The Power Of Community

I received my copy of the Cuban documentary, The Power of Community, from  These guys were fast on their delivery time.  So, tonight, I watched it.

There are several important points in this documentary that I think make this well worth watching. Cuba was forced to embrace an agrigarian almost human-powered society overnight. The United States interfered often and with viciousness with any companies or ships that tried to trade with Cuba, even though the people were starving and in dire need of food, fuel, medicines and supplies.  That pissed me off. I hope it will piss you off too.

Politicians love to punish the peasants, we see a awful lot of that. But it was the peasants of Cuba, the working class that joined up with governmental initiatives to save themselves.  And it worked.  They beat back starvation and relocalized their communities.

Cuba rediscovered it’s roots it seems, but I really wonder if America has the wherewithal to do the same.  Watch the video if you can.

PS – I’m barely online – my ISP is apparently quite clueless or inept and unable to resolve the access problems after days of issues, so I’m struggling right now with dial up that only works once in a while.


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