The Pong Effect

Do you ever get the idea that government has absolutely no idea what it is doing?

Deepwater drilling Ban Lifted

Judge Halts Obama Drilling Ban

We’ve all seen where political expediency creates (unnecessary) legislation.  And in direct relationship to an Administrations focus (such as gun bans), when some laws are passed and others are repealed.

The drilling moratorium should have been:

  • Immediate and full inspection of all deepwater drilling rigs on U.S. coastlines
  • Review and assessment of all deepwater drilling plans
  • Immediate rectification of any violations and safety procedures

To date, none of this has been done to my knowledge.  The ping-pong response accomplishes nothing.

I’ve yet to post anything about the immigration “reforms” taking place. Arizona has passed laws allowing law enforcement to investigate anybody that may not look like a lawful U.S. resident.  This has been ping-ponged back and forth and hotly debated to no effect.

Other states are now passing immigration laws themselves, but the Federal Government refuses to acknowledge State rights in this matter (and in point of fact, most matters).  There are rumors of a “mass amnesty” being passed by the Obama Administration.

But this is now much much more then just an immigration issue.  Border Patrol agents and Arizona cops are targets of Mexican snipers. There’s more here, Mexican Gangs Maintain Permanent Lookout Bases in Hills of Arizona.

This is a situation that will only worsen. Mexico can’t control it’s gangs or drug lords and that’s a problem that has gotten much, much worse.  Thousands of “civilians” have now died in Mexico.

We may be looking at a border war, beyond what is already happening there (by an order of magnitude or more).


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