, racism and hatred. He’s also refused to accept any personal responsibility for anything. These are not the qualities that make a good leader. He lack humility, service, honesty and integrity. His character reminds me of a scuttling cockroach, quick to scurry out of the light when exposed, and even quicker to always try and place the blame upon someone else.

So, for me, it cannot be Trump. Not now, not ever, and obviously, never again. I did not vote for him in the last (s)Election. His four years in office have been a total disaster as far as I am concerned. America is far worse off then ever, we’ve never had the “greatest economy” that he alleges and he certainly has NOT done more for America then any other President, unless you want to credit him for killing the most Americans from ineptitude and lies. He is indeed responsible for this.

It is also patently clear he has no plans at all for anything. No pandemic response plan – 10 months later. No health care plan. No foreign policy plan. Nothing.

Trump has gotten away with bravado, bullshit and lies all of his life and it shows, badly now upon the entire country. His multiple bankruptcies, indebtedness and failed marriages are a reflection of who the man really is. We should not be surprised, he’s always been this way – yet millions have chosen to ignore it.

I’m voting for Trump on only one thing: Federal Prison. I hope this man and his entire family is charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. His crimes are many and only because of thousands of lawsuits (no exaggeration here), appeals, and an army of lawyers has Trump managed to keep most of this from being prosecuted (so far). But that era is ending now and it is highly likely that Trump will be charged for multiple criminal counts, fraud and high crimes and misdemeanors.

I have always believe that Trump should have been impeached and removed, but the Republican Senate refused to do their job. Instead, they gathered themselves together in a defensive action and trampled upon the Constitution and the rule of law. The impeached President has since proven himself only loyal to those who are loyal to him, and even now seeks to remove non-loyalist in Federal career positions by signing an Executive Order that demands loyalty to the President over adherence to the Constitution and service to America.

Four more years of this fascist fool will be utterly unimaginable. I have no doubts whatsoever that this would lead to a horrifying bloody civil war in America. Brainwashed minions and fools operating from false facts, imagined wrongs, and connedspiracy fabrications would deem it appropriate and essential to engage in a blood-letting horrifying episode of American slaughter. Trump as the next President would do nothing to stop it. It would be the purge attempt that he desires. It would be up to the States themselves to respond.

Media Bias/Fact Check has shared a short summary of the latest Presidential “debate” that aired last night.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the campaign. We found:

  • Trump accused Biden of receiving “$3.5 million from Russia.” There’s no evidence of that.
  • Biden said there’s “no evidence” that raising the minimum wage causes business bankruptcies. There is, a little.
  • Trump erred when he said it’s “proven” that a minimum-wage boost would lead to many firings. There’s a chance that the effect could be “about zero,” according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
  • Trump falsely said “I don’t take” money from Wall Street. He and groups supporting him got about $13.8 million from Wall Street.
  • Biden claimed Social Security’s chief actuary said if Trump “continues his plan to withhold the tax on Social Security” the program “will be bankrupt by 2023.” Trump hasn’t proposed ending the tax without providing alternative funding, the scenario the actuary assessed.
  • The president falsely claimed that his bank account in China was “closed in 2015.” Trump’s own attorney said it remains open.
  • Trump claimed that the $750 the New York Times reported he paid in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017 was a “filing fee.” There is no such fee.
  • Trump repeated his claim that “we’re rounding the turn” on the pandemic. Cases actually are increasing in many parts of the country.
  • Though Biden claimed Trump’s travel restrictions on China were imposed “late, after 40 countries had already done that,” most of those countries did it around the same time Trump did.
  • Biden misleadingly claimed that “38,000 prisoners were released from federal prison” during the Obama administration. The total number went down by about 12,000.
  • Trump misleadingly suggested the Obama administration was to blame for his administration’s policy that caused the separation of immigrant families.
  • Trump falsely claimed that “less than 1%” of those caught crossing the border and released pending immigration hearings appear in court. The rate is about 50%, according to his own Justice Department.
  • The president falsely claimed murderers and rapists are released under a so-called “catch and release” policy. In fact, immigration laws require such criminals be detained.
  • Biden claimed the U.S. trade deficit with China went “up, not down” under Trump. In fact it was lower in 2019 than it was in Biden’s last year as vice president.
  • Trump said African American income grew “nine times” more under his administration than under his predecessor. But that relies on figures Census says suffer from a pandemic-induced survey bias.
  • The president quoted Anthony Fauci as saying the coronavirus was “not going to be a problem.” Fauci didn’t say that.
  • Trump claimed that Biden wants to raise “everybody’s” taxes. Analysts say 80% would get a cut.
  • Biden misquoted Sen. Mitch McConnell as saying, “Let them go bankrupt,” about cities and states that have lost revenue as a result of the pandemic. McConnell said bankruptcy should be a legal option for states with unrelated money woes.
  • Trump again falsely claimed Biden would get rid of private health insurance. Biden opposed Medicare for All.
  • Trump wrongly attributed the term “super-predator” to Biden. It was Hillary Clinton — not Biden — who applied the term to some “gangs of kids.”

Other media sources have essentially done the same, on all three debates, with almost all except the usual loyalists sites revealing that Trump is simply full of shit – on everything. This is par for the course for Trump, to lie, brag, deflect and refuse to answer specific questions and engage in non-stop rambling bullshit. Our “sociopathic President” may have fooled a few people, but not most of us.

This isn’t Presidential, it’s not even professional, and it lacks integrity and character required for the Office, but it IS Trump. It is who the man really is – utterly full of shit on Every. Single. Topic.

He knows NOTHING about renewable energy, climate change, environmental issues or how to unite the country. Trump is so utterly fucking stupid that the thinks that the stock market is how the vast majority of people make their living. I was glad to see Biden dismiss all this crap from Trump and tell America that he would be a President for ALL Americans, not just those that support him.

I am really hoping that this four-year long nightmare of ineptitude, lies, distraction and daily bullshit from Trump and all of his cronies finally comes to an end. You can do your part and help put a stop to this disaster by VOTING. You still have time to register. I do not want to see America fall into civil war – and it would be 100% unjustifiable if it does. Those that choose this route are headed for death or prison, they will NOT be “saving America” from anything. The panic, fear, lies, connedspiracy and fabrications that they have embraced is truly bizarre and deeply disturbing, but it’s also very real (to them). A peaceful transition of Presidential power is absolutely necessary now – and frankly, we should not even be having to talk about this. But we are.

Do you part. Get out and vote. Do not engage in useless, stupid, distracting connedspiracies. Stop supporting these ass-clowns that do. You know who they are – they’ve been named on this blog and elsewhere for many years.

Americans by the hundreds of millions are now collectively holding their breath – will it be Trump and civil war, or will we finally be allowed to return to a semblance of normalcy? I am earnestly hoping it is the later.


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